NaPoWriMo 2011 Poems & Prompt for April 23, 2011 23/30

April 22, 2011

And on the 23rd day of NaPoWriMo they twisted up a previous prompt to make it even more challenging.  But Hey, it’s the weekend, a little extra time to work on it…right?

Today’s prompt is a twist on the acrostic poem.

Write an Citsorca! (my word for it)  That would be an Acrostic poem but spell the word with the LAST letter of the line instead of the first.


Write a double Acrostic… or Acrostic/Citsorca   Spell the same word with first and last letters.

One other thing… it must be a name of a person.

Teresa and I did a couple. . .


by Chris & Teresa Jarmick

    Hard boiled Egg cracked on granite slaB

A Warm beer to melt defenses of new BeaU

            North Las Palmas Avenue mail parK

      Keen Robotic work and late night taboO

______________But how now brown coW

_________Stealing change, downing shotS

__Wailing blues loud; sees all does not looK

_______Can’t cook, swim, stay sober or skI

(Note.. left side…first four lines spell Hank; Charles Bukowski’s preferred nickname)

The most widely accepted birthday for William Shakespeare is April 23rd 1564 so we did this double acrostic in desperate homage.

William’s Birthday  by  Chris and Teresa Jarmick

Speaking sonnets, Polonius and King ClaudiuS

Hardly sat to drink when Hamlet began to laugH

Alas, this cast soon sets sail to ValhallA

Killing too the bawdy spirit of that fool YorricK

Every line deftly crafted to fill each scenE

Sensual maidens fulfilling midsummer night dreamS

Puck-ish interruptions, no grapes, lute or harP

Enter at your own risk this godless soulless place

Artistic flair fails to save thy fair OpheliA

Rabid anti-Semites cause Shylock to tremble in feaR

Every man and woman a player; all the world a stagE

© 2011

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