NaPoWriMo 2011 Poems & Prompt for April 12, 2011 Day 12 of 30

April 12, 2011

It’s day 12 of NaPoWriMo,  or April 12th and my prompt suggestion is

Write a twisted tribute to a poet you admire.

(twisted tribute?  An affectionate satire, –appreciation of someone’s work.  It should be somewhat upbeat, somewhat flattering—remember you like this poet you are mimicking or doing an homage to.  Yes the poet can be living, current, little known or famous and/or dead)

Today’s form is. . .  NONE…

Free… wild and free form today…. Because… it’s my birthday and that’s how it shall be.

Teresa and I wrote a spontaneous poem based on something we saw while doing a sight-seeing drive in Victoria and driving into a wooded area.  Clearly we knew who should be reading it and with what voice…  Then I wrote an additional one.


City Boy, in the woods, in a car, with Teresa

(with apologies to Robert Lashley)

Oh Look!!!

There’s Bambi.

Not afraid of people, Bambi.

Full of wood ticks, Bambi

Lyme disease, Bambi


Stay AWAY, Bambi.



With apologies to a poet/publisher I know…


I’m a mix of wit and form;

political commentary storm.

Apricot rose; alley poet –swoon;

My turn to read real soon!

Ode to Scotch Tape, Pen, Sparrow

And featured ; Parkplace Books; June


© 2011

Keep  Writing….


Poetry is Everything !


© 2011






BY Christopher J. Jarmick



You woke up

Poem fragment in your head

You didn’t write this one down

It’s gone now.


You didn’t write it down…


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