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NaPoWriMo Day 2 – Early Bird Prompt for April 2nd

March 31, 2015

It’s April 1st…. Happy National Poetry Month.    I invite everyone to participate.   Last year several people who said they had not written a poem in years participated and had a great time doing it.   Some people wrote 30 poems, some wrote 15….the idea is to participate as best you can.  Feel good about doing it at any level you are able.

See the previous blog post for the April 1st NaPoWriMo prompt and how NaPoWriMo began.

The idea is to write a poem every day for the 30 days of April.  30 poems in 30 days.   You can do more than that if you’d like of course and challenge yourself, if you have the time, to write even more than 1 poem a day.    NaPoWriMo stands for National Poetry Writing Month.

I’m posting the 2nd prompt a little early because it involves an extra task that should be done BEFORE you write your poem.

The prompts are meant to be fun and hopefully inspiring challenges to keep you writing.  You don’t have to use any prompts to write your poem a day or you can combine prompts if you’d like.  If you aren’t used to writing a poem a day you might find yourself developing a new habit, a new discipline of writing something everything day.  Not everything you write is likely to be award winning, breath-taking, profound work.  Some of it however will be worth revising, editing and shaping into something you might be proud of.   I find some days it is easy to write a poem and other days it is very difficult.  I’ll write at least one a day and some days I’ll write several.  I’ll also share the poems I write (most of them anyway) the good, the bad and the ugly ones too.  It keeps things real.

DAY 2  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 2, 2015 

Use 5 to 10 plainly stated observations in a poem at least 6 lines long.

There is a catch to this one, however.  Before you write your poem you’ll need to assemble your observations.  If you take a walk, or simply look around where you work and live, notice things as they are without attaching any significance, baggage or memories to them.  Write them down.

When you write them down, do it simply and plainly.  Don’t think about metaphors or how you might describe what you are seeing … simply observe and be aware of these things.    Write down several things that you observe during the next 4 to 8 hours without transforming them into anything more than what they are.  Don’t editorialize, or think in metaphors at all.  These plain simple observations are what will be part of your next poem.   A robin is just a robin.

Do anything you would like in the poem but do not transform or change the five or more seen things you use in your poem.  A fast-food wrapper in a rose bush is simply that.  Feel free to use 5 or 8 or even 10 things you have seen in a poem at least 6 lines long.  The poem should not simply be a list of the things you saw today but rather should include what you have seen without transforming what you have seen into something else.  It sounds pretty simple and easy (or it should) but it may wind up very difficult for some to do. We often transform what we see into specific symbols or create clichés without realizing it.  Can it be done?  Can you do this?  Maybe not… but make the attempt.   Try it and share your rough drafts if you dare on your blog, facebook or in a comment on this blog.

I’ll post what I come up with on April 3rd.

I’ll post my ekphrasis poem (Prompt 1), tomorrow.

Another experienced NaPoWriMo –er is sharing prompts and poems and is worth including in your NaPo circle… is here:


Keep Writing!


NaPoWriMo Day 1 Early Bird Prompt for April 1st

March 30, 2015


We are starting NaPoWriMo a little early this year.

I’m sharing the first prompt 28 hours early because you might want to beat a deadline and enter your first  prompt poem in the contest that Rattle is having.

Spread the news that this blog will be encouraging you with daily prompts to be part of National Poetry Month’s NaPoWriMo challenge.  The challenge is to write a poem each and every day of April.  You can add to the challenge and fun by using prompts to write your poems.  You can certainly use a combination of prompts and free writes to inspire your writing.  I like to think out of the box and challenge myself to write things I normally wouldn’t write.  It sometimes leads to poems that are worth working on, revising, editing and keeping.

A great resource for all things NaPoWriMo is Maureen Thorson’s website.  She began posting her prompts and poems on her blog back in 2003. story here   This PoetryIsEverything blog will be posting prompts and encouragements every day in April to help inspire you to take up the NaPoWriMo challenge.

I will post the rough drafts of the poems I write and I encourage others to be brave enough to post their rough drafts on their own blogs and/or facebook or other social media site.   There’s no cost or even obligation as to how you participate.   I know the experience can be challenging but it will help give your writing muscles a worthwhile workout that just might improve your writing habits and disciplines.

Some of my prompts will be easy, others more difficult and I’ll also try to post some links to other sites that offer challenges for NaPoWriMo too.   Use the prompts as an inspiration to write every day or if you are so inclined as a challenge or mountain to begin climbing  The idea is to write a completely new and original poem every day during the month of April.  Some will be better than others and what you post will be rough drafts that most likely will need revising, editing and a little time to become ‘keepers’.

DAY 1  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 1, 2015  

Let’s begin the Napowrimo challenge by writing an ekphrasis poem.  Traditionally this is a poem inspired by a work of art or photograph.   Right now one of the best poetry magazines RATTLE has an ekphrasis challenge contest going on with winners’ poems to be published online AND winning poets will win $25 bucks each.  (Really… it is not an April Fool’s prank!).

So… if you write your poem before midnight (pacific Standard Time) on March 31st you can also submit it to Rattle.  You can also share the poem on your own personal blog but if you are entering the challenge DO NOT share the poem beyond your own blog or you’ll possibly, (probably) be disqualified from the contest.

I will post the poem I am writing on April 2nd.   I’ll post the April 2nd prompt on April 1st!

So here’s the link to the photo I suggest you use to inspire your write:   Rattle’s Ekphrasis Challenge Photo by Judy Keown

I believe you must submit (for free) your poem for the contest before midnight 3/31/15  PST (West Coast Time).  NOTE: Rattle usually permits posting of poems on personal blogs… but don’t share your official contest poem entry on other websites or you’ll make yourself not eligible.  And if your poem is featured at Rattle be prepared to edit and replace your poem sharing with a link to Rattle (because it’s the right thing to do… I think anyway…).

For those living anywhere near Western Washington you might want to look at the new Poetry Day of the Week page I posted that lists regularly scheduled readings by the day of the week.   My next Poetry Northwest update will appear in between the NaPoWriMo posts on or about April 6th!


