Love Poems of February #4 of 14

February 8, 2013

Here’s the 4th of 14 new poems that have something to do with love that I plan to write during February.

Call it NaLoPoMo National Love Poem Month.

This is one, or part of this one is a found poem made up of words from another source which is explained in the poem itself.  Enjoy.

Several poets may be participating in writing a poem a day or every other day in February. Join us and write some poems. Post a link to your love poems here at this Facebook page: Randomly Accessed Poetics which is a William James Lindberg project.

or https://www.facebook.com/RandomlyAccessedPoetics

Happy Writing.

Love from Nothing
Christopher J. Jarmick

My muse
doesn’t want me
to write a love poem today.

‘You can’t force a love poem’
She whispers.
‘Look how awful Hallmark
Valentine card rhymes are
Violets are Blue
I love You
I’ve put it to the test
And still you’re the best.

Don’t get any ideas from there
Or for that matter anywhere

And don’t try using a prompt
particularly a found poem
or cross-out poem method
using other words.

I try exactly that however:

Sunlight cold
Ocean mist
Lovely picnic

What’s wrong?
Too wild.
Color faded
Forget it.
No, remember.
So sweet.

Some words from
two pages of Eye in the Sky
by Phillip K.Dick.

Desperate maybe
but unlikely source.

Love perhaps
is in the words
if you look for it.

Pretend it hibernates
ignore it
it doesn’t elude
even in this.


Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2013


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