NaPoWriMo 2011 Day 6 Poem & Prompt for April 6, 2011 6/30

April 6, 2011

It’s NaPoWriMo Day6.

So how are you doing?  Writing every day?   Looking at prompts and challenging yourself?   Sharing your poems and prompts with others?    It is a humbling experience to be sure.  Creating a poem in a very short period of time and then sharing them is SCARY.  Most poems go through several revisions before they are released into the world for other eyes to see or ears to hear.   But buck up and face the exciting, fun  challenge.  It’s all part of the NaPoWriMo experience.

So todays prompt is  WET…. Write a  wet poem…  define wet however you want.

Todays Form is the Tanaga.

Pretty easy Fillipino poem  form the  Tanaga is made up of four  lines with seven syllable in each line with an AA  BB  rhyme scheme.   Usually the poems are written in Tagalog…but we’re doing them in English.       Teresa and I wrote several of these.  Some we alternated lines,  others we wrote by ourselves.

Teresa’s Tanaga

Ol’ wise Solomon the gnome

Took his stick, headed home

Made a stop along the way

Dropped the cat carcass in the bay

© 2011

Chris’ Tanaga

Flamingo Giorgio spied.

“I saw not a thing” he cried.

Sol was his dearest best mate

But that cat was one to hate.

© 2011

(There’s a gnome statue and mini flamingo knick knack outside the front door of our apartment.  They rebelled in our Tanaga poems.

Teresa & Chris  Tanaga Poem 3

Thick dark coffee in blue cup

Chocolate milk lapped by pup

Someone walking; doorbell rings

Avon Lady selling things

© 2011

Teresa & Chris Tanaga Poem 4

Lipstick red;  eye shadow blue

So easy to seduce you

Thigh high fish net, lacy top

It is time to hop on pop.

© 2011

Teresa and Chris Tanaga Poem 5

Unable to read, he wept

Unable to write, he slept

He turns over, coughs and snores

In his dream muse opens doors

© 2011

You certainly have permission to use this prompt for tomorrow’s poem!

30 for 30 how are you doing?   If you are just starting that’s okay, just write

One every day till the end of the month.  If you miss a few days, that’s okay too, either catch up or keep going…don’t give up.

Keep writing.

Poetry is Everything


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  1. Another great post. Spending time to sit down and write short stories and poems is something I truly enjoy in life.

    A Great Day for Spring – Poem

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