Nearly NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Month Readings and Updates

March 24, 2015
  1. NaPoWriMo and National Poetry Month Announcement.
  2. Poetry readings and gatherings
  3. House Concerts
  4. New book anthology just released


One must know and recognize not merely the direct but the

secret power of the word; one must be able to give one’s

writing unexpected effects. It must have a hectic, anguished

vehemence, so that it rushes past like a gust of air, and it

must have a latent, roistering tenderness so that it creeps and

steals one’s mind; it must be able to ring out like a sea-shanty

in a tremendous hour, in the time of the tempest, and it must

be able to sigh like one who, in tearful mood, sobs

in his inmost heart.”

Knut Hamsun



In less than 8 days it will be April 1st  which begins National

Poetry Month and NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)

where you are encouraged to write a poem a day for 30 days.

I will be posting prompts on this blog to help encourage you.

A great resource for all things NaPoWriMo is Maureen Thorson’s

website.  She began posting her prompts and poems on her blog

back  in 2003. The  story here.   Check it out.

Also take a a peak at 2015 National Poetry Month poster here!


My first NaPoWriMo post will be on March 30 suggesting you might

write your first poem on the 31st because…. well you’ll have to wait

a few days to find out why. . .  Stay tuned.


“We talk so abstractly about poetry

because all of us are usually bad poets.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche


APRIL 8TH!!!!  7 p.m.  Kirkland, WA

For several years at one of my April poetry readings

we’ve had a little bit of extra fun sharing Baaad Poetry.

This includes poetry written by well-known usually good poets,

or poetry written by famously terrible poets or poetry mistakes

written by celebrities. Sometimes very brave open mic poets

share their own bright purple original mistakes too.  I bring

Baaad Poetry for people to read (if they don’t bring their

own examples) and we have fun not taking ourselves too

seriously for an evening while learning from the mistakes

and miscalculations of others.

Part of the evening includes a featured reader reading GOOD poetry

from a recently published poetry collection. This year the

featured poet is David D.Horowitz of Rose Alley Press fame

reading some excellent selections from his just published,

hot off the press brand new collection of poetry called

Cathedral and Highrise (2015). There will l be copies

available for purchase at the reading.

Rose Alley Press Website is here.

This all takes place the second Wednesday of April

at Park Place Books in Kirkland, Washington April 8th

7 pm. to 8:30.   Everyone is invited to come out,

have fun, listen and you’ll also be encouraged to join in

and read a bad poem (I’ll have several bad poems for

people to read).    We always create a fun memorable

evening doing this and I hope you’ll put it on your calendars

and plan to attend.

Note: Let me also  encourage you to read one of David’s

latest prose pieces Grit not Glamour at

Exterminating Angel Press right here.


TONIGHT!!!!  March 24  7 p.m.  Uptown Ex… Seattle

From Margaret Roncone

An informal open mic meets twice a

month in lower Queen Anne.   Drop ins

and newcomers are always welcome.


It will next happen on

Tuesday March 24th

AT Uptown Expresso

525 Queen Anne Ave.

7 pm-8:30



March 25   7 p.m.  C &P  West Seattle

From Leopoldo Seguel

Dear poetrybridge community,

You are all invited to our poetrybridge reading this Wednesday

featuring Christine Clarke and Larry Crist followed

by community mic. See our website for more information.

C & P  Coffee  is located at

5612 California Ave  in West Seattle

I hope to see you this Wednesday,


The Poetrybridge Readings at C&P …..

March 25

Christine Clarke is a molecular biologist and poet whose award-

winning poetry has been published in DMQ Review, Clover,

Randomly Accessed Poetics, Highland ParkPoetry, and

Storm Cycle 2013: The Best of: Kind of a Hurricane Press.


​Larry Crist lives and writes in Seattle where he has lived

for over 20 years, has been widely published. His first

poetry collection, Undertow Overtures is available through

Amazon and select NW bookstores.


April 22 Features


​Chris Vannoy is a promoter, editor, teacher and tireless

advocate of words both written and spoken, has been

published in City Works, The Writing Center, and Tokes

anthologies , and Ghosts of the Beatnik Poets anthology

as well as Visions and Step Jazz magazines. One of 25

San Diego poets featured on the Exploded Views CD,

he was on the first San Diego slam team to go to the

Slam Nationals in Seattle.


​​Claudia Castro Luna was born in El Salvador, came

to the United States in 1981, got serious about writing

and earned an MFA in poetry. She is ever searching for

the turn of phrase, the just word, like a bird searching for

the perfect twig to make her nest. She writes poetryand is

also working on a memoir about her experience escaping

the Salvadoran Civil War.


May 27


​Dobbie Reese Norris is a poet, writer and raconteur,

a former Wordsworth curator, has been published in

various anthologies, is the founding member of the

FloatingMountainPoets,  a performing troupe of poets

which also include dancers, aerialists, singers, percussionists

and burlesque stylists in their shows. Dobbie is best known for

being the host and curator of one of Seattle’s longest running

(now defunct) reading series: THIRD TUESDAYS POETS &

WRITERS.   Dobbie now lives And writes in Belllingham.


​ Writer/Poet Christopher J. Jarmick organizes/hosts regularly

scheduled poetry nights, and special programs in the Northwest

(since 2001).  His latest poetry collection Not Aloud (due out

September 2015) is from MoonPath Press. His last collection

was IGNITION: Poem Starters, . . .(2010). His poetry has appeared

in anthologies, magazines, newspapers, literary journals and

online. His blog is PoetryIsEverything (google it ).


March 26  7 pm. Good Shep… – Seattle


Look at the line-up of readers scheduled for this one!

Poetry at The Good Shepherd Center

Thursday, March 26, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

Features: Donald Kentop, Belle Randall, Marjorie Rommel,

Michael Spence, Joannie Stangeland, and David D. Horowitz

Room 202, The Good Shepherd Center,

4649 Sunnyside Avenue North,

Seattle, WA


March 26  7 p.m.  Everett

Everett Poetry Night,

Thurs. March 26,

7:00 Café Zippy

(2811 Wetmore Ave. in Everett).

The feature is John Burgess with his

brand new book!!!

Open Mic



March 27  RASP  7 pm  Redmond


March’s Featured Events!


Jim Bertolino and Anita K. Boyle

are the featured poets!!!!


