NaPoWriMo National Poetry Writing Month Day 7 Prompt for Monday, April 7, 2014 Posted April 6, 2014

April 6, 2014

Welcome to Day 7 of the NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) challenge. The goal is to write 30 poems in 30 days for April. How are you doing? Remember, not every poem will be easy to write and not every poem will be one worth keeping or revising and crafting into something better.

Below the prompt meant for tomorrow you’ll find what I came up for the April 5th Prompt.

PROMPT for April 7th 2014

Prompt: Art Deco

In Port Townsend there is a Hardware Store that specializes in unique period pieces (they have supplied many movies and TV shows with authentic or authentic looking pieces). They also have a unique Deco Light Museum (free to the public and there’s a website.  In particular the collection focuses on the Art Deco slip shade which was made mainly between 1928 to 1938 and were true luxury items since most people were struggling to survive during the worst of the ‘great depression’. So perhaps look at pictures of these unique ‘slip shades’ that were inspired in part by the 1925 Paris Exposition des Arts Decoratifs and the discovery of King Tuts Tomb.   (website  www.thedecomusuem.com )

Now write a poem. It could be directly inspired by a particular slip shade design, the idea of Art Deco, the decade when they created or anything you like. It’s entirely up to you.

What I wrote for yesterday’s prompt:


Poem Starter 1406
by Christopher J. Jarmick

Parents wouldn’t think of
Naming their children of
Fido or Rover, but better to
attend public highschool with those names
than Dweezil, Moon Unit, Dick, Cinnamon,
Sunshine, Kermit, or Dexter.

By Christopher J. Jarmick

(Note: This poem truly needs a lot of work and development)

The part wolf mix that was
my beloved canine companion
was named Demian, after
the Herman Hesse novel.

She wasn’t Demien the Anti-Christ from Omen 2
Which was released to theaters more than a year
After I was united with my pet.
Her name could have been Magister if I thought
to name her after my favorite Hesse
novel (Magist Ludi or The Glass Bead Game).
I did not.

Steppenwolf was one of my favorite rock bands
which was named after the Hesse novel Steppenwolfe
but it didn’t seem a good name for my dog.
I rescued her as a young pup from the animal shelter,
She wasn’t supposed to be available for adoption
at all because it was suspected she was part wolf
and I how to create quite a scene to get her
which involved signing papers that did not hold the
shelter liable if the pup was more wolf than dog.

A remarkable animal
that no other since
has replaced.
Demian was with me for
over 12 years.
And though she’s been gone
for 27, I remember her spirit,
her smile, (yes, she smiled)
and many of her unique

Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2014

Keep writing!!!

Read more about National Poetry Month 2014 and NaPoWrimo in my 3 Part Series here.



The root of the word Poetry is from the Greek ποιέω (poieō), “‘I
make’”). , poiesis, meaning a “making” or ‘creation’


Poetry is Everything



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