Day 9 of NaPoWriMo, Poetry Prompt, challenge, poems. . .

April 9, 2010

DAY 9   NaPoWrimo 2010.  Day 9!!!!

It’s FRIDAY !!!  April 9th  2010

Okay so in addition to Poem Starters and the collaborative Septolets and prompt challenge poems I’m writing every day this month… I’ve come up with some daily writing prompts as well.  So.. check them at the Dash30 site.  Google it.   It should appear every evening between 9 and 10 p.m. PST.  (barring technical glitches). You should also check out what Read-Write members concoct on a daily basis as well.  You can do extra poems for the prompts, somehow combine the two or more prompts into one challenge or ignore the prompts all together and just create a poem and post it.

I’m also doing  Script Frenzy this year (with a goal of writing at least 100 pages in 30 days).

Happy Writing !!!!


By Christopher J. Jarmick

Another day inside my head

I can’t quite forget

but beyond foolish if I

do not forgive.


(using two different words from my prompt  Picture & Beneath)

Picture imperfect

unidentified assailant

under front porch


beneath blood moon


with shotgun.

Here’s today’s prompt…(which hopefully barring technical glitches will be posted the night before at the Dash 30 site)  and my poem.


The sixth word in the next (or top) paragraph of the book, magazine or newspaper article you are reading is now the first word of your poem for today (if the sixth word is an article like the.. and…to  etc. then skip to the next word;  I also give you permission to use the 5th or 7th word if it is much better than the 6th one).     In the next paragraph choose either the 3rd, 5th, or 7th word.    This word will be used in the 5th line of your poem.

The first line of your poem has one word

The next has two words

The next three words.

Go to at least 8 words (8 lines).

And if inspired continue to 12 words

You could do several stanzas, of 8 lines or 12 lines if you wind up creating

something that demands it.


Try it it out…

Happy writing.

My words are:  Again  (1st)  Praise (5th line)

(And as a variation I used Again as the first and last words in the poem)

Love, Again

by Christopher J. Jarmick


I question

Everything I do

For what purpose; goal ?

Not for fleeting, temporary praise

None of us stay very long

We have our moments, good, bad, awkward

I  want  to  love  you  all  over  again


the first

winter of your

flowing golden hair; smile

those giddily loving eyes praising,

nothing taken for granted, everything fresh

each moment precious, each touch, stoke, kiss.l

I want to love you all over again.

My book:  Ignition: Poem Starters . . .


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