Friday, March 27, 2015,

7:00 PM to 8:45 PM, gathering from 6:30 PM


RASP (Redmond Association of SpokenWord) meets monthly on the

last Friday of each month, from 7:00 PM to 8:45 PM, at the

Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center,

16600 NE 80th St., Redmond, WA 9805,

and also holds a monthly writing critique group at the Redmond

Regional Library on the second Tuesday of each month. All

events are free. Please join us!


James Bertolino taught literature and creative writing for 36 years

at schools ranging from Washington State University to

Cornell University. He spent 14 years at Western Washington

University and retired from Willamette University as Writer

-in-Residence in 2006. He has received a number of national

awards for his poetry, and his 12 volumes include Ravenous

Bliss: New and Selected Love Poems, MoonPath Press, 2014.

Bertolino has served as an editor for Abraxas, Epoch,

Cincinnati Poetry Review, and Stone-Marrow Press. He lives

with his wife, artist and poet Anita Boyle, on five acres

near Bellingham, Washington.

James’ Website



Anita K. Boyle is a poet, artist,and graphic designer, and the

author of three books of poetry: The Drenched, What

the Alder Told Me, and Bamboo Equals Loon. She recently

received a Poet Publisher Peace Award from the World Peace

Poets. Anita lives near an inspiring pond outside Bellingham, Wa.

with her husband, the poet James Bertolino.

Anita’s Website


March’s emcee:

Michael Dylan Welch

RASP WEBSITE is here.   


April 1 – 7 p.m.   Station Bistro  Auburn


Poetry at the Station Bistro!


presents:    James Rodgers &    Susan Rich


Wednesday April 1      no foolin!

7 pm

110 2nd Street # 125

Auburn, WA 98003

(first Wednesdays!)


James Rodgers has been writing poetry for three decades, and

besides a lot of poems, doesn’t have much to show for it. He has

been published in multiple magazines and publications,

including Ha!, Fly By Night, Cascade, and many more. He has

won numerous awards, including first place in the WPA Charles

Proctor Humor category, and third prize in a contest combining

poetry with paintings in a Puyallup Art Gallery. James’ silly haiku

can be found daily on his blog here. . James is a world traveler and

also an avid photographer, and is currently set to provide images

for Cindy Hutchings‘ upcoming first poetry book debut

from Moonpath Press.


Susan Rich is the author of four collections of poetry including

Cloud Pharmacy, The Alchemist’s Kitchen, Cures  Include Travel,

and The Cartographer’s Tongue. Susan has worked as a staff person

for Amnesty International, an electoral supervisor in Bosnia

Herzegovina, and a human rights trainer in Gaza and the West Bank.

She lived in the Republic of Niger, West Africa as a Peace Corps

Volunteer. She currently lives in Seattle and teaches at Highline

Community College where she runs the reading series, Highline Listens:

Writers Read Their Work. Her poems have been published in the

Antioch Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Christian Science Monitor,

Harvard Review, Gettysburg Review, New England Review, Northwest

Review, Poetry International and The Southern Review.


extra special thanks to:


The Station Bistro,The City of Auburn, The Auburn Arts

Commission Striped Water Poets, NorthWest Renaissance

and to our wonderful audience and our fantastic

open mic participants!


Striped Water Poets Website


“So many things I had thought forgotten

Return to my mind with stranger pain:

Like letters that arrive addressed to someone

Who left the house so many years ago.”

Philip Larkin


April 3rd    Elliott Bay Book Co.    Seattle, WA


Judith Roche  at  Elliott Bay Book

Friday April 3 at 7:30 p.m.


Celebrate the publication of ALL FiRE ALL WATER. the latest book

by legendary Seattle poet Judith Roche published by

Black Heron Press


Free Event.


Elliott Bay Website (note April Event Calendar hasn’t been

Updated yet)


Elliott Bay Book Company

1521 10th Ave,

Seattle, Washington 98122


April 9th  6:00 p.m.  Ballard, WA


It’s About Time Reading series

Second Thursdays

6:00 – 7:45 p.m.  at that

Ballard Branch Seattle Public Library


Thurs. April 9, 2015 #306

Lary Christ, Kelly Martineau, Vera Shanti Giles

& Waverly Fitzgerald on the Writer’s Craft

Plus Open Mic   FREE!!!


It’s About Time Website


APRIL 10   7 PM.    TACOMA, WA


Distinguished Writer Series

Presented by the City of Tacoma and

Puget Sound Poetry Connection

April 10th, Friday at 7:oo p.m.

Kings Bookstore (218 St. Helens, Tacoma)


Feature for April: Peggy Barnett


Peggy Barnett was born in 1945 and grew up in Queens,

New York in the 1950’s. She graduated from  The Cooper Union

with a degree in Fine Art. She opened a studio in NYC in 1968

and was a photographer for 45 years. In 2006 she moved to

Woodinville, WA. Her poetic memoirs dwell on the specifics of

unending change.


The goal of our readings is to bring poets of import to Tacoma

to help local poets learn and set goals for their own works.

We also provide a showcase for local poets to share their new work.

All venues are free, physically accessible, and open to the public.


April 15  7 pm  C&P  West Seattle


Death and Taxes: The National Poetry Month Special” with

Kelli Russell Agodon and January Gill O’Neil

— This event supported by Poets & Writers, Inc.


Wednesday  April 15th  7 p.m.


C & P Coffee Company (West Seattle)

5612 California Ave SW,

Seattle, Washington 98136


What is certain in life beyond death and taxes is poetry.

From the Tuareg nomads of Niger to the troubadours of

France, people from every culture connect to the spoken

word. For the April 15th, 2015 edition of WordsWest

Literary Series Washington poet Kelli Russell Agodon

and Massachusetts poet, January Gill O’Neil, will join us

for a night of poetry, including a short writing prompt.


Kelli Russell Agodon is an award-winning poet, writer, and

editor from the Pacific Northwest. Her most recent collection is

Hourglass Museum (White Pine Press, 2014) and The Daily Poet:

Day-By-Day Prompts for Your Writing Practice, which she

coauthored with Martha Silano. Her second collection, Letters

from the Emily Dickinson Room was chosen by Carl Dennis for the

winner of the White Pine Press Book Prize, and was also the Winner

of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year in Poetry as well as a

Finalist for the Washington State Book Prize. Her other books

include: Small Knots, Geography, and Fire On Her Tongue: An

Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Poetry. Kelli is the

cofounder of Two Sylvias Press and is a Co-Director of Poets

on the Coast: A Retreat for Women Poets.


