June Readings!!!

June 2, 2012

Let me walk through the fields of paper touching with my wand
dry stems and stunted butterflies….
–Denise Levertov, “A Walk through the Notebooks”


Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its
ultimate expression. The chasm is never completely bridged. We all have
the conviction, perhaps illusory, that we have much more to say than appears on the paper.
–Isaac Bashevis Singer


Monday June 4th, 2012
7 to 9 p.m.

Jack McCarthy !!!!
Christopher J. Jarmick

plus Open MIC

The Poetry Station
Station Bistro in

Jack McCarthy is a working guy from the Boston area who’s been writing
poetry since the mid-60s. He has two chapbooks, Actual Grace Notes and
Too Old to Make Excuses (But StillYoung Enough to Make Love), two CDs
two books: Say Goodnight, Grace Notes,(2003)by EM Press and Almost a
Remembrance 2011 from Moon Pie Press a collection of shorter poems.
His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, including The Spoken Word
Revolution. Jack was a member of the Boston team at the 1996 National Poetry
Slam, and was an engaging minor character in the feature film “Slamnation,”
which documented those proceedings, and he was a member of the Worcester
team at the 2000 National Poetry Slam. The Boston Phoenix has named him
“Best Standup Poet,” the Boston Poetry Awards “Best Love Poet,” and the
Cambridge Poetry Awards “Best Spoken Word” and “Best Humorous Poet .” The
Boston Globe says, “In the poetry world, he’s a rock star.” Among his influences he
numbers Robert Frost,Dylan Thomas, and Garrison Keillor. He doesn’t think of
himself as a “performance poet,” but as a “standup poetry guy,” a writer of poems
that perform themselves. Poet Stephen Dobyns has written, “Jack McCarthy is one
of the wonders of contemporary poetry. He writes and often performs—dazzling
narratives full of wit and humor, sadness and hard thinking. He should be cloned.”
Jack has lived in the NorthWest for several years.


Christopher J. Jarmick–Northwest based writer; poet; has been curating and hosting
poetry readings for over 11 years in the Seattle area. Recently he’s published
articles in Raven Chronicles, a poem in the anthology Many Trails to the Summit
and his latest book is Ignition:Poem Starters, Septolets, Statements and
Double Dog Dares.(2010). In 2009 he released the Spoken Word CD with Los
Angeles’ Michael C. Ford entitled Radio Pictures. He’s a PEN board member,
former executive Vice President of the Washington Poets Association and once
upon a time produced PBS  documentaries and Hard Copy,
Entertainment Tonight segments. He’s written screenplays, award winning Plays
and a mystery novel (The Glass Cocoon). He’s called Seattle and the Northwest
home since 1994. His email is emeraldchris@yahoo.com


The Auburn Station Bistro is located at
110 Second Street SW, Ste. 125, one block
south of West Main Street on the east side of
the Auburn Transit Center, in the big brick
building below the green metal vine. Parking
is plentiful, the event is free and open to all.


This brand new (as of April 2nd, 2012) Series
is Presented by Northwest Renaissance
Poets, Performers & Publishers, in
collaboration with Auburn Striped Water
Poets, with generous support
from the Auburn Arts Commission.
Admission is free.

Wednesday, June 13 @ Park Place
7 to 8:30 p.m.
Kirkland Washington


Featured Readers


Robert Lashley
Dobbie Reese Norris

Open Mic


LAST Reading until September!!!!
Bring a poem to read!
Hear some talented poets!


Robert Lashley — NEW Poetry from
his 2012 chapbook: The Blood Orange
Mix Tape!!! Lashley was a semi-finalist
for the PEN-Rosenthal fellowship. He’s
helped Bellingham (where he lives) develop
one of the best poetry nights (MONDAY) in
our region. His poetry has appeared in
literary magazines, online and in the
anthology: Many Trails to the Summit.
His first full-length poetry collection was
2009’s Songs My City Taught Me (Radical
Lunch Box Press).



Dobbie Reese Norris —poet, writer, host of the long running
Poets and Writer series,(now 3rd Tuesdays
at Seattle Mobile Esspresso in North Seattle).
Norris is also a founding member of the
Floating Mountain Poets which performs poetry,
music, aerials, and more for non-profits, special
occassions,and public performances.


PEN and Take a Poem From Your Heart
will be presenting 2nd Wednesday
Poetry at Park Place Books


Park Place Books is one of the few
remaining full sized new and used
independent bookstores on the East
Side.Consider supporting their efforts
to stay in business in the near future.
They host many reading clubs and
community events.


See you in September!!!

Park Place Books is located in the Park
Place Mall off 85th Street in Kirkland at
348 Parkplace Ctr Kirkland, WA 98033-6229

Friday June 15,
@ Bookworm Exchange

FRIDAY June 15, 2012
7 p.m. to 9 p.m. FREE

Don Kentop
David Horowitz



Bookworm Exchange is a warm friendly
new and used bookstore located in the
beautiful Columbia City retail district
surrounded by Art Galleries, Bakeries,
Excellent Restaurants, and coffee shops.
Owner Jim and his staff have thousands
of new and used booksand have
supported our poetry reading
for 7 years and counting! The store may
be closing in early 2013!!! C’mon!!!


