NaPoWriMo Day 18 Prompt for Thursday, April 18, 2013 April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013

“Traveler, there is no path. Paths are made by walking.”
– Mahado

Prompt 18—Write a poem of at least 6 lines (but no more than 8 lines) using at least 4 of the 6 words from your list. List? What list?

Create your list of 6 words following these instructions.

You need a novel or non-fiction (not poetry or children’s) book of at least 200 pages.

Turn to page 21. Go to the 5th line and write down the first 5 letter word you find. (if the first five letter word doesn’t appear until the sixth line that’s okay, write it down. (if you don’t want to use a person’s name or a word that has an apostrophe in it—that’s okay, use the next one you find).

Turn to page 37. Go to the 10th line and write down the first 4 letter you find.

Turn to page 55 Go to the 15th line and write down the first 6 letter word you find

Turn to page 75 Go to the 4th line and write down the first word more than 4 letters long

Turn to page 120 Go to the 8th line and write down the first word more than 3 letters long

Turn to page 191 Go to the 2nd line and write down the first word more than 5 letters long.

(If any of these pages don’t have text on them, go to the next page that does have text and follow the instructions to get your word.)

These are your 6 words. No matter what they are, use at least 4 of them to write a poem at least six lines long. Yes, try to use all 6 words. Your poem should be 6, 7 or 8 lines long.

Use at least 4 of the words exactly as they are on your list.

Show us the six words after the title of your poem.
By Poet
(words used: words, poet, daikon, cumquat, eggplant, grapes)

At the end of your poem, tell us what book it is from.

Prompt #16 was to re-write, re-imagine, turn an earlier poem you wrote inside out. I did two rewrites.

Poem Starter 1,414
By Christopher J. Jarmick

Two deer
Surreal on
golf course fairway
Although it is truly
man’s precisely molded
game-board perversity
that is absurd.

This is a rewrite of this earlier NaPoWriMo Septolet

Golfers Septolet
By Christopher J. Jarmick

golf, roaming
fairways, grazing


Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2013

DRIVE (re-write)
By Christopher J. Jarmick

Behind the wheel of an automobile
we become heartless judge, jury and executioner.
Our neighbors become idiots, morons, maniacs,
stupid worthless pieces of human waste;
though we use much more colorful
language than that to tell them so.

She drives too slow,
He never turns off his damn blinker,
She pulled out in front of me
and I had to hit my brakes
so I wish her dead.
He suddenly decided to slow down
and makes a turn—
and I declare him an offspring of an unmarried dog.

She’s putting on make-up.
Oh for god’s sakes…
He’s on the cell phone–
Do you know how dangerous
it is to be distracted while
your navigating these lethal
transportation coffins?
I suggest a place to stick the phone,
though he doesn’t hear me.

Good thing I don’t have a gun
or some sort of laser that would
flip your car on its side
and get it out of my way.
Where’s a cop when you need one?
Oh there’s the cop–
better make sure I’m only going 4
miles over the limit—
damn ticket-writing pigs….

It’s not me,
It’s them.
No one follows the rules of the road
No one uses common sense
No one knows how to drive
–Except me.

Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2013

The original Drive looks like this:
Drive by

By Christopher J. Jarmick


See her run for the bus with too many packages
Know she lingered at the department store
Too late she missed her bus
All the money she spent
The time she used
Bus pulls away
Making her wait, oh how she hates to wait
I can see it on her face
And I realize how funny it is.

Stuck in traffic
Fingers clutched too tightly
Onto steering wheel
Head these songs on the radio too many times
Irritations piling up

The idiot in front of me could pull up ten feet
Not let other people in front of him
I’ve got places to go

Don’t want to be stuck in traffic,
Then to my right
She’s putting on lipstick
Singing along with more energy
than a rock star’s performance
Suddenly she knows I am looking
Turns toward me
A bit embarrassed….
I shrug, give her a thumbs up
She smiles

Then the traffic begins to move.
I won’t be late
My fingers relax on steering wheel.

(circa 2009)

Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2013

The root of the word Poetry is from the Greek ποιέω (poieō), “‘I
make’”). , poiesis, meaning a “making” or ‘creation’


Poetry is Everything


Christopher J. Jarmick is a Seattle based writer, very active in the Northwest Poetry Community. His latest book is called IGNITION; Poem Starters, Septolets, Statements & Double Dog Dares. Click on it to find out more about it.

Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2013


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