NaPoWriMo Day 3 – Prompt for April 3, 2015

April 2, 2015

And we are off and running in our 2015 NaPoWriMo marathon!  That’s right… it’s time to jump in and challenge yourself to write 30 poems in 30 days.  Perfectly okay if you are a first-timer or an old pro at this…we will all produce poems that vary in quality.  Some of my writes are I admit pretty sub-par but others show promise I think (don’t spoil my delusion and try to convince me otherwise).  Point is… that you make the attempt as best you can and maybe develop a habit of writing something every day.  It’s also ultimately supposed to be fun!   So post your poems if you dare, or hide them from the world if you must.  C’mon give us a peak….

DAY 3  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 3, 2015

Here’s a list of 12  words. Choose at least 5 and write a poem between 4 and 10 lines.  You can try to create a meter or rhyme if you would like, or even do a Septolet  (later on I’ll tell you about that form if you don’t feel like looking it up).

Words to choose from:

bulb , market, cantankerous, filthy,

less, perception, square, blooming,

carnival, pilfer, remnant, blood.

It would be fun to see which words you choose and how you used them… so show me some of your poems please.

I’ll post what I come up with on April 5.

Some days I intend to also participate in the Writer’s Digest and Robert Brewer’s PAD (Poem-A-Day) challenge.  He has prompts which will eventually be judged by a guest judge (30 of them) for every day of April.  The ‘winning poems’ will be part of an anthology.   Some of the daily judges are NorthWest poets that I know including  Michael Dylan Welch (Redmond, Washington’s Poet Laureate 2014-2016 and RASP board member),  and Martha Silano!!!

Here’s a link to WD’s Poem a Day challenge.

Now as promised, the poems I wrote for April 1.

The Ekphrasis poem I wrote based on a photograph used in  Rattle’s Ekphrasis Challenge.  The Photo is by Judy Keown.  I entered the contest but can post the poem on my own blog.











NaPoWriMo Prompt Poem 1

Beholder Blues

By Christopher J. Jarmick


It seemed


the unobstructed views of

blue skies

were blocked

by some architect’s idea

of innovative construction.

Soon more projects announced,

rents on the rise,

and many were forced

to move.


And I also wrote a poem for the WD’s Poem a Day Challenge.

The Prompt was write a resistance poem.


By Christopher J. Jarmick


Resistance is futile

But I must try because

Groucho’s song at

the beginning of Horse Feathers

is truly my anthem:

“Whatever it is… I’m against it”.

Muse uses reverse psychology

to trick me into

playing along with this distraction.

But since the game is on,

I must resist like a revolutionary with torn

Che T-shirt and nothing to lose.

I’ll prove somehow

that it is not futile to resist at all

and simply going beyond

the friction, the sparks,

the generated heat.

I shall give myself over

to the art of it;

not the act,

not the doing or undoing but

the exhale of it…

the breath itself.


Teresa, my wife also wrote an Ekphrasis poem for NaPoWriMo and the Rattle contest:


By Teresa Jarmick


Looking up, shoulder to

Shoulder Nebraska feet brush

Conversation in air

Floating sunbursts by


Limitless sky.




Keep Writing!


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