BookWorm Exchange @
4860 Rainier Avenue S.
Seattle Wa 98118

August 17– Elizabeth Myrh &
Anthony Banks (from San Diego)
SEPTEMBER–Christine Swanberg


From Jed Myers and John Burgess:


Muse News Flash! Next Saturday night,
June 2nd, Band of Poets plays at the
annual Ginsberg Marathon in
Columbia City.

Marathon starts at 8 p.m. and goes all
night! Band of Poets will be on around 9:30
for two wild sets of Ginsberg, Whitman, Artaud,
and more, set to music, song, and dance.
You can find our evolving set list on our
Facebook page at


Come on out to the welcoming space Splab
maintains in the Community Center at
3651 S. Edmunds, just off Rainier Ave. S.
in Columbia City, and help keep the
luminous presence of Ginsberg alive in this
world where he opened his prophetic heart
to us all not so long ago!


Bring your favorite Ginsberg poem(s), your
own personal offerings, your embodied self,
your friends’ selves and offerings! Yes, come,
and contribute to the all-night open mic!
Let’s let Ginsberg continue to open more
and more hearts, right through our own!


You’ll bare your bones you’ll grow you’ll
pray you’ll only know

When the light appears, boy,
when the light appears

—from “When the Light Appears”
by Allen Ginsberg

June 8th 7:00 p.m.
Kings Bookstore (218 St. Helens)
Featured Reader


Timothy Walsh


Timothy Walsh’s poems and short stories
have appeared widely. His awards include the
Grand Prize in the Atlanta Review
International Poetry Competition and the Kurt
Vonnegut Fiction Prize from North American
Review. He is the author of a book of literary
criticism, The Dark Matter of Words: Absence,
Unknowing, and Emptiness in Literature
(Southern Illinois University Press) and two
poetry collections, Wild Apples (Parallel Press)
and Blue Lace Colander (Marsh River Editions).
He is an Assistant Dean at the University of


The Only Muntin Poem in the World

Yes, I’m pretty sure there are not others.
Perhaps in bygone times a carpernter
or master builder tried his hand at one,
but I don’t think so.
The Truth is no one knows what a mutin is
or what to call it when we point at one.
They are, in their way, so perfect–
that wooden framework that partitions off
the smaller panes of glass
in so many of our windows, old and new.
A muntin. That cross-hatch, that hopscotch
that waffle-looking girid we look at,
or look past, but never see.
There is a moral in this somewhere.

I could ask you to cogitate upon
the muntin-like nature of all human
how we partition off the vast, undifferentiated
in order to grasp it–
categorizig, sorting, labeling–
how language segments and pigeonholes
to gain a toehold on immensity.

Strange, is’t it, how the mind overlays muntins
on everything we see, allowing us to think,
starting up that ever-idling engine of rationality?
Is the mind, in fact, nothing but a vast muntin-work?
Millions of overlapping muntin grids, three
muntins within muntins within muntins?

And yet there are still no sonnets on muntins,
no odes, sestina, pantoums, or villanelles…

The next time you look out the window,
please notice the muntin and as why
we must have four season, twelve months,
twenty-four hours…
and why we must have muntins in our windows.

From Elizabeth Austen


June 1 to 3: VORTEXT:
Hedgebrook’s Weekend Salon for
Women Writers. Join Elizabeth George,
Dorothy Allison, Ruth Ozeki, Karen Joy
Fowler, Gail Tsukiyama and Jane
Hamilton for an extraordinary weekend.
Connect in small-group workshops.
Come together through dynamic keynotes
and discussions about opportunities and
challenges for women who write. Share
meals, open mics, conversation and
community in a stunningly beautiful
day workshop begins Friday, June 1st at
the Whidbey Institute. Space is limited.
Please visit http://bit.ly/vortextdiscount
for more information and accommodation
Hope you are well, and that we’ll get to
say hello at a poetry event soon.

From Jerry Libstaff


The 4th Season of
Words and Music is underway.

We are excited to present some of the top
entertainers in the country to perform on the
waterfront in Vaughn WA.Please call or email
to reserve your space. We are limited to a
maximum of 65 guests in this intimate setting
. Your $20 donation provides for all food
and beverages plus the entertainment.

2012 Schedule
June 23 Tom Kimmel
July 21 Jacob Moon with
Jim Teeters
August 4 Sarah Peacock
August 25 Robert Silverman with
Jack McCarthy
September 15 Chris Castle
with John Davis
October 13 Melissa Greener
with Rachel Eliza Griffiths


Words and Music donations support
the artists. Additional funds go to
support Watermark Writers Young
Writers’ Program each summer.
To find out more email us at
or call 253-778-6559.


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