NaPoWriMo Day 2 – Early Bird Prompt for April 2nd

March 31, 2015

It’s April 1st…. Happy National Poetry Month.    I invite everyone to participate.   Last year several people who said they had not written a poem in years participated and had a great time doing it.   Some people wrote 30 poems, some wrote 15….the idea is to participate as best you can.  Feel good about doing it at any level you are able.

See the previous blog post for the April 1st NaPoWriMo prompt and how NaPoWriMo began.

The idea is to write a poem every day for the 30 days of April.  30 poems in 30 days.   You can do more than that if you’d like of course and challenge yourself, if you have the time, to write even more than 1 poem a day.    NaPoWriMo stands for National Poetry Writing Month.

I’m posting the 2nd prompt a little early because it involves an extra task that should be done BEFORE you write your poem.

The prompts are meant to be fun and hopefully inspiring challenges to keep you writing.  You don’t have to use any prompts to write your poem a day or you can combine prompts if you’d like.  If you aren’t used to writing a poem a day you might find yourself developing a new habit, a new discipline of writing something everything day.  Not everything you write is likely to be award winning, breath-taking, profound work.  Some of it however will be worth revising, editing and shaping into something you might be proud of.   I find some days it is easy to write a poem and other days it is very difficult.  I’ll write at least one a day and some days I’ll write several.  I’ll also share the poems I write (most of them anyway) the good, the bad and the ugly ones too.  It keeps things real.

DAY 2  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 2, 2015 

Use 5 to 10 plainly stated observations in a poem at least 6 lines long.

There is a catch to this one, however.  Before you write your poem you’ll need to assemble your observations.  If you take a walk, or simply look around where you work and live, notice things as they are without attaching any significance, baggage or memories to them.  Write them down.

When you write them down, do it simply and plainly.  Don’t think about metaphors or how you might describe what you are seeing … simply observe and be aware of these things.    Write down several things that you observe during the next 4 to 8 hours without transforming them into anything more than what they are.  Don’t editorialize, or think in metaphors at all.  These plain simple observations are what will be part of your next poem.   A robin is just a robin.

Do anything you would like in the poem but do not transform or change the five or more seen things you use in your poem.  A fast-food wrapper in a rose bush is simply that.  Feel free to use 5 or 8 or even 10 things you have seen in a poem at least 6 lines long.  The poem should not simply be a list of the things you saw today but rather should include what you have seen without transforming what you have seen into something else.  It sounds pretty simple and easy (or it should) but it may wind up very difficult for some to do. We often transform what we see into specific symbols or create clichés without realizing it.  Can it be done?  Can you do this?  Maybe not… but make the attempt.   Try it and share your rough drafts if you dare on your blog, facebook or in a comment on this blog.

I’ll post what I come up with on April 3rd.

I’ll post my ekphrasis poem (Prompt 1), tomorrow.

Another experienced NaPoWriMo –er is sharing prompts and poems and is worth including in your NaPo circle… is here:  https://elsewhereintherain.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/napowrimo-2015-day-0/comment-page-1/#comment-61


Keep Writing!



  1. Rain pelted midnight windows
    smudged glasses hanging
    over glazed sleepy eyes
    cookie crumbs on a faded chenille robe
    cigarette ashes mixed with
    coffee stains on a coaster
    still, the paper’s blank


    • Ah the paper is no longer blank! Good job, thanks for sharing your write. Keep writing!

      • Thanks for reading it.

    Nancy L Humphrys
    Ducks glide. A TEN dollar bill floats on
    The pond. What will the ducks buy?

    On the circular jaunt, two stars from the theater.
    The Asian man with a long goatee.
    The flapper with bow lips.
    They wish they had a fishing pole.
    Me too.
    I’d buy a blue iris and a book of
    Beautiful poems.

    • Kudos! Good write. What will they buy indeed! Thanks… beautiful blue iris poems indeed!

      • Thanks for commenting on my poem!

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