Visiting for one night only from Salem, Massachusetts,

January Gill O’Neil is the author of the recently released

Misery Islands (fall 2014) and Underlife (2009), both published

by CavanKerry Press. She is the executive director of the

Massachusetts Poetry Festival and an assistant professor of English

at Salem State University.

You can follow her at


Every third Wednesday, 7pm, at C & P Coffee Company,

WordsWest hosts literary events that range from readings

by published local and national authors, to craft discussions

and guided writing explorations for every experience level.

Each week, a poetry lover from a local, independent business

shares her favorite poem as part of the Favorite Poem Project.

On March 18th, we welcome West Seattle Acupuncture.

WordsWest is curated by West Seattle writers Katy E. Ellis,

Susan Rich, and Harold Taw.

Join us on FaceBook HERE

For more information, please contact or

visit their website here 



 April 16 and various dates-  Edmonds, Seattle – Readings

From David D. Horowitz


David D. Horowitz and open mic

Wednesday, April 8th, 7:00 p.m.

Parkplace Books,

348 Parkplace Center,

Kirkland WA.



Thursday, April 16th, 7:00 p.m.

Edmonds Bookshop,

111 Fifth Avenue South,

Edmonds WA

Jennifer Bullis, Dennis Caswell, Erika Michael,

Bethany Reid, and David D. Horowitz

FREE and open to the public.

Prizes; light refreshments.

Edmonds Bookshop Website



Thursday, May 14th, 7:00 p.m.

Robinson Bolkum, Susan Casey, Nancy Dahlberg,

Victoria Ford, Kristen McHenry, Raul Sanchez,

and David Thornbrugh

The Good Shepherd Center,

Room 202, 4649 Sunnyside Avenue N.,

Seattle  WA

FREE and open to the public.

Prizes; light refreshments.




April 16 – 7 p.m. Jack Straw Center  Seattle

From Jeannine Hall Gailey


Book launch for Jeannine Hall Gailey‘s

The Robot Scientist

with guest readers and reception after!


April 16    7 p.m.  Jack Straw Cultural Center


The event will be MC’d by poet and publisher Evan J. Peterson

and the opening reader will be poet and publisher

Kelli Russell Agodon.


Jeannine Hall Gailey will read from her fourth book,

The Robot Scientist’s Daughter, about atomic history, robots,

pop culture, and growing up in “America’s Secret City.”


Event is Free.

With thanks to The Jack Straw Writers Program and

Poets & Writers for sponsoring this event.


Jack Straw Writers Center is located at:

4261 Roosevelt Way NE,

Seattle, WA 98105




April 25 and beyond –  House Concerts –  Vaughn WA


From Jerry Libstaff

Words and Music Current Season

Melding  Authors, Poets, Singer/Songwriters and Artists

from around the country in an intimate waterfront

setting on the Key Peninsula in Vaughn, Washington


The program includes hors d’oeuvres and beverages.

Meet and share with powerful entertainers in a

beautiful setting surrounded by nature.


Funding supports the entertainers.

Additional donations provide for

Young Writers.


Watermark Writers is a 501(c)

3 Non Profit corporation.


Music and Poetry performances. . .

Upcoming  Events

4/25  Beth Wood with Matthew Lane Brouwer


5/9   LeRoy Bell  with David D. Horowitz


6/5  Ari Hest with Carl Palmer

July –   Holley McCreary

August – Rodney Branigan

9/19 – Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer

with Christopher J. Jarmick


10/3  – Melissa Greener


Jerry Libstaff

Watermark Writers


To find out more email us at

or call  253-778-6559.


Jerry Libstaff


JUST OUT. . . .

Randomly Accessed Poetics, No. 6, Ghost House

from editor/publisher William James Lindberg and Penhead Press

now available from Amazon.


R A P  No. 6.  Ghost House

contains poetry, prose, photography, and art from

Carrie Albert, Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni,

Robert Bates, Matthew Lane Brouwer, John Burgess,

Dennis Caswell, Joanna Conom, Larry Crist, Holly Day,

J.D. DeHart, Pattie Flint, Steve de France, Tammy Gordon,

Ira Joel Haber, Christopher J. Jarmick, Erin J. Jones, Staci

Leigh, P.A. Levy, William James, Michael Mark, Bozena

Helena Mazur-Nowak, John McKernan, Levi J. Mericle, B.Z.

Niditch, Frank C. Praeger, Heather Parker, Shiloka Shankar,

and Guinotte Wise.


See the great looking cover and more info at Amazon here.






March FOURTH with Readings Readings and More Readings. . .

March 4, 2015

March Weather may not have roared in like a lion, but lots of readings and poets are making

beautiful noises worth paying attention too.   We’re full to bursting with interesting stuff going on out there!

(R.I.P. Phillip Levine)

“I believed even then that if I could transform my experience into poetry
I would give it the value and dignity it did not begin to possess on its
own. I thought too that if I could write about it I could come to understand it;
I believed that if I could understand my life—or at least the part my work
played in it—I could embrace it with some degree of joy, an element
conspicuously missing from my life.”

― Philip Levine


TONIGHT ONLY!  March 4th, 2015  7 p.m  Duvall, WA

Matthew Brouwer  Features at Duvall Poetry Night!

7 p.m  Doors open 6:30,  Open mic at 7 p.m  Feature at 7:30  followed by

more open mic.

Matthew Brouwer is a performance poet and teaching artist residing

in Bellingham, WA. His work bridges the worlds of spoken word and

literary poetry to create a style that can be both evocative and subtle,

enlivening and profound. He has performed throughout the west and

been featured in regional literary, performance, and visual arts showcases

such as Cirque, Phrasings, and Strands. Matthew leads workshops and

retreats for teens and adults, coordinates the Whatcom Juvenile Justice

Creative Writing Project , and has facilitated Kintsugi: a writing circle for

people suffering chronic medical conditions. He is the author of five poetry

chapbooks: Cannonball Island, Men Who Walk with Canes, and The Gospel

According to Matthew (Parts I, II & III). Matthew Brouwer’s website is


Duvall Poetry meets once a month on first Wednesdays.

Doors open at 6:30.

Open mic starts at 7; featured reader at 7:30. Duvall Library is an

all-ages venue. Bring your poetry, prose or even song, along with a

friend to hear you at the mic!

