NaPoWriMo 2011 Poem & Prompt for April 17,2011 17/30

April 16, 2011

Happy NaPoWriMo Day 17!!!

Sometimes it gets a little harder doing this around this time.  That’s normal.

Keep going.  We are more than  half-way done and it feels great to see it through, do it every day, or almost every day.  Prompts can used to help you if you need them, as well as adding an extra challenge to the exercise.

Today we take a list of words and make a poem out of them.

Write a poem at least 8 lines long, and not more than 12 lines using a minimum of 6 of these words:

Acute; jubilant, impugn, green, participate, spindle,

active, contemporary, rocks, cold, tulip, momentum

calm, sharp, seize, placate,  justify, entire

Any style, any form or no form at all.  Use at least 6 of the words and write at least 8 lines.  If you can use more words than that—do it.  If you can use ALL of them  FANTASTIC.

Now…BEFORE YOU LOOK AT THE POEMS Teresa and I did as part of this exercise

Write your own

and then later…

look at the poems we threw together.

Okay here come the poems we wrote for this exercise….






By  Christopher J. Jarmick

Seize the moment; participate

remain active and let the forced momentum

of habit help you be part of the entire, contemporary

NapoWrimo challenge.

Be calm, don’t impugn yourself, if you suddenly hit a wall.

Use the prompt, write about cold green tulips

on a spindle and don’t placate yourself for being

less than perfect.


By Teresa Jarmick

Spindly crocus justifies spring status

Coaxing doubting frogs into chorus

Tickling tulip ears to jubilant bursts.

Momentum swept trees participate

Charming sharp air to calm pink blossoms

Impugning cold harshness by acute green coup.

Birds seize the skies and rocks blush moss

Placating winters old age to active contemporary youth.


In case you have a few extra minutes today to begin work on tomorrow’s poem… here’s the Prompt for DAY 18 of NaPoWrimo !!!

To call attention to the crisis Arts Organizations currently are enduring (Intiman Theater in Seattle cancelled the rest of its season;) NPR and PBS are under an actual attack (although they rely on very few federal dollars—the financial crisis and bad press has hurt donations and money raising efforts); worldwide war relief, disaster relief etc. which should come first have also drained funding for the arts.  This represents a very real sort of pain and loss and that often opens other doors, maybe even positive ones, but not without lots of struggle and that scary thing called change.


Let’s use some excerpts from revered works of literature, poetry and even plays and incorporate them, integrate them into your work in some manner.   There are many ways to do this.  You could take five or six excerpts from poems by Walt Whitman and create a found poem from them.  You could use a quote from Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman or Shakespeare Hamlet to begin your poem with;

Use your imagination, challenge yourself, create something interesting, poetic.    If the subject deals with loss and grieving…try to offer something positive or even hopeful in your poem as well.


Poetry is Everything

© 2011


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