NaPoWriMo National Poetry Writing Month Day 25 Prompt for Friday April 25, 2014 Posted April 24, 2014

April 24, 2014

“A little learning is a dangerous thing.
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring;
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
and drinking largely sobers us again.”
Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism

Welcome to Day 25 of the NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) challenge. 24 down… 6 to go fellow NaPoWriMers. Thanks for reading, participating, observing, commenting, linking and caring about poetry and NaPoWriMo. Roll up those sleeves and write a poem a day for the next 6 days! ENJOY!

Now for Friday’s April 25th, 2014 NaPoWriMo prompt

PROMPT 25 – Write a Cento

Cento is a Poetry form.

The word Cento is from a latin word meaning ‘patchwork’ and the form asks you to create a collage from lines and phrases written by other poets.

I’ve used Poets.Org the website of the Academy of American Poets to explain this form.

“Though poets often borrow lines from other writers and mix them in with their own, a true cento is composed entirely of lines from other sources. Early examples can be found in the work of Homer and Virgil.”

Modern Centos often create witty irony, humor, absurdity or profound meaning from juxtaposing image and idea from lines, phrases and words borrowed from several poems and poets. Some Cento Poems create a poem full of various voices that capture a place and time or a specific group of poets that were contemporaries and friends of each other. It is not necessary that YOU have to do this, but you might want to. Do not add more than a couple of connecting words (if you absolutely need to do this at all) to create your Cento. List the poets and poems you use at the end of your poem. Have FUN putting together your Cento!

Here’s what I wrote for Prompt 24

Prompt 24 suggested that you write a whimsical clerihew

Or maybe even two.
In case you were wondering what I would do
I wrote a few
To be exact, four clerihew
Now I’ll post them all for you.

Not Quite an Oscar Winning Clerihew
By Christopher J. Jarmick

Handsome, rich actor Ben Affleck
Was, truth be told, a bit of a wreck
He felt as if he had been stabbed with a sword
when he wasn’t nominated for an Argo director’s Oscar Award.

A Presidential Clerihew
By Christopher J. Jarmick

Now a lot of people thought this guy named Barack Obama
Had about as much chance of being President as a Llama
He was called names, hated by the racist Klan
Yet followed through on his slogan; Yes, We Can

A Clerihew HOWL
By Christopher J. Jarmick

The famous Alan Ginsberg poem HOWL
was more angry loud shout than quiet growl
Sensation was caused; quite impolite and unclean
And soon it was on trial for being obscene

A Magic Carpet Clerihew
By Christopher J. Jarmick

For years I’ve been a fan of Steppenwolf-founder John Kay
Which is why perhaps I’ve just got to say
It’s really quite the embarrassing shame
Born to Be Wild maker’s not yet in the Rock –N-Roll Hall of Fame.

Copyright© Christopher J. Jarmick 2014

Keep writing!!!

Read more about National Poetry Month 2014 and NaPoWrimo in my 3 Part Series here.

The root of the word Poetry is from the Greek ποιέω (poieō), “‘I
make’”). , poiesis, meaning a “making” or ‘creation’


Poetry is Everything



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