June 2nd Special Event !!!!

May 23, 2011
Words and Music

Watermark Writers        253-778-6559  May 2011- Vol 3, Issue 3
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Claude Bourbon
Christopher Jarmick
Tweed Meyer
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Words and Music
ViewMelding  Authors, Poets, Singer/Songwriters and Artists from around the country in an intimate waterfront setting.

The program includes
hors d’oeuvres and beverages.
Meet and share with powerful entertainers in a beautiful setting surrounded by nature.
Suggested donation, $15 per person for our May concert. Funding supports the entertainers. Additional donations provide for our Young Writers’ Program in August, 2011.
Watermark Writers is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit corporation.

Thanks to All
Thanks to everyone who came out to see the fantastic Cliff Eberhardt and always wonderful Scott Heffernan. The night was wonderful with great music and laughter.  Tweed Meyer was, once again, a point of joy as she danced while her fingers caught the essence of the evening.

Claude Bourbon, Thursday, June 2
Born in France, Claude Bourbon grew up in Switzerland where he was classically trained as a guitarist. He has crafted an unbelievable fusion of classical; jazz; ethereal Eastern influences; Spanish and Latin Elements with strains of Western folk and Blues. Bourbons’ finger picking style was developed as he’s studied and performed around the world.

Claude Bourbon
Claude Bourbon “Sitting On The Cliff”

Now based in England, Bourbon is a formidable performer inspired by music and song from around the globe. He weaves these sounds into songs and melodies that defy label, delivered with his unique voice.  Bourbon incorporates all five digits on each hand dancing independently but in unison, plucking, picking and strumming at such amazing speed and precision, his fingers often melt into a blur.

It’s been said: Suggesting Claud’s roots are blues is like saying Leonardo da Vinci was just a painter.

Please join us, Thursday, June 2, for this unbelievable opportunity to see a phenomenal guitarist and fantastic singer. Call 253-778-6559 or email info@watermarkwriters.com

hristopher J Jarmick
Christopher J. Jarmick organizes and hosts several Seattle Area poetry readings and regularly performs throughout the Pacific Northwest.  His latest book is IGNITION: Poem Starters, Septolets, Statements and Double Dog Dares. In 2009 he released the Spoken Word CD collaboration he did with Pulitzer nominee Michael C. Ford called: Radio Pictures; Aural Anxieties (Produced by E.T. producer Kevin Gershon).

Christopher Jarmick

A PEN board member and former V.P. of the Washington Poets Association, he publishes his poetry, articles,stories and media reviews in various newspapers, magazines, literary journals and online.
He was recently published in Raven Chronicles and has a poem in the Rose Alley Press Anthology: Many Trails to the Summit.  Born on the East Coast, Chris produced documentaries and television programs in Southern California and has been living, working, and writing in the Seattle area since 1994.  

Call 253-778-6559 or email info@watermarkwriters.com to share in this fabulous event.

Tweed Meyer
Tweed Meyer, a regular contributor to Words and Music, sketches and paints the artists while they work. Her paintings of Poets and Singer/Songwriters have become valued “works to own” that celebrate the evening and the entertainers. Tweed is an indelible part of the program.

Upcoming Events
We’re extremely excited about our upcoming guests.


Claude Bourbon                    June 2nd, Thursday

Terry Holder                                                  June 25th 

Paul Kamm and Eleanore McDonald       July 30th  

Greg Greenway                                             August 20th

Young Writers’ Program                             August 20th

LeRoy Bell                                                      September 24th
Amy Petty                                                      October 15th


Jerry Libstaff
Watermark Writers
Words and Music donations support the artists. Additional funds go to support Watermark Writers Young Writers’ Program each summer.
To find out more email us at info@watermarkwriters.com  or call  253-778-6559.
Jerry Libstaff

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