NapoWriMo 2011 Day 5 Poems and Prompt for April 5, 2011 5/30

April 5, 2011

It’s NaPoWriMo Day5

We’re writing a poem every day for 30 days to celebrate National Poetry Month and to challenge ourselves to be creative and just have fun achieving this goal.  Some days we alternate lines (depending upon the form, our inspiration and mood)  other days we create something on our own and make suggestions for improvements.   There are fresh raw poems…Normally you’d sit on them for a while, revise them  before sharing them—but this is all part of the NaPoWriMo experience, a humbling challenge to write 30 poems in 30 days and challenge yourself to do it, share it.

If I can do it, you can do it.   Teresa who is not really a poet at all, enjoys doing it….Have fun…    You don’t have to follow a prompt or create a prompt, but that can add to the challenge.

Today’s prompt is to write about an old family photograph.

Today’s FORM challenge is the Chōka which consists of at least three 5-7 Japanese sound unit phrases and concludes with a 5-7-7 ending.  We did syllables.  (See below for more on this)

Happy writing

Chris Chōka  for April 5, 2011

Inside Grandma’s house

Uncles make funny faces

Grandma’s at the stove

While Grandpa plays piano

Cousins play ping pong

Uncles make funny faces

Mom’s in the kitchen

Aunts are setting the table

Dad’s got the Kodac

Uncles make funny faces

In basement of grand old house.

© 2011

Teresa’ Choka for April 5, 2011

She and I grinning

On the couch not waiting for

Click of camera

She and I grinning, alife

On the couch laughing

Not waiting for camera

Laughing, she and I

On the couch, not waiting for

Memories.  She and I breathe.

© 2011

Chōka consists of 5-7 Japanese sound units phrases repeated at least twice, and concludes with a 5-7-7 ending.

A brief chōka  was made by Yamanoue no Okura in the Nara period, and goes:

瓜食めば子ども思ほゆ栗食めばまして思はゆ何処より来りしものそ眼交にもとな懸りて安眠し寝さぬ (Man’yōshū: 0337),

which consists of a pattern 5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7-7:

瓜食めば           Uri hameba           When I eat melons

子ども思ほゆ                Kodomo Omohoyu         My children come to my mind;

栗食めば           Kuri hameba         When I eat chestnuts

まして思はゆ                Mashite Omowayu         The longing is even worse.

何処より           Izuku yori               Where do they come from,

来りしものそ                Kitarishi monoso              Flickering before my eyes.

眼交に                Manakai ni             Making me helpless

もとな懸りて                Motona kakarite              Endlessly night after night.

安眠し寝さぬ                Yasui shi nesanu               Not letting me sleep in peace?

This prompt borrowed from Wikepedia listing

Keep writing

Poetry is Everything

© 2011


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