NaPoWriMo 2011 Poem & Prompt for April 21,2011 21/30

April 21, 2011

It’s the 21st day of NaPoWrimo…

Seems like it was only yesterday we began this  journey of writing a poem every day and sharing what we wrote without having a chance to let it sit for a while and revise it and edit it and get feedback on it and then perhaps put it out there somewhere.

Humbling experience writing something quickly and sharing it quickly before it’s even ready to be pushed out the nest.

Scary?  It is at first…yes.   And I find myself disappointed quite often in what’s coming out and what I’m sharing with the 50 or 60 of you that read through the posting every day.

Maybe a half dozen of these creations will be re-worked, revised and be something I’m not too ashamed of, a few others may inspire or lead to another piece of writing that I like and the discipline of taking on a challenge, writing and posting every day, is good for me.

Blah blah blah….  Okay… today’s prompt….

Today…pose a question, discuss it and answer it.

Do this in 14 lines, not more, not less.

But Chris… that’s a sonnet isn’t it?   Aha… indeed  the form goes hand in hand with the subject prompt today.  The modern sonnet does not have to have iambic pentameter and can have lines of various lengths and meters.  You can do a sonnet with iambic pentameter if you would like and have been channeling Shakespeare, but otherwise…         question, discuss, answer– in 14 lines.

Do this one with me  today or tomorrow won’t you?


By Chris and Teresa Jarmick

I want grace; yearn for it;

When will I feel it in your voice?

How long will I hear the taste of your disappointment?

How many months before we trust each other; ourselves?

What ladder and bridge of faith do we climb, we cross?

Which path is the one for us to walk together?

Grace does not require trust

Grace is a breath,

a given peace.

Uproot the bitter seed,

cast away fear, doubt;

not every problem need be solved.

It it time to be patient

to breathe.

Keep Writing

Poetry is Everything

© 2011


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