June Readings: This Week and Beyond….

June 10, 2012

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of
creativity. It’s self-conscious, and
anything self-conscious is lousy. You
can’t try to do things. You simply must
do things.”Ray Bradbury

Every morning I jump out of bed and step
on a landmine. The landmine is me.
After the explosion, I spent the rest of the
day putting the pieces together.


If you hide your ignorance, no one will hit
you and you’ll never learn.
–Ray Bradbury


Take a Poem From Your Heart Readings

@ ParkPlace Books in Kirkland
2nd Wednesdays (no reading July & August)

and @ Bookworm Exchange in Seattle
3rd Fridays (No Reading July)

& Poetry Day of the Week Listings
I’m hosting two readings this week worthy of your attentiion. It’s a 2nd Wednesday
AND 3rd Friday week. I’m not hosting any readings in July, then Bookworm in August
and more Park Place readings in September! Hope to see YOU at a reading this week.
And if you haven’t head yet–3 brand new books by some of my favorite local poets
are now available!!! Raul Sanchez’s first collection of poetry–All Our Brown Skinned
Angels from MoonPath Press, Jack McCarthy’s What I Saw from EM Press
and David Horowitz’s brand new collection from Rose Alley Press–Sky Above the Temple
which he reads from on FRIDAY !!!! ALL KEEPERS and just in time for summer reading!!!
Wednesday, June 12 @ Park Place
7 to 8:30 p.m.
Kirkland Washington


Featured Readers


Robert Lashley
Dobbie Reese Norris


Open Mic



LAST Reading until September!!!!
Bring a poem to read!
Hear some talented poets!


Robert Lashley — NEW Poetry from
his 2012 chapbook: The Blood Orange
Mix Tape!!! Lashley was a semi-finalist
for the PEN-Rosenthal fellowship. He’s
helped Bellingham (where he lives) develop
one of the best poetry nights (MONDAY) in
our region. His poetry has appeared in
literary magazines, online and in the
anthology: Many Trails to the Summit.
His first full-length poetry collection was
2009’s Songs My City Taught Me (Radical
Lunch Box Press).

Dobbie Reese Norris —
poet, writer, host of the long running
Poets and Writer series,(now 3rd Tuesdays
at Seattle Mobile Esspresso in North Seattle).
Norris is also a founding member of the
Floating Mountain Poets which performs poetry,
music, aerials, and more for non-profits, special
occassions,and public performances.


PEN and Take a Poem From Your Heart
will be presenting 2nd Wednesday
Poetry at Park Place Books


Park Place Books is one of the few
remaining full sized new and used
independent bookstores on the East
Side.Consider supporting their efforts
to stay in business in the near future.
They host many reading clubs and
community events.


See you in September!!!


Park Place Books is located in the Park
Place Mall off 85th Street in Kirkland at
348 Parkplace Ctr Kirkland, WA 98033-6229

Friday June 15,
@ Bookworm Exchange


FRIDAY June 15, 2012
7 p.m. to 9 p.m. FREE

Don Kentop
David Horowitz



Don Kentop graduated from New York
University and Columbia. After retirement,
he began writing poetry, completed the
Writers Program at The University of
Washington, appeared at the Frye Art
Museum with Poets West, won several
poetry awards, was a Jack Straw writer fo
r 2004, a 2005 Seattle Poet Populist finalist,
and appears in five poetry anthologies. On
the board of the Washington Poets
Association, Don published On Paper
Wings through Rose Alley Press.


David D. Horowitz— founded and
manages Rose Alley Press. Through
Rose Alley he has published fourteen
books, including his own poetry
collections Stars Beyond the Battlesmoke
; Wildfire, Candleflame; Resin from the
Rain; and Streetlamp, Treetop, Star
. His poems have appeared in
numerous journals, including The Lyric,
Candelabrum, and The New Formalist.
His essays often appear in the online
journal Exterminating Angel. His new
poetry collection, Sky Above the
Temple, is due out from Rose Alley
Press in spring 2012.


Bookworm Exchange is a warm friendly
new and used bookstore located in the
beautiful Columbia City retail district
surrounded by Art Galleries, Bakeries,
Excellent Restaurants, and coffee shops.
Owner Jim and his staff have thousands
of new and used booksand have
supported our poetry reading
for 7 years and counting! The store may
be closing in early 2013!!! C’mon!!!


BookWorm Exchange @
4860 Rainier Avenue S.
Seattle Wa 98118


August 17– Elizabeth Myhr &
Anthony Banks (from San Diego)
SEPTEMBER–Christine Swanberg

From Margaret Roncone:
June 12– 6:30 p.m.
Open Mic– Queen Anne


at Caffe Zingaro
Tuesday June 12th
6:30 p.m.-8 p.m.
127 Mercer St.
hosted by Lainne Dexter and
Margaret Roncone


all good writing is like swimming under
water and holding your breath
–F.Scott Fitzgerald

From Rose Alley Press

Friday, June 15, 2012,
7:00 p.m.


Poetry: Donald Kentop, David D. Horowitz,
and open mic
Bookworm Exchange,
4860 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle
Telephone: 206-722-6633


URL: http://www.rosealleypress.com


Tuesday, June 19, 2012,
7:00 p.m.


