NaPoWriMo 2011, Day 9 Poem & Prompt for April 9, 2011 9/30

April 9, 2011

It’s Day 9….of 30  of NaPoWriMo!!!!

Today’s prompt is  3 or multiples of 3  or thirds…

Today’s Form is  Sevenlings   7 lines.. (The first three lines should contain an element of three-  three connected or contrasting statements or a list of three details, names or possibilities.   This can take up all three lines or be contained within them.  Lines four to six should contain an element of three directly or indirectly or not at all connected to the first set of three.  The seventh line should act as a narrative summary or punchline or unusual juxtaposition.  Tone should be mysterious, off-beat, disturbing.  No definite meter required, no rhyme needed but being a short form some sort of rhythm should be used.

Sevenlings  ( Shirt Tie Jacket)

Shirt, tie jacket he doesn’t dress himself

he doesn’t cook, doesn’t drive

his pockets are empty


He hates watches, alarms, schedules

cell phones, photographs, home videos

memories, small children, wives


and people who drink and drive.


Sevenlings   (oceans, waterfalls)

Oceans, waterfall, small stream

Japanese garden showcase

pose for pictures; cheese


Feel of granite, stone steps, river rock

intoxicating sweet smell of hyacinth

children chatter, breeze blows


many observe, few listen.


Sevenlings ( Yesterday)


Yesterday–who was it?


Tomorrow–won’t be looked for


White clouds, wedding dresses, china

blue crocus

pink roses

teenage love affairs


(by Teresa and Chris Jarmick


Tomorrow’s form is a doozy….it is Burmese and called the Yadu (jadu)   consists of up to three stanzas of five lines.  The first four lines of a stanza should have four syllables each but the fifth line can have 5, 7, 9 or 11 syllables.  It should contain a reference to the seasons

The form uses a climbing rhyme  which is required on the fourth third and second syllable of both the first three lines and the last three lines.  In English it can be a vowel or consonant sound.

It looks like this

* * * A

* * A *



*B***  or *B***** or (9, 11)


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