NaPoWriMo 2011 Poem & Promp for April 22, 2011 22/30

April 22, 2011

IT’S DAY 22!!!!   Capitalized big and bold because if you’ve been doing a poem every day or been paying attention for 22 days… Whoo hooo!!!!

It’s also Friday…..

The Napowrimo Site ( http://www.napowrimo.net)  has been posting some good prompts and I’m reaching back to much earlier in the month and picking up the idea of their prompt for a smorgasbord type poem made up of a variety of phrases.

Write them as follows:

Line 1  should include synasthetic metaphor.  Let me pause and suggest you say it a few times.  Kind of fun.  A synasthetic metaphor is one that describes one sensory perception using using adjectives in an uncommon and unique way  :  bitter touch,  orange boom,  etc.

Line 2   should include a fruit or vegetable

Line 3: should include the name of a place you have lived or visited

Line 4: should include a rhetorical question

Line 5: should include a reference to writer by name

Line 6:  should include something that is not American

Line 7:  should refer to a game (not a sport)  pool, monopoly, darts, etc.

You may write 7 lines… you may write 14   repeating the prompts in a different way…and using them in reverse orders    Line 8 should use the prompt for Line 7,  Line 9 = Line 6    You get the idea.

Here’s  what Teresa and I came up with

Paradise rejects

By Chris and Teresa Jarmick

Pewter tankard lies ring around my ears

Whispering, coaxing, “An apple—what a lovely apply!”

Northwest of Eden in the sunken garden

Does absolute truth lie?

Nietzche and Ginsberg gossip about Bukowski

At the bullfights in Spain with Papa.

Jumping checkers ‘til it’s too late to make a king.

Go directly to Jail, do NOT collect 200 dollars.

Tomorrow tea at Buckingham Palace

In the garden, paining roses with Lewis C.

Who do you trust, Baby!

Maybe we’re in a Hollywood State of Mind

In the Big Orange making salad with avocados and pineapples

Bleeding martinis in the Polo Lounge over apples tongues.

(Yep, the 14 lines makes it a modern sonnet. . .)

Keep writing

Poetry is Everything

© 2011


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