Emcee: Michael Schein

April 1-  Michael Dylan Welch   May 6- Raul Sanchez

Duvall Public Library is located at

15508 Main Street NE  •

Duvall, WA 98019

Readings brought to you by the

Duvall Poetry Group and the

Duvall Cultural Commission

 Website IS HERE:


Tonight Only  March 4th  7 p.m.  Auburn WA.

And there’s a reader UPDATE!!!!

Poetry at the Station Bistro!
Cindy Hutchings  & Michael Smeltzer

Wednesday  March 4th  – 7 pm
Open Mic.  FREE

110 2nd Street # 125 Auburn, WA 98003
(every first Wednesday of the month at the
Station Bistro!) extra special thanks to:
The Station Bistro, The City of Auburn,
The Auburn Arts Commission

NOTE: Morgan Sagdahl has had to cancel due to a last minute change
of schedule, her boss gave her the choice of going to the Bistro or
keeping her job, and she chose her job…But! we will invite her again on
another first Wednesday! I hope everyone else can make it though, and
come early and enjoy a fantastic dinner too!

Cindy Hutchings
Cindy is a member of both North West Renaissance poets and Striped

Water (she posts all the cool links about poetry related news on our

facebook page). Her day job and her sportsfan’s zeal take her to Seattle,

working for the Seattle FD and cheering on her beloved Seahawks. Cindy

writes passionately about current events and social causes, locally and

world-wide, as well as finding inspiration in the outdoors. Cindy’s first

book is due out this fall from Moonpath

Press, with photos by James Rogers.

Michael Schmeltzer
Michael earned an MFA from the Rainier Writing Workshop. His honors

include numerous Pushcart Prize nominations, the Gulf Stream Award

for Poetry, and the Blue Earth Review’s Flash Fiction Prize. He has been

a finalist for the Four Way Books Intro and Levis Prizes, Zone 3 Press First

Book Prize, as well as the OSUPress/The Journal Award in Poetry. He helps

edit A River & Sound Review and has been published in PANK, Rattle, Oyez

Review, Natural Bridge, and Mid-American Review, among others. 


My Poetry on Buses Poem with audio is
here (Featured Poem of the Week-Feb. 9)


Congrats to all the featured ‘bus poets’
whose work appears on bus stops, on
special rapid ride buses and/or the website
throughout 2015.
Next Wednesday  March 11  7 p.m. Kirkland
2nd Wednesday Take a Poem From Your Heart Reading
at Park Place Books—Kirkland, WA
Wednesday  February 11, 2015
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  FREE


Our Featured Poets are:
Priscilla Long
Mary Eliza Crane


Plus  OPEN MIC !!!


 Priscilla Long is a
Seattle-based author and teacher of writing.She grew up on a dairy farm

on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Her book of poems, Crossing Over, is

forthcoming from the University of New Mexico Press. Her other books are

The Writer’s Portable Mentor: A Guide to Art, Craft, and the Writing Life

and  Where the Sun Never Shines: A History of America’s Bloody Coal

Industry. Her shorter works include science, poetry, creative nonfiction,

and fiction, and her column, Science Frictions, appeared on the website of

The American Scholar for 92 weeks (2011-2013). Her work has appeared in

The Tampa Review, Smithsonian, The Gettysburg Review, The Chariton

Review, Women’s Review of Books, Cold Mountain Review, Post Road, Raven

Chronicles, The Cincinnati Review, The Southern Review, The Sow’s Ear

Poetry Review, New Orphic Review, Web Conjunctions, Alaska Quarterly

Review, Stringtown, Fourth Genre, Passages North,Bosque, and elsewhere.

Her awards include a National Magazine Award, and she has been a fellow

at Hedgebrook, the Millay Colony for the Arts, and Jack Straw Productions.

Her MFA is from the University of Washington. She serves as Founding and

Consulting Editor of

the online encyclopedia
of Washington state history
For more information please visit Priscilla’s websites: and


Mary Eliza Crane is a native of New England  who migrated to the Pacific
Northwest, and settled in the Cascade foothills many years ago. Writing poetry
since age fourteen,  Mary belongs to the poetry of Duvall. Passionately in
love with the natural world, her voice lives in the understory and fog of  the
Snoqualmie River, a fusion of the natural, personal, and political world.
A regular  feature at poetry venues in the Puget Sound  region, she has read
her poetry from Woodstock to LA, including a feature at a Graham Nash
concert in 2012.  Mary has two volumes of poetry What I Can Hold In My Hands
(Gazoobi Tales Publishing, 2009) and At First Light (Gazoobi Tales Publishing
2011). Her work has also appeared in Raven Chronicles, The Cartier Street
Review, Quill and Parchment, The Far Field, and several anthologies. Mary’s
third book is currently in process.



Park Place Books is one of the few remaining full sized new and used
independent bookstores on the East Side.Consider supporting their efforts
to stay in business in the near future. They host many reading clubs and
community events.

This poetry reading series began
in 2007.


Park Place Books is  located in the
Park Place Mall off 85th Street  in
Kirkland at 348 Parkplace Ctr
Kirkland, WA 98033-6229


April 8th –  David Horowitz has a new book and is our featured good poet.
The rest of the evening is devoted to our annual Baaad Poetry celebratiion.
We’ll share bad poetry by good poets, celebrities and some will share worst
poems on the open mic!



March 4th  7 p.m. Seattle
Hugo House reading notice!

Three Poets, One Night, New Releases –
Hugo House, March 4, 7 p.m.

Come hear John Burgess, Jed Myers, and Stephen Roxborough read from
their new works of poetry.

Three Northwest poets take over the Cabaret at Hugo House for a night filled
with book releases, slide shows, new work, and music.

It could well be the last time they’ll read
at Hugo House, which is scheduled for
redevelopment in 2016. Of course, the
cash bar will be open!

March 4th
Hugo House is on Capitol Hill at
1634 11th Ave.
Limited Parking available behind
the House.

About the poets

John Burgess grew up in upstate New York, worked on a survey crew
in Montana, taught English in Japan and since 1985 has lived in Seattle.
Ravenna Press publishes his poetry: Punk Poems (2005), A History of
Guns in the Family (2008), Graffito (2011), and “by Land…” (2015).
He was a 2006 Jack Straw writer; co-founder of the original Burning
Word Festival; and the 2008 Words’ Worth curator for the Seattle City
Council. He’s currently editor for the online lit journal Snow Monkey,
Board member at Richard Hugo House and coconspirator with the
Band of Poets.

