NaPoWriMO Tuesday, April 31 um I mean May 1st, 2012 Day 31/30

April 30, 2012

NaPoWriMO Tuesday, April 31 um I mean May 1st, 2012 Day 31/30

No true day off, vacation for writer, but perhaps this pause is due. — CJJ

After 30 days of NaPoWrimo 2012 you’ve earned a day of rest.
I’ll leave you to your own devices, let your muse inspire you, encourage you to regularly Write—every day—something to keep sharp, keep your creative and imagination juices flowing.

Perhaps look at some of your writes, revise them, take inspired couplets and create memorable Poems from them. Consider new challenges like: In the next 30 days I will write 10 sonnets. I will write a sestina or villanelle or 78 verses about a 78 record. You set your mind to accomplishing something…you can do it. If you need permission to attempt it—consider it granted.

Thanks for the comments, the kind words, the shared poems, the new blog follows and I trust you will continue your poetic adventures throughout the year. Consider perhaps doing the August Postcard Poem challenge this year. There’s time later to let you know about that. For now enjoy your personal NaPoWriMo victory (large or small).

It was certainly challenging, frustrating, invigorating, humbling and memorable for me. I hope it was all of those and more for you.

I’m going to try to post some random suggested prompt once or twice a month on this blog. The positive feedback, the number of new ‘follows’ has been almost overwhelming—so thank YOU for reading, following, commenting. Since several of my prompts have been used by several people I know and some complete strangers, I feel like I’ve been rewarded with several priceless gifts. My time and efforts were well spent.

Most are resistant to the kind of rigid discipline it takes to become a consistently producing writer. It seems in many ways to be the opposite of what creativity, experimentation and inspiration is all about. I certainly fear that my limitations as a writer are exposed by exercises like this for absolutely everyone to see. I certainly don’t ever want to be FORCED or coerced to create on any sort of schedule. But the compromises you make to meet a deadline also make you a better, more effective writer. I discovered several years ago some prompts forced me to think outside of my own box and it led to bigger, broader, better thinking and processes in regards to every aspect of my writing. A lot of what I’ve written for the prompts isn’t very good—but a few things are (I think). A few of the prompts I came up with I believed would result in some good work—and they didn’t (at least immediately). A few of the prompts that I thought would not push me to create something worthwhile—have pushed me in creative ways that have surprised me. It’s what you don’t know that can motivate you to explore new things and result in surprising and positive work. What you already know doesn’t expand your knowledge, creativity, expertise, and probably doesn’t guide you toward something better than what you’ve accomplished before. And not keeping an open mind, trying new things is the death of artistic thinking. Now don’t get me wrong. . . refining your skills, digging deep into areas you have confidence and ability in are very important. You aren’t going to produce good work very often without editing, revising and lots of hard sometimes laborious work. However, you’ll also plateau if you stop challenging yourself and if you don’t look up and beyond what you think you are capable of doing. You, me, we; are capable of more and it’s exciting to re-discover that. If NaPoWriMo ignites a few sparks for you, (like it does for me), then it has value.


DAY 30 PROMPT POEM (MayDay Prompt)

B y Christopher J. Jarmick

Help me, Help Me, Help me

Write one last poem
And let it be one
Where I don’t wine or
…….Damn it.

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

This chicken little panic
is pitiful.
I’m not even seeking
Just want to rise above
frustration, self doubt,
Pull my head out of my own. . .
Well… you know.

Write Write Write

Like madman on
mission to save the world,
not merely to finish
task or
fulfill self-imposed
There’s more than ever to say,
the well is never
bone dry.

May Day, May Day May Day

Warm spring,
Nature without shame bursts
in glorious rejuvenation.
It happens no matter what I
do, say, write.

How dare I
futilely battle endless tides
Let salt
Blind my eyes
to riches of color and life.
As if a player in
Greek Tragedy.
So what if someone on my right
say I doth protest too much
or someone on my left
believes everything needs to
criticize status quo –it doesn’t

Connections, observations, something that makes smiles is just as important and could be exactly what is needed.
We are human.
It’s complicated,
Then again, it’s also
very simple

‘Tis thetime!
‘Tis the season!


Mayday aka All that Jazz
By Teresa Jarmick


Man down
Basket empty
Batteries dead
And that ain’t a sailboat mast,

Drop the ribbon
fall-outside the circle

The root of the word Poetry is from the Greek ποιέω (poieō), “‘I
make’”). , poiesis, meaning a “making” or ‘creation’
Poetry is Everything
©2012 Christopher J. Jarmick All Rights Reserved


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