Poetry: Douglas Schuder and others TBA
Seattle Mobile Espresso,
13000 Linden Avenue North, Seattle
Telephone: 206-420-4719


June 20th– Olympia
Susan Rich will be reading. Wed. June 20th


6:30-8:00 p.m. Includes half-hour open mic

At Traditions Café

5th Ave. and Water St. Downtown Olympia
Susan Rich:


Susan Rich is the author of three collections
of poetry, The Alchemist’s Kitchen (2010)
named a finalist for the Foreword Prize and
the Washington State Book Award, Cures
Include Travel (2006), and The Cartographer’s
Tongue / Poems of the World (2000) winner
of the PEN Award for Poetry.


The 4 ‘0’ Clock News @ House of Sky
In the beginning we wanted
to cast ourselves
as opera stars, to break apart
like gorgeous women
palm reading at the piano bar ~
music stinging like salt from the sea.
We were spiraling ridges, dust-darlings
and dangerous.
We were peonies ~ cut
and arranged like astronauts
in flight. We soaked in syllables
not water; rode the Southern drawl of the wind
over cobalt glass ~ backlit by a disc of sun.

June 23, 2012

The Nature of Haiku
Padilla Bay Nature Poetry Workshop
June 23, 2012, 9:00-4:00


Explore haiku poetry as a window into
appreciating the natural world, its seasons, and your
five senses. Learn the myths and realities of haiku,
hear an overview of haiku in Japan, and understand
important targets for haiku in English, such as kigo
(season word), kireji (cutting word, or a two-part
juxtapositional structure), and objective sensory imagery.
This class willinclude presentation, handouts, slide
show, workshop exercises and optional sharing, with
an outdoor walk for haiku inspiration.


Instructor Michael Dylan Welch is vice president of the
Haiku Society of America, a board member of the
Washington Poets Association and the Redmond
Association of Spokenword, and curates the monthly
SoulFood Poetry Night in Redmond, Washington. His
haiku and longer poetry have appeared in hundreds of
journals and anthologies, and he has taught haiku at the
North Cascades Institute, the Cedar River Watershed
Institute, the Whidbey Island Writers Conference, and
numerous other venues. He has published dozens of
poetry books, including translations from the Japanese.
His haiku-focused website is http://www.graceguts.com.


Workshop Fee: $15.00
Register Online at http://www.padillabay.gov
Accommodations available at $30 per
The price goes down if you share a room.
For more information:
Glen “Alex” Alexander
Education Coordinator
Padilla Bay Reserve
10441 Bay View-Edison Rd
Mount Vernon WA 98273

From Eileen Duncan


July 29th 2012– Seattle
3 p.m. at Richard Hugo House


Tony Pfannensteil, a Portland poet, founded
Fault Lines Poetry Journal and placed a call for
submissions in fall 2011. I and many other poets
along the Cacasdia Fault Line were intrigued by
the energy and passion in his vision for the
journal and call for submissions. And it sounded
just plain fun to get involved in the journal.


The Puget Sound is represented in the issue by
about 15 poets and we are planning a reading
at Hugo House on July 29 at 3 PM. Readings in
other cities along the Cascadia Fault Line are
taking placing throughout the summer,
beginning June 10. In addition Portland has set
up “poetry boxes” much like those that contain
house sales information — but contain poems
from the journal instead.


Fault LinesPoetry
A new journal of west coast poetry

Inaugural Issue and Reading
3 PM July 29 2012


Richard Hugo House
163411th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122


Dennis Caswell
Michael Daley
Mike Johnsen
Patricia C Kennedy
Lynn Ann Kister
Angel Latterell
Jed Myers
Carl Palmer
Judith Roche
Tamara Sellman
Judith Skillman
Laura Snyder
Kristen Spexarth
Joannie Stangeland
Eileen Walsh Duncan


“In the year 1700, an earthquake shook the
Cascadia Fault Line Zone. From San
Francisco to Vancouver, BC, the force was
felt all along the Pacific Ring of Fire.


Today, over 300 years later, forces are
again becoming unleashed, forces that will
move your heart, split your brain, and
rearrange your preconceived notions about
poetry and the possibilities it presents to
dramatically affect the human spirit.


Fault Lines Poetry will create upheavals.The
meticulously crafted world of what a poem
should be will implode, opening fissures deep
within your psyche. The poems published in
Fault Lines will gather their cataclysmic energy
and wash over you, the way a tsunami wave
moves over the shore and transforms.”


From Jerry Libstaff


The 4th Season of
Words and Music is underway.


We are excited to present some of the top
entertainers in the country to perform on the
waterfront in Vaughn WA.Please call or email
to reserve your space. We are limited to a
maximum of 65 guests in this intimate setting
. Your $20 donation provides for all food
and beverages plus the entertainment.


2012 Schedule
June 23 Tom Kimmel
July 21 Jacob Moon with
Jim Teeters
August 4 Sarah Peacock
August 25 Robert Silverman with
Jack McCarthy
September 15 Chris Castle
with John Davis
October 13 Melissa Greener
with Rachel Eliza Griffiths


Words and Music donations support
the artists. Additional funds go to
support Watermark Writers Young
Writers’ Program each summer.
To find out more email us at
or call 253-778-6559.



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