Jed Myers is a Philadelphian who’s lived in Seattle more than half his life
now. Two of his poetry collections, The Nameless (Finishing Line Press)
and Watching the Perseids (winner of the 2013 Sacramento Poetry Center
Book Award), are 2014 publications. Recent recognitions include
Southern Indiana Review’s Mary C. Mohr Editors’ Award, the Literal Latte
Poetry Award, and a Pushcart Prize nomination. His poems have
appeared or are forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, Nimrod
International Journal, JAMA, Fugue, Atlanta Review, I-70 Review, Painted
Bride Quarterly, Crab Orchard Review, Blast Furnace, Crab Creek
Review, Temenos, About Place Journal, and elsewhere. He works
as a psychiatrist with a therapy practice and teaches at the
University of Washington. He also hosts the long-running poetry-and
-music open-mic cabaret NorthEndForum in Seattle’s
Ravenna neighborhood, and he explores weaving music and poetry
together in the improvisational ensemble Band of Poets.

Stephen Roxborough is the author of making love in the war zone,
impeach yourself!, blurst, son of blurst, spiritual demons, the little book of
luminosity, this wonderful perpetual beautiful, and, open heart sutra
surgery. Editor and Creative Director for NeoPoiesis Press, he is currently
working on multiple books about impermanence, as well as poems he
discovered while on a recent writing retreat in New York City.
March 7 2015   2 to 5 p.m.  Seattle
From Joan Rabinowitz

Hi there, just a quick reminder about our
artist event on March 7th. I hope to see
you there!

Jack Straw Artist Showcase
An afternoon of music and readings
from Jack Straw Artists

Saturday, March 7, 2-5pm
Jack Straw Cultural Center
4261 Roosevelt Way NE
$5-$20 suggested donation

Please join us in the studios and
gallery at Jack Straw Cultural Center
for a  wide-ranging  afternoon of
performance, including music from
Jack Straw artists Tom Varner,
Alchymeia, John Teske, Michael
Owcharuk, Dunava, Bryan Smith,

and Randal Bays; and readings from
Jack Straw Writers Program alumni
Daemond Arrindell, Kate Carroll
de Gutes, Claudia Castro Luna,
Larry Crist, John Mullen, Raul
Sanchez, Anastacia Tolbert,
Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, and
Kristen Millares Young.

Bring the family! A Jack Straw
engineer and teaching artist will be
in Studio 2 welcoming anyone who
wants to come in and record their
own story or song; you can also
listen to some of the many
wonderful school projects we’ve
produced over the years.

Come visit us at Jack Straw and
steep yourself in words and
music from our vibrant
community of artists while you
enjoy some refreshments and
chat with Jack Straw staff and
board members.

See you at Jack Straw
on March 7th!
in Vaughn Wa.

John Gorka (music);  Tim Sherry (poet)
(at Jerry Libstaff’s on the Key
Peninsula; details listed below)

“The miracle is this – the more we
share, the more we have.”

― Leonard Nimoy

MARCH 8TH   5 p.m.  LIT CRAWL Seattle
Rainier Valley Lit Crawl 
Sunday March 8th
Begins at 5 p.m.     FREE

Two neighborhoods. Four venues.
Fourteen writers. One night. Come to this free reading of epic proportions in a busy
corner of Southeast Seattle.

Event is free.

Each venue will have food and drink available for purchase.

5 p.m. at Union BAR .
5609 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA
(Hillman City)

Anthony Warnke lives in Seattle and teaches writing at Green River
Community College. His poetry has appeared in Sentence, The Prose
Poem Project, DMQ Review, and Burning Word.

Jeremy Springsteed is a shadow of glutenous literary endeavors,
spending much of his time making coffee work for many mouths in
Seattle. He’s thinking about moving to tea in the near future.

Fredda Jaffe propagates dandelions and conjugates verbs in West Seattle
and has been sighted with a pair of binoculars in Columbia City. One of
her poems travels daily through Bellevue with Metro’s Poetry on Buses.

Chris Crew teaches 8th grade humanities in Kent and meets his son
on the other side of Columbia City’s puddles. His poetry can be found in the
The Marlborough Review, The Sycamore Review, and Natural Bridge,
and on the back of select grocery lists.

6 p.m.  at Afrikando Banadir
5212 Rainier Ave S., Seattle, WA
(Hillman City)

Raul Sanchez is a translator currently working on the Spanish version of his
inaugural collection “All Our Brown Skinned Angels” nominated for the
2013 Washington State Book Award in Poetry. He was one of the twelve
2014 Jack Straw Writers, as well as one of the mentors and judges for the
2014 Poetry on Buses Project. Last October, he participated in the TEDx
Salon event in Yakima titled: “How creativity heals” available on U-tube.

Larry Crist lives in Seattle and is originally from California, specifically
Humboldt County. He has also lived in Chicago, Houston, London, and
Philadelphia where he attended Temple U receiving an MFA in theatre.
He’s been widely published. Undertow Overtures is Larry’s first poetry
collection, published by ATOM and available through Amazon and select
NW bookstores. Larry was pleased to have been included in The Jack
Straw Writer’s Program in 2013 and has received three Pushcart

Kristen Young is a writer and journalist whose work has been
featured by the Guardian, the New York Times, KUOW 94.9-FM, City Arts
Magazine, Pacifica Literary Review the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the
Miami Herald and TIME Magazine.Hailed by The Stranger as one of the
“fresh new faces in Seattle fiction,” she was a 2014 Jack Straw Writing

Jeanne Morel is a poet who has taught in factories, hospitals,
community colleges, arts organizations, retirement centers,
and prisons. Her chapbook, That Crossing Is Not Automatic, was
published by Tarpaulin Sky, and one of her very short attempts at
fiction was nominated for a Pushcart.

7 p.m. at Flying Lion Brewing
5041 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA
(Columbia City)

Greg Jensen‘s poems have appeared in “december”, “Fugue”, “Bodega”, and
“Crab Creek Review”. In addition to being a poet, he is a dad, husband,
avid bicyclist, and yoga enthusiast who works for a non-profit serving homeless
adults in Pioneer Square. He is currently enrolled in the MFA in Creative Writing
program at Pacific University.

