NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Prompt for April 6, 2015

April 5, 2015

Welcome to Day 6 of NaPoWriMo.  The dreaded back to the grind Monday for most.  But don’t cry me a river about it. . . no… instead write me a river.  I’ll explain the prompt in a moment.


An interesting website you might want to explore is Google Poetics.   If you get stuck in your writing and feel like you’ve entered some Kafka-esque time-out zone… the site might be just the goose your muse needs.  Check out the site.  Google Poetics here.



DAY 6  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 6 2015 


River names.  Gather a list of rivers… perhaps begin with Rivers that are close to where you live and expand to your state or perhaps the place where you were born or even to the place where your ancestors came from.    Use the names of at least 4 Rivers in your poem… but not as Rivers… as Names of other things…or as substitute names for other things.   Be creative.   Can you use a River name in every other line of your poem?


Looking forward to seeing what some of you come up with for this one.   Have fun.



Write poems inspired by your choice of selected songs.



Not Clear in Budapest


Christopher J. Jarmick


My friends and family

Just can’t understand

What words Ezra sings

Though they like his band


“But for boo

Oh oh  ooh

I bee vee oh”


“What’s  oh dee zee doe?” she says

“It’s how the brits say doe see doe,” he says

“They square dance?”  She laughs.


“No you see, like this…” I say.

“But for you

Oh to you

I leave it all.”


“You say, Ezra sings

I leave it all?”


“Yes, you need only

listen closely.”


“No can’t hear it.” she says.

“Why can’t he sing clear in that

Booty Rest song?” say’s he.


And Teresa’s Prompt 4 poem…


Budapest Sillybites

By Teresa Jarmick


I won’t give it up

My beautiful Castillo

Over you, not for you.


Plays sad melody

My studio piano

Over you, only you.


Treasure chest is me

Myself, I will always be

Never you, never you.



Also the Writer’s Digest Prompt 4 poem

Which was to write a departure poem.




Christopher J. Jarmick


Goodbye, it’s time

It feels wrong

But so long, rhyme


Goodbye, we’ve drifted


A        p         a        r        …   t


in so many ways.

Lets stop pretending.

not drag it out.





Keep Writing!

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