NaPoWriMo National Poetry Writing Month Day 4 Prompt for Friday April 4, 2014 Posted April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014

“With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.”
Edgar Allan Poe


Welcome to Day 4 of the NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) challenge. The goal is to write 30 poems in 30 days. Making the effort to reach that goal is what counts. You could also set your goal to write a poem every other day. Developing a discipline and habit will lead you to writing more and better. If you wind up falling a few poems behind during the challenge, you can certainly catch-up.

Below the prompt meant for tomorrow you’ll find what I came up for the April 3rd Prompt.

PROMPT for April 4th 2014 : Bus Stop

Think about a bus stop. You might write about the place, or make observations about people at the Bus Stop. Does it have a specific meaning you might want to try and convey? Can you imagine a Bus Stop experience (realistic or not) that would inspire a poem? Write it.


For another prompt or challenge be sure to check out Maureen Thorsen’s NaPoWriMo site where you’ll find additional prompts, challenges, comments and information on all things NaPoWriMo

Yesterday’s prompt suggested writing a poem inspired by words you picked out of a book or magazine. The Poem should be a minimum of 4 lines.

Here’s is what I did with the APRIL 3, 2014 PROMPT:

My words were:


(from Goodbye Cinema Hello Cinephilia Film Culture in Transistion by Jonathan Rosenbaum (2010)


Poem Starter 1403
By Christopher J. Jarmick


Same deal.
Compare and contrast as you argue the hypothesis.
Remember to show your references.
But the trickster in me
needed to break the rules.

Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2014


By Christopher J. Jarmick

Compare, contrast. . .
Compare, contrast. . .
The hypothesis?
The hypothesis:
The more things change, the more they stay the same. . .
Stay the same. . .
Same contrast. . .
Sane contrast. . .
Hyper- thesis!
Tricksters forcing changes
for their own gain?
Perhaps. . .
Yet things do change
constantly change
Yes, that is what remains the same;
that things change.

Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2014

Read more about National Poetry Month 2014 and NaPoWrimo in my 3 Part Series by clicking here.

The root of the word Poetry is from the Greek ποιέω (poieō), “‘I
make’”). , poiesis, meaning a “making” or ‘creation’


Poetry is Everything



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