Molly Mac as, a Siren-(feminist?) agent, early mid-30s,
living amidst Seattle condo explosion 2015 and anxiously passing the peak of
her Amazon(mom)Prime. Molly Mac is a video artist, performer and writer
living in Seattle.

8 p.m. at Lotties Lounge 
4900 Rainier Ave S.
(Columbia City Neighborhood)

Graham Isaac is a writer from and living in Seattle. He co-organizes
the “Claustrophobia” reading series and is the author of “Filthy Jerry
Guide to Parking Lots” on Babel/Salvage press.

Laura Shoemaker‘s recent poems are forthcoming in Poetry Northwest
and through 4Culture and King County Metro’s Poetry on Buses project. She
is also the Development Director at Hugo House, a place for writers.

Hillman City’s Paul Nelson is a poet, interviewer, and essayist. He
founded Seattle Poetics LAB & the Cascadia Poetry Festival & wrote
A Time Before Slaughter (shortlisted for a 2010 Genius Award by
The Stranger.)

Barbara Erwine is a writer, mother, architect, Buddhist, sustainability nerd
and wanderer on this planet (the order of identity varies from hour to
hour). Her writing strives to capture the shared beauty, pain and humor
of simple life moments.

Hosted by Raanan David
and Greg Bem.

March 13th, Friday 7:oo p.m. TACOMA
From Connie Walle

Puget Sound Poetry Connection presents
Distinguished Writers Series at
Kings Bookstore

Feature for March: Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson founded SPLAB and
the Cascadia Poetry Festival,
published: Organic Poetry (essays),
a serial poem re-enacting history,
A Time Before Slaughter and
Organic in Cascadia: A Sequence
of Energies. He was awarded a
residency at The Lake, by the
Morris Graves Foundation in
Loleta, CA., & the 2014 Robin
Blaser Award.

American Sentences by Paul Nelson:
3.27.14 – The former Vietnam sniper’s not interested in Trigger Warnings.
4.3.14 – Nothing says Seattle like a cross-dressing bank robber shot by cops.
4.6.14 – Search for weeks for landslide victims only to find and re-bury them.
4.8.14 – Took my smart phone in my dumb car to photograph dumb guys
tip smart cars.
4.9.14 – Poor Christians who teach Easter eggs are “playing with
Lucifer’s testicles.”
5.2.14 – Once eliminated from the beer slam, Dan puts on his socks
& shoes.
4.28.14 – I call Ma to tell Pop to hang up, our cellphone connection
was lost.
5.3.14 – Collis at Cascadia: “Capitalism is a doomsday device.”
5.8.14 – A sense of accomplishment passing the vehicle emissions test.
5.11.14 – Just to take the shine off Ma one last time, my Dad dies on
Mother’s day.

King’s Books,
218 St. Helens Avenue,
Tacoma, WA
Wed. March 18th 6:30 p.m. Olympia

Olympia Poetry Network’s March event

 Liz St Louis is the featured reader for
Olympia Poetry Network’s third
Wednesday Poetry Series on March 18.

The reading takes places at
Traditions Café, 300 5th Ave. SW
in downtown Olympia
from 6:30- 8 p.m.

St Louis was born and educated in London England.  She was a Family
Medicine doc for several decades and is now a part time Medical
Consultant. She has been writing poetry since her teens, but only
“came out of the poetry closet” in 2000.  She has published three
chapbooks including Luminaria.

An Open Mic will precede
her reading.
The event is free.

For more
information call 360-701-2030

Fri. 3 27 15  7p.m.   REDMOND, WA

Friday, March 27at 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Features: James Bertolino and
Anita K. Boyle

Old Redmond Schoolhouse
Community Center
16600 NE 80th St, Redmond,
Washington 98052


Please join us! Come early to sign
up for open mic.

About the featured readers:

James Bertolino taught literature and creative writing for 36 years at schools
ranging from Washington State University to Cornell University. He
spent 14 years at Western Washington University and retired from Willamette
University as Writer-in-Residence in 2006. He has received a number of
national awards for his poetry, and his 12 volumes include Ravenous Bliss:
New and Selected Love Poems, MoonPath Press, 2014. Bertolino has
served as an editor for Abraxas, Epoch, Cincinnati Poetry Review, and
Stone-Marrow Press. He lives with his wife, artist and poet Anita Boyle, on
five acres near Bellingham, Washington. His website is here!

Anita K. Boyle is a poet, artist, and graphic designer, and the author of
three books of poetry: The Drenched, What the Alder Told Me, and Bamboo
Equals Loon. She recently received a Poet Publisher Peace Award from the
World Peace Poets. Anita lives near an inspiring pond outside Bellingham,
Washington with her husband, the poet James Bertolino.
Her website is here!
VARIOUS Dates, Times Locations

From our Washington State Poet
Laureate  Elizabeth Austen

(Note from Chris J:  Some links were
provided in original email from E.A.
but they don’t duplicate when copied
so you’ll have to look up addresses
of events listed-google them
easy to do).

Elizabeth writes:

Here it is March already, and nearly
time to “spring forward.” It’s also
year two of my term, and I’ve now
been to 25 of our 39 counties, and
learned the correct pronunciation
of “Wahkiakum” and “Pend Oreille.”
I wanted to let you know I have
several readings this month right
here in Seattle, or very nearby, with
wonderful poets including Diane
Raptosh, the Idaho Writer in
Residence (the term our neighbors
to the east use instead of
“poet laureate”).  Please share this
information with folks you think
would be interested, and I’d love
to see you at one of these events.

March 4: Poetry Northwest reading
at Phinney Books, 7:30p.
With Suzanne Bottelli, Jessica Gigot,
Laura Shoemaker and Kary Wayson.

March 14: Reading with Diane Raptosh,
Idaho Writer-in-Residence, at
Elliott Bay Books. 7p.

March 18: WordsWest Reading Series at
C&P Coffee, West Seattle.
“Saint and Sinner: Pleasures of the Poet”
reading with Michelle Peñaloza, 7p.
I’ll also give a brief talk on performance,
and Michelle will talk about collaboration.

March 21: Reading with Tim Kelly
at Orca Books, Olympia, 7p.

