NaPoWriMo Tuesday, April 3, 2011

April 2, 2012

Tuesday April 3rd, 2012 NaPoWriMo Day 3

Next to doing things that deserve to be written, nothing gets a man more credit, or gives him more pleasure than to write things that deserve to be read.— Lord Chesterfield


It’s Day 3!!! How are you doing? Still pretty easy to do this don’t you think? If you are just joining the NaPoWriMo frenzy… Welcome. You can catch up if you want…or wait until the weekend to catch up. The object is to write a poem every day in April. Some of the poems may even be good— that’s a bonus. You can edit and refine them later. Practice the discipline of writing. Be humble and share your imperfect brand new attempts. Write a poem today. Share a poem you’ve written today.


Today’s Prompt:
Number Sequencing. Numbers. Let’s use them. 1 through 10 if you can… or 1 through 5 at the very least…you can expand on this idea anyway you see fit. Use a sequence of numbers (they can be a pattern, they can be in strict order, they can start with 1 or with a different number. Every other line will have at least one number in it and they must be in a logical sequence. Any form, any type of poem. Happy Writing.


DAY 2 PROMPT—Poems written from the Fracture a Fairy Tale with a poem….prompt from earlier today.

Christopher J. Jarmick


Once upon a time in the land of milk and honey
there were three little piggies
And when it was time for them to leave home
to seek their fortunes
their mothers told each of them
‘Whatever you do
do it the very best that you can
because the only way to get along
in this world
is to be truthful and honest
and keep to your word.
Work hard and be your very best’

The first little pig built his house
out of old mortgages from
Country Wide, counterfeit birth
Certificates, and marketing brochures
From Lehman Brothers.
‘It will be seen
That I am green!’
He proclaimed!

The second little piggy built a space
ship from abandoned Flint Michigan
car parts so that he could fly to
the moon and build a space station
house that surely would impress
all of the people that didn’t believe
he would amount to anything
at all.
‘Thinking big,’ he said
‘is better than small.’

The third little piggy
gathered all the sticks and
stones that had been thrown
at all the other little piggies
and built not only a very
sturdy house, but also
a 30 foot tall electrical fence
All the way around.
It’s the safest,’ he declared
Of them all!

One night their sworn enemy,
President Obama
came along
And saw the first little pig in
his house built of worthless
paper and marketing brochures.
‘Little pig, little pig
Let’s make a better plan,’
He said.
‘Let me in, let me in
Don’t let me down
Or I’ll Huffington Post
and blow your house down.
Let me in, Let me in.’

The terrified little piggy shouted back
‘Not by the perfect hairs on my
Chinny chin chin!’

‘Then I’ll spend and I’ll spend’
said Obama quite angry
‘ I’ll let them all see
your secret plans to force poor people
to cook all your burgers and fries.’

And the first little piggy ran out
of his house and jumped on board
the second little piggie’s space ship
which blasted up into the air
but ran out of gas
and crashed into the gulf
which started a huge fire.

The two little piggies
barely escaped
pointing at Obama
screaming: He’s out to get us
And then he’ll want you
He’s on a budget busting spree.’
While standing outside
the fence of the sticks and stones
fortress built by Piggie number 3.

‘Santorum, Santorum. . .
cant you see
It’s Romney and Gingrich?
Let us in, let us in
before it’s too late.”

“I would if I could, but I can’t
So I won’t. “ Santorum said
“ I built my place
to be the world’s safest place!
Once you get in,
you can’t get out
and so I’m stuck in here
And you are stuck out there.”

‘But that makes no sense’
Said Piggie Gingrich.
‘We’re supposed to be pals’
Said Piggie Romney as he
started to climb up the fence.

Zap, Zzzzzz Crackle….
The Piggie flew back
10,000 volts and still not
A hair out of place.
Gingrich just shrugged
Said: “ I have a plan
We’ll dig a deep hole
Right under this land.”

“Stop! “ said Obama
“Haven’t you done enough already
It’s time to stop fighting, join hands
Make peace, and become friends.”

went Gingrich blowing himself
far Into the air
Romney gasped
And let out a cry
“He’ll surely die!”
Obama shook his head
Turned with a sigh
“He’s done this many times before.”

“Aren’t you hear to eat us?”
Romney said
“To bite us and trick us
And make us all dead.”

“No, no,” Obama declared
“I want to create cooperation
between us and all the world’s nations.”

Santorum pushed buttons
Smoke bombs made everything hazy
“Crazy, crazy,
He’s crazy, crazy”
Obama heard him shout.

But most had no idea
What any of this was about
They were too busy
watching crazy housewives
on their big screen TV.

Recipe Pork Three Ways
By Teresa Jarmick

Three women seeking security

One went to market, oh the finery she did see!
Purses, made of the smoothest ears
Rings, to adorn the perfect snout
Tail curlers,
Branding irons,
But The One, Hers
He was wrapped in a golden blanket
Bedazzling smile, silky spun royal robe.
Every girl’s dream of a bed, soft as straw.
He lifted the cape, covered her shoulders
Lifted apple to her lips
Then he huffed, he puffed
Burnt her on platter of silver
Fed her to the wolves.

One went wild leaving convention behind
Forest bound, joined a sounder
Nobody’s domesticated pet
But The One, Hers
He was more than a one night boar
Enticing, Exciting, Mysterious
Every girl’s dream of grunt strength
He glanced, snout pushed
Rolled her, round and round
‘Til bound on a bed of hickory
Then he huffed, he puffed
Smoked her heart dry, spiral cut
Fed her to the wolves.

One went to town, education and job
Made her own money
Bricks, Lonely, Walls
Eventually real estate
Sipping tea watching sunsets counting sheep.
But The One, Hers
He came in remodeling belt at the waist,
Hammer, nails, Sawzall
Every girl’s dream of stability
He bid her kitchen, knife behind back
Carved fat from her belly
Then he huffed, he puffed
Stripped of tender parts, she fought
Fried him in bacon drippings,
Fed him to the wolves.

The root of the word Poetry is from the Greek ποιέω (poieō), “‘I
make’”). , poiesis, meaning a “making” or ‘creation’
Poetry is Everything
©2012 Christopher J. Jarmick All Rights Reserved


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