NaPoWriMo Day 4 – Prompt for April 4, 2015

April 3, 2015

It’s the beginning of the first NaPoWriMo weekend.  Good time to catch-up (if you need to) or to explore the various ways people are celebration National Poetry Month.

Poet Bethany Reid for instance is posting a favorite poem of hers every day of April.  She began with one by Phillip Larking on her blog here.  Check it out.

Washington State Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen is posting VIDEO Poetry Prompts on her blog for the month of the April.  Rather than explain it… go take a look at what she’s doing. E.A.’s Poetry For All Prompt HERE 

DAY 4  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 4, 2015 

Write a poem inspired by a song.  A variation on the ekphrasis .

Let one of the suggested songs inspire you to write a poem.  You could make the poem about the song (music and lyrics) in some way and keep it closely related to an ekphrasis poem or you could  re-write the lyrics if you’d like or go somewhere else completely.   You could simply riff in a jazz inspired way simply because something in the song takes you someplace else.  It may become unrelated to the song itself but the song creates a place to jump off from.  So the title of your poem should include a direct link to the song title.   Any style, any form.

Choose one of the songs I have suggested, listen to it a few times, perhaps jot down some thoughts, ideas, images  and then write your poem.   I hope you’ll let me know where you post what you wrote.

The Songs:

George Ezra- Budapest  

Artic Monkeys- Do I  Wanna Know  

Nat King Cole – Stardust  

Or check out the ‘original version’ of Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael (he wrote the music)



The prompt was to use 5 to 10 plainly stated observations in a poem.


Open Oven Door

By Christopher J. Jarmick


The oven door open,

I watch the red needle on the

meat thermometer I’ve inserted

into the chicken move

in a circle slowing down as it

reaches 160.

My cell phone begins playing

part of the musical theme to

Mission Impossible.

If I’m quick I might get to it

in time.

I left it attached to a charger

on a bedroom nightstand.

There’s a hummingbird at

feeder on the deck.

The sunlight is too bright

In the bedroom and my

eyes squint.

I nearly stub my toe on the

white lacquered bed frame

and realize the phone is now


I am expecting to see

that I’ve missed a call

from my wife, telling me

she’s on her way home

but it’s a number I don’t

recognize, likely a sales call

but I wait a few moments

to see if there is a voice mail.

I’d better get the mail.

Take a short walk to the mail box

look at the flowers I’ve recently planted

in the pots by the front door.

I’ve forgotten the names of the flowers

that now bloom in bright yellow and pink.

There are no clouds in the pale blue sky.

I realize I’ve forgotten my mail box key,

stop mid-stride and smile as I sigh loudly.

As I re-enter my condo,

I hear the phone.

I slip off my shoes,

notice my big left toe

sticking out of my sock,

quickly walk to bedroom

nightstand and pick up

the phone.

This time, it is my wife.

The digital clock reads

6:07.   On the dresser

are my keys.

“See you in a half hour

or so. . . Love you.”

Did I close the oven door?


In Reverse

By Teresa Jarmick


Pink sweater, shirt


Goatee and eggs cracking

yellow parking


sweat running down iced tea

Have a Great Day tulips.


Day 2  WD  PAD poem

To the prompt: Write a poem about a ‘secret’ or write a ‘secret’ poem.


Do You Want to Know?

By Christopher J. Jarmick


Do you promise not to tell?

Not your wife,

or on a game show

Not to the wishing well

or in a garden,

Not to the Hardy Boys

or even Ringo?

Cross your fingers,

hope to die.


and I’ll whisper

what you want to know.




Keep Writing

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  1. great idea — great results!

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