NaPoWriMo Day 14 including writing challenges, prompts 4/14/2010

April 14, 2010

Welcome to Wednesday April 14th, 2010, and hopefully your still
challenging yourself to continue to write a poem as often as you can.
If you can try every day… that absolutely counts. Let those creative
juices flow.

As I’ve written before, play, sing out loud.. even if you are out of
key…you’ve got plenty of company and only so much time. Get beyond
your excuses for NOT doing something and allow yourself the freedom to
create. You’ll find my daily challenge posted at the Dash 30 site
(google it) every night around 10 p.m. Another writing prompt is posted
on the Read-Write site after 10 p.m. every night. Start a poem before
you go to bed, wake up, finish it, post it and repeat the rest of this
National Poetry Month.

Happy writing!!!!!

POEM STARTER NaPoWriMo 14, 2010
by Christopher J. Jarmick
Painted lady flies
past row of brightly painted
Victorian Houses, excited about
floral arrangements of people
at outdoor market.

SEPTOLET for April 14, 2010

Plucked notes
Electric ukulele
Air ballet
Synthesized freedom

Jazz man
Soothing voice
Urban troubadour

(by Christopher J. Jarmick and Teresa Black inspired by musician Michael

NaPoWrimo challenge prompt for Wednesday April 14th, 2010
Let’s use some images for poetic inspiration for today’s challenge.
Go to Google… Images
Type in
Spring Farmers Market
Or Painted Ladies (or both)

And look at the images that come up and appeal to you, write a poem
about one or more of them.
Yes you can use both and combine images….

Painted Dreams Cleave

By Christopher J. Jarmick

Eyes, fixed, staring back / / // stare
off brightly colored brushed velour / into
orange, gold, black, white. / / / / / space
Without warning
Becoming fluttering leaf / / / / Flying
Slicing through air / / / dream
Graceful dance / / / //blast
Only a short time / /of
Left to perform. / inspiration

(This poem is also a Cleave a new experimental form of poetry
conceptualized by Phuoc-Tan Diep.)

Read-Write member Nicole Nicholson’s challenge is to write a cleave
poem. What’s a cleave poem, you ask? It’s three poems in one.

The whole idea works something like this (quoting the creator of the
form, Dr. Phuoc-Tan Diep): “In its most basic form it is three poems:
two parallel ‘vertical’ poems (left and right)…[with] a third
‘horizontal’ poem being the fusion of the vertical poems read together.”
He goes on to say, “One of my aims was to examine how something can be
more than the sum of its parts and can be 3 in 1: synergy, fusion,
co-operation, dialectics, marriage, interdependence, teamwork and The

More info can be found at The Cleave (including samples) and at the “cleave” entry at Writing.com.

Happy writing!


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