NaPoWriMo 2011 Poem and Prompt Day 8, April 8, 2011 8/30

April 8, 2011

Today’s Prompt Subject is Travelogue


Today’s form is ABECEDARIAN (Alphabet poem–usually each line of the poem begins with the letter of the alphabet–The Psalm 118 in King James Bible consists of twenty two eight line stanzas  each one beginning with a letter in the Hebrew alphabet)


Anacortes ferry que; adventure

Begins, jammin’ with the Stones

‘Cause we’re on vacation baby

Don’t Call, Don’t E-mail, we’re outta town

Easy days, high teas ahead

Fun in the sun–even should it rain

Going all the way

Have an extra dessert or two

Ice Cream however (allergies) is forbidden

Just my baby and me

Keeping the peace

Looking of the harbor

Making eyes at the horizon

Not going to work, sleeping late

Open hearted sing-a-longs

Pablo’s has a table with our name on it

Quesadillas not on the menu

Roast Lamb, black cod, red wine–we’ll see

Spinnaker Pub, perhaps something new

Take a long stroll, have a drink

Under the Empress’ watchful eye

Victoria Gardens spring to April life

wandering lovers in our

Xanada, Xanadu

You say let’s go feed the animals at the

zoo, maybe open a cage or two

And then we’ll

Be saying see you soon again

Canada, see you soon again.


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