NaPoWrimo April 17, 2012 Day 17/30

April 16, 2012

Tuesday April 17th, 2012   NaPoWriMo Day 17

Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason. — Novalis

Day 17 Prompt!!!
Pick a poem you like or admire (or hate passionately) and respond to it, line by line with your own poem. You do NOT have to imitate or parody it… but you can do that too. You might answer a question posed by the poet, you might ask a question in response to what it written. You might take it to a different place, expand it, contract it or reinvent it. Do try to isolate the first lines of the poem and see where it takes you. Re-write them, change them into your own. When you’re done, take a few minutes to revise it, perhaps subtly changing it, perhaps drastically re-writing what you started with. Don’t spend more than an hour on it, however—later, next week, next month you do more to it as you wish. After you’ve written the poem… tell us the poem that inspired it; if there’s a link available to where someone might read it… include that if you can.
Have fun.


DAY 16 POEM (Renovation of one of your poems from first 10 days)
Museum, Gallery and Dinner (renovation of A plus B Equals 6)
BY Christopher Jarmick

T.V plugged into flower
Man of bottles
and white stoppers–
Out of juice.
Frame contains
splats of bright colors.
Carved animal idol masks
on stuffed people.

Dog tag suit of armor
Bird sunbathing.
Melted iconic guitar at base of Jetson tower
Flowering, trees lining steep hill.
Orange colored butter chicken
Clove and saffron rice
Canopy of green, twinkling stars above

4-16-12  (renovation of Open Locked)

by Teresa Jarmick
Another cup, tea pot purple
blanket brown
inside, doors shut
eyes open
my choice


The root of the word Poetry is from the Greek ποιέω (poieō), “‘I
make’”). , poiesis, meaning a “making” or ‘creation’
Poetry is Everything
©2012 Christopher J. Jarmick All Rights Reserved


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