NaPoWriMo National Poetry Writing Month Day 5 Prompt for Saturday April 5, 2014 Posted April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014

“My mouth is a fire escape.
The words coming out
don’t care that they are naked.
There is something burning in there.”
Andrea Gibson, The Madness Vase


Welcome to Day 5 of the NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) challenge. The goal is to write 30 poems in 30 days. Many have a little more time since it’s the weekend, so it’s the perfect time to catch up if you need to . Making the effort to reach that goal is what counts. You could also set your goal to write a poem every other day.


There are more prompts and things of interest on Maureen Thorson’s website which is NaPoWriMo central on the internet (you’ll find prompts, and links to all kinds of blogs there).
Below the prompt meant for tomorrow you’ll find what I came up for the April 4th Prompt.


PROMPT for April 5th 2014 : Write a Septolet or better yet TWO
Septolets (sep toe lays): An informal Word Septolet and formal Syllable Septolet

A Septo… what?


The Septolet is a lesser known short French form of poetry based on music (probably right out of Italian opera).


It has 7 lines. 4 lines ; then an empty blank line, then 3 more lines.
Ideally the first four lines create an image, thought or idea, and the last three lines create a thought, idea or image and they are both related. You can be a purist and construct it as basically one thought or image from two slightly different perspectives/voices/tones or you can keep it simple and have it be one thought/image continued, if you like.


Word Septolet Form


1 word One
2 words Two words
3 words Now Three words
4 words Make that four words

(blank space)

3 words Three words again
2 words Just Two
1 word. One.


Syllable Septolet
1 syllable word What
2 syllables (1 or 2 words) is this
3 syllables (1, 2 or 3 words) Septolet
4 syllables (1, 2, 3, or 4 words) Poetry form?

Blank Space

3 Syllables (1 or 2 or 3 words) I suppose
2 Syllables (1 or 2 words) I’ll try
1 Syllables (1 word it.


Try to write one of each kind of Septolet. They can be on any subject you would like. I really enjoy this easy to learn form and included several Septolets in my 2010 Poetry Collection Ignition: Poem Starters, Septolets , Statements and Double Dog Dares (also available through Amazon and as an E book).

The Amazon link.



The prompt for April 4th was Bus Stop
Here’s my writes for that prompt:


Poem Starter 1404
By Christopher J. Jarmick


Cute meet ; Bus Stop greet
romance blossoms in
Bubbly cute 1966 hit Hollies Pop song
‘That umbrella; we employed it. . .
Silly but it’s true’
What could possibly go wrong?


Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2014


By Christopher J. Jarmick


An every changing cast of characters
Performing daily on one of the world’s
most recognizable stages.
Dramas, comedies, mysteries, romance
sometimes simultaneously.


The banal, the clichéd, the predictable
Then sudden brilliance, surprise twists,
Profound moments, wild coincidences,
Music, dance, creepiness, weird stuff too.
That homeless man perhaps an actor
His mumbling and talking– a lost
O’Neil soliloquy.


An intersection of disparate lives,
together for several minutes, sometimes
longer. Some will never see or hear anything,
others’ lives will change.


You never know what will happen
except usually the bus is on time
and cast members exit, new ones appear.


Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2014


And another poem written to this Bus Stop prompt was composed and shared by a NaPoWriMo participant Talicha J. on her blog here. 

Keep writing!!!
Read more about National Poetry Month 2014 and NaPoWrimo in my 3 Part Series here.


The root of the word Poetry is from the Greek ποιέω (poieō), “‘I
make’”). , poiesis, meaning a “making” or ‘creation’


Poetry is Everything



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