NaPoWriMo 2011 Poems & Prompts for April 15, 2011 15/30

April 15, 2011


pSSt…  It’s Day 15 of NaPoWriMo which means the fun, the challenge lasts only 15 more days.  If you haven’t been doing it… time to start… if you started to do it, missed a few days… re-join the challenge.

Prompt:    Write a List Poem.    You don’t need to worry about form or meter.  Pick a subject for your list and then try to make it  interesting.

Here’s an example:  What’s in the  junk drawer?

Junk Drawer Treasure

by Christopher J. Jarmick

One very old unwrapped Smith Bros. cough drop.

One triple AAA battery.

One pull tab can top.

Seven expired coupons

One New York City subway token.

Three paper clips

Two pens.

Small bag of rubber bands

Single hole puncher

Screw driver

Two thumb tacks

© 2011

So Teresa and I had too much fun with this and….

Things Found On Top of the Refrigerator Family Feud Style

Survey Says:

# 6 – empty Motrin Bottle

#5- Refrigerator Magnet from Domino’s Pizza

#4- Bag of Potato Chips

#3-McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy

#2  Blender

And the number 1 answer

#1   Manufacturer’s Warranty

10 words of less (per line) of Various Face Book Status Lines

(a found list  poem by Christopher and Teresa Jarmick)

Holy moly it’s starting to snow.

Teletubby After Hours.

Holy Buckets  I can’t believe the boys are

still going to play soccer in this rain

Nothing like bad memories and nightmares

to keep you up at night.

Friday!  And not a minute too soon.

Goldman Sachs misled clients after duping Congress

I turn greener and mossier by the day

Today we are announcing for the first time ever

Federal tax receipt.

2 ½ hours in the hot tub after the M’s game

I’m peeling the labels off my beer, sticking them to

my forehead and telling everyone I’m on the patch


NaPoWriMo Day 15 !!!   Tonight  I’m reading North Seattle Community College 9600 College Way off Meridian in Northgate area of Seattle w/Julianne Seeman, Susan Landgraf, & Jed Myers. FREE plus open mic!!! 7:30 P.M.  Reading will be in the NSCC Dining Hall !!!

Also: Tonight Friday. April 15   Bookworm Exchange
4860 Rainier Ave S. Seattle WA 98118
7 p.m. to 9 p.m. FREE

Pen and Take a Poem From Your Heart presents 3rd Friday poetry with featured
poets:  Sharmagne Leland-St. John, Peter Ludwin, Geoff M. Pope & David Matthews plus open mic. Special Guest: Roy Seitzat Bookworm Exchange Seattle  98118 4 Quill & Parchment Poets plus lmtd Open Mic 7 p.m. Free   Guest Host: Roy Seitz

Keep writing

Poetry is everything.

© 2011


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