Day 18, NaPoWriMo poetry, plus writing prompts challenges 4 -18-2010

April 18, 2010

It’s Day 18 of NaPoWrimo.   My poems for today and some writing prompts and challenges are below.  It’s always a good time to start writing.  You’ll get better and it will be easier the more you exercise.  Enjoy….

Poem Starter for NaPoWrimo  #18

A Rewind button

isn’t offered, even as

an expensive option.

Religion reminds

us to forgive, but

it takes faith to really do it;

something you

can’t buy.


Septolet  for   4/ 18 /2010

Rumble Bee

True Jay

Mound squirrel

Pink Angus

Wetland pony

Potted owl

Sunny rabbit

Septolet 4/18/2010 #2

Not that interested


Cologne without pheromone


Home-bound and Homely

Un-magnetized limbo



by Christopher J. Jarmick

(Smells like money)

The movie theater popcorn conspiracy lures many normally

logical, frugal, sensible adults to the concession counters

to be obscenely overcharged for an artery clogging version

of the once very cheap treat.

(Smells like guilty pleasure)

The smells of fresh hamburger and onions on a grill is capable

of tempting even the most determined health food diet fanatic

to break from the routine; just this one last time. . .

(Smells like over-indulgence)

The smell of a baking cinnamon bun excites my tongue

And my mouth waters.   Sometimes in just one bite

I’m overwhelmed with butter and sickeningly sweet flavors

Within one or two bites and wonder why can’t it taste as good

As it smells?

(Smells like love)

Orange blossom at their peak ,

propelling me into an almost euphoric  state

but like a fine wine, there’s also the flavor

of dark chocolate cherry, a hint of jaracaranda,

and then a subtle hint of Magnolia.

A moment later I smell her clean

fresh out of the shower.

We smell the laughter, the happiness in our sparkling eyes ,

teasingly sweet, floral and edible.

I wonder how she can smell better

than a China Town restaurant

on a hot humid summer night

to this die-hard ex-New Yorker.

My Writing Prompt/Challenge for April 18

Some of the poems I write for NaPoWriMo  really stink.  So let’s write a poem about things we smell and let’s make sure that we give a smell to something that doesn’t have a smell attached to it… it could be love, it could be tragedy, it could be happiness  etc.    In a trip through olfactory roads, also give a feeling or concept an identifiable smell.  Everyone’s poetry stinks today….  Write on!!!!

Read Write Poem member Irene thinking about this being the Year of the Tiger suggests writing a poem featuring a member of the cat family whether big or small.

The tiger is a creature known to create wildness and tumult. In Chinese superstition, it is not a year to marry or have children. The tiger is too aggressive. It stalks and preys.

There are many cat poems that may inspire you. The first poem that comes to mind, William Blake’s “The Tyger,” wonders why such a creature is created in the first place. Did such a creation come from the Devil himself? God will only create a lamb, right?

Ted Hughes wrote about the jaguar, a not-so-distant cousin. I think a jaguar looks even more fearsome. There’s a playful feline quality about the tiger. Not so with a jaguar! It is like black rage. I’ve seen a jaguar in a zoo, pacing endlessly in its cage. Here’s how Hughes wrote it, in “The Jaguar,” “He spins from the bars, but there’s no cage to him” and “his stride is wildernesses of freedom.”

Then there’s the pussy cat. In “Esther’s Tomcat,” also by Hughes, the cat becomes, in a figurative sense, the protagonist, the beleaguered husband. Hughes describes him as “an old rough mat” and reveals, “Continual wars and wives are what/ Have tattered his ears and battered his head.”

Use a prompt/challenge to  write a poem or just concoct one of your own….

Keep writing…

The root of the word Poetry is from the Greek   ποιέω (poieō), “‘I
make’”). , poiesis, meaning a “making” or ‘creation’


Poetry is Everything


Christopher J. Jarmick is a Seattle based Author, very active in the Northwest Poetry Community.  His latest book is called  IGNITION; Poem Starters, Septolets, Statements & Double Dog Dares. Click on it to find out more about it.


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