Love Poems of February #7 of 14 Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2013

Here’s the 7th of 14 new poems that have something to do with love that I plan to write during February.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Call it NaLoPoMo National Love Poem Month.

My self-imposed prompt was to include historical facts in a poem about or for Valentine’s Day.


Several poets may be participating in writing a poem a day or every other day in February. Join us and write some poems. Post a link to your love poems here at this Facebook page: Randomly Accessed Poetics which is a William James Lindberg project.

or https://www.facebook.com/RandomlyAccessedPoetics

A Hopelessly Confusing Valentine’s Day Poem
By Christopher J. Jarmick

You can not actually love
things or
body parts.

Body parts are tools.

Tools you can use to
express love with…
but it’s best if you aren’t just horny,
or full of chocolate
and alcohol when you do this.

Love has nothing to do with

But as most females would be
quick to tell me,
I’m male and can’t possibly know what I’m talking about

when it comes to chocolate.

This is because most males are
obsessed and enamored with
the size, and texture
of body parts rather than chocolate.
Regardless of this, it’s still absolutely inaccurate

the human heart looks like Valentine.

Valentine was a priest who defied
Roman law by marrying men

who were supposed to stay unmarried and serve in the Roman military.
Years after he was beheaded, a Pope declared him St. Valentine.

But Valentine is oft confused with Cupid the Roman god of love
Thrown into the mix because of
A mid-February pagan ceremony

involving the sacrifices of a goat and a dog

at the cave of Romulus and Remus,

the twins raised by wolves who founded Rome .

Pieces of goat skin were cut up
And woman considered it lucky
If they were lightly tapped by the bloody goat skin
Because it made them more fertile.

Happy Valentine’s Day?

Somewhere along the line
the drawing of a distorted human heart
Became known as a Valentine
And this cartoon-ish heart
symbolized love
So you can text things like
with that inanimate object that Americans both male and female seem obsessed with, most of all…
The cell phone.

A useful tool,
But far removed
from love
AND not something
Cupid is able to use
In place of his arrow
To pierce your heart
with desire.

Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2013


One comment

  1. When you made the turn to the cell phone Chris, I was reminded stylistically of Jack McCarthy.

    Thus far in the slam-o-sphere, I have not heard any one emulate Jack’s story telling style, but I bet it will happen now or in the coming years.

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