March 23: “Poetry for All” generative
writing workshop, Burlington Public
Library, 3 to 5p.

Also, so many events this month
(is it my imagination, or does
National Poetry Month start in March
now?). Here are a few I particularly

March 7: Jack Straw artist showcase,
2p to 5p – this party includes a stellar
line-up of writers and musicians, as well
as an opportunity for people of all ages
to record their own story or song.

March 19: Jane Hirshfield returns to
Elliott Bay Books with two new books –
one, a collection of poems, The Beauty,
and the other a new book of essays,
Ten Windows: How Great Poems
Transform the World, 7p.
(I was lucky enough to read advance
copies, and highly recommend them both.)

March 20: Lament for the Makers,
7p. Ten local poets read from the work
of 10 poets who died in the past year.
(Lots of intriguing classes at
Hugo House too.)

March 20 and 21: Claudia Rankine is
among the speakers at this year’s
Citizen University Conference. I am
heartbroken that I’ll miss it – if you go,
and hear her, please let me know.

3-7-15 AND beyond   Vaughn WA

From Jerry Libstaff
Words and Music Current Season begins
on March 7th 2015

Melding  Authors, Poets, Singer/Songwriters and Artists
from around the country in an intimate waterfront setting.

The programs include hors d’oeuvres and beverages.
Meet and share with powerful entertainers in a beautiful setting
surrounded by nature.

Funding supports the entertainers. Additional donations provide for
Young Writers.

Watermark Writers is a 501(c)
3 Non Profit corporation.

We’re nearly sold out!  (March 7th)

We have limited seating still available. Please call
253-778-6559 to reserve your place.
Don’t miss this once in a lifetime
program with John Gorka and
Tim Sherry on the waterfront.

John Gorka, March 7
Words and Music presents the wonderful talents of John Gorka.
With 11 critically acclaimed albums, a collector’s edition box featuring
a hi-definition DVD and companion CD called The Gypsy Life, and a
collection of his greatest hits titled Pure John Gorka from Windham
Hill Records, John has landed on the Billboard Folk Charts multiple
times and is noted to be one of the most played singers on folk
radio. His new studio album, Bright Side of Down is his first
release in over four years. John is widely regarded as one
of contemporary folk music’s leading talents and this
album’s 12 songs are beautifully produced and sequenced from
beginning to end.

What ever you do, don’t miss this unique opportunity to see and
hear John Gorka on the waterfront in Vaughn.

This special event has a $25 per
seat donation

Words by Tim Sherry   Tim was a public high school
teacher, a coach and a high school principal. Throughout his career
poetry was always there but kept private because athletes, coaches,
principals and Scandinavian Lutherans don’t usually do that
sort of thing. With a BA and an MA in English, Tim has lived most of his
life in Tacoma where long walks quiet days, friends, family, travels,
faith and his wife, Marcia, are the inspiration for his reflections about life.
In the past ten years, with the support and encouragement of many
Northwest writers, he finally shared his poetry. Tim has been published
in Crab Creek Review, The Raven Chronicles, Seminary Ridge Review,
Windfall: A Journal of Poetry of Place, Floating Bridge Review, and others.
A Pushcart nominee and an Artsmith Artist Resident on Orcas
Island, Tim’s most recent poem “Of Fires” was a finalist for the Rash
Award in Poetry and published in The Broad River Review. His first
full-length collection, One of Seven Billion has been critically acclaimed.

Join us for a wonderful evening with
Tim Sherry and John Gorka.

Upcoming  Events
4/25  Beth Wood with Matthew Brower
6/5 Ari Hest with Carl Palmer
July -Holley McCreary
August – Rodney Branigan
9/19 – Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer
10/3  – Melissa Greener

Jerry Libstaff
Watermark Writers

To find out more email us at
or call  253-778-6559.
Jerry Libstaff

Congratulations AGAIN to John Burgess
on the publication of his 4th collection of
poetry (from Ravenna Press) “by Land . . .”
riffs on the Journals of Lewis and Clark.

He has several reading events scheduled:
(above is the March 4th Hugo House
reading With Jed and Rox)

FROM John:

I first intersected with the Lewis & Clark Trail in 1978 when working as the third
man on a three-man survey crew in the  Gallatin Valley of Montana. Since
starting at Three Forks, I’ve explored major sites along the trail from St. Louis
to Fort Mandan, from Fort Clatsop to Lolo Pass.  “by Land…”, my fourth collection of
poetry from Ravenna Press, The book is a collage of poems, assemblages,
and drawings inspired by my westward journey, visits to the sites along the
historical trail, and the Journals as a source for text and maps.

For a preview of some of the poems
and drawings found in the collection,
check out Tumblr where I give
background and insights on selected
work. Read Shotgun & Shovel blog here:

“by Land…” (136 pp. $10) will be available at  readings in March
(see listing below). It’s also available online  from Ravenna
Press at

It would be great to see you at a reading! At some I’ll present a
slide show of maps, drawings and travel photographs during
the reading.

“by Land…” Lecture Series

Hugo House book release (the public party), Wed. March 4,
7:00 p.m. at Hugo House with Jed Myers (The Nameless and
Watching the Perseids) and Stephen Roxborough (Open
Hugo House is on Capitol Hill
at 1634 11th Ave.

Beacon Bards, Wed. March 11, 7:00 p.m. at The Station Coffee
Shop (2533 16th Ave. S).
I’ll be opening for Raul Sanchez for an evening of poetry on
Seattle’ Beacon Hill. Thanks for Billie and Martha for the chance to check
out the scene. They live here.

PoetsWest, Sat. March 14, 4 p.m.
at Green Lake Branch Seattle Public
Library, 7364 E Greenlake
Dr. N, Seattle. I’ll be reading with
Larry Crist and Joanie Stangeland.
Open mic, too.

PoetsWest, Wed. March 18, 7:00 p.m.
at The Creekside, 18200
Woodinville-Snohomish Rd NE
Open mic.
Hosted by Clark Crouch.
Emceed by Terry Busch.

Everett Poetry Night, Thurs. March 26,
7:00 Café Zippy
(2811 Wetmore Ave. in Everett).
Thanks to Duane Kirby Jensen
for inviting me up


POETRY CONTESTScheck out this link to some prestigious
poetry contests that are FREE and worth