NaPoWriMo Day 7 – Prompt for April 7, 2015

April 6, 2015

Welcome to Day 7 of NaPoWriMo.  Commitment Blues may be setting in as you struggle to make the time to write a poem every day that might wind up being used in the future to create a better poem worth keeping.   Remember to strive to do the best you can but not be too hard on yourself when your work isn’t always as inspired or practically perfect as you might have hoped.   There will be time later to work with your poems or simply forget about them.   The fact that you make the attempt and are challenging yourself every day is what matters.


If you ever get STUCK trying to write to a challenge prompt… remember you can write about something else or look at other challenges and prompts.    There’s a quick 100 ideas on this link here for instance.


DAY 7  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 7 2015 


Using words from a book, create a poem either 6, 8, 10 or 12 lines long.    The theme should have something to do with the theme or main plot or sub-plot of the book you use to get your words.

Find a book that has at least 300 pages.  Turn to the page that corresponds with the year you were born… 60  for 1960 for example and then count from the top of the page your birth month number…

4 for April.  The 4th word or the next word after the 4th word that has five letters or more  will be used in the first line of your poem.    Count back from the last word on the page the birth DAY of the month…  if you were born on the 15th of the month… your number is 15.  So the first word either at 15 from the bottom or thereabout that has more than 5 words is the word you will use in the second line of your poem.


Now we will go to page 200 of the closes page to 200 that has a full page of text.    The first numbers of your street address… if it is 1517  Lake Avenue… than that would be 1 and 5.    From the top of the page you’d use the 1st word… or the 1st word with 5 or more letters and that would be the word you used in the 3rd line of your poem.   The next number is the one use to count from the bottom of the page… in this example it would be 5 and that word you would use in the 4th line of your poem.    Now count from the top how old you are… and the first 5 letter word is the word you use in the 5th Line of your poem.

Choose one of the words from the title of the book to use as the word you use in the 6th line of your poem.     You can continue…. or stop there.  If you continue… turn to page 250…. And use the day your were born as the count from the top number for the word you’ll use in line 7… and the month number of your birth from the bottom up number for the word you’ll use in line 8.    Repeat with Page 150, Page 100 if you are writing a longer poem to find the word that you’ll use in each line of your poem.


Looking forward to seeing what some of you come up with for this one.   Have fun.



The prompt was to write an acrostic (letters of the Alphabet) poem with a religious or spiritual theme.  

I chose to do one on Easter with a somewhat challenging variation on the acrostic because I guess I just have to make things harder than need be for myself (see Note at end of poem).




Christopher J. Jarmick


Alleluia resurrection! More then brief reanimation. More than magic or showbiz.

Behold the prophecy foretold come true. Hundreds soon experience Epiphany

Cephas first, than more than 500 witness Jesus baring marks from crucifix.

Denier Saul,who became Paul & brother James begin to teach those who follow.

Every Gentile, Jew, Roman, forgiven; listen to the prayers, the leitmotiv.

For Christians, lamb has bled, the martyr reconciled. Holy, Holy,Holy,art Thou.

God as blessed trinity; God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

He was raised on the third day as foretold in the scriptures

Infernos of controversy beyond parable, story,and metaphor.

Justice for the faithful, believer of miracles, Paul becomes new-age tzaddiq.

Keeping faith strong he journeys thousands of miles, footstep by footstep.

Least of apostles, Paul says grace transformed him all those years ago.

May all find such purpose, compassion, and love, Amen


Note Beginning letters  A to M from top to bottom.

Ending letters  N to Z bottom to top.

Tzaddiq means Hebrew Spiritual leader.  (Saul/Paul considered himself a Jew).

Leitmotiv is a dominant recurring theme associated usually with a melodic phrase in

music that accompanies the reappearance of an idea, person, or situation especially in

a Wagnerian music drama.


And the Writers Digest Poem A Day Prompt  for Day 5

was to write a vegetable poem.


Not a Healthy Poem

By Christopher J. Jarmick


I know you are good for me.

Young and fresh,

ready and willing,

better than any alternative

and mostly pure and natural.


You are not full of artificial ingredients

and processed sugars, fillers and preservatives.

And though sale prices and pop open

bag instant gratification convenience

irresistibly entices. . .

the truth is, all the experiences without you

lack substance, not to mention fiber and

life nourishing vitamins and minerals.


Forgive me for ignoring you,

forgetting you.

Thank you for  enduring the slings and arrow

of broccoli, brussel sprout haters

asparagus, string-bean, and cauliflower

envy, the confusing state of Tomato, and

even potato status.  You and all the

other multi-colored bell pepers and

carrots, and celery deserve so much

more than my irresponsible, unreliable

rainy day love proclamations.

Thank you for being there,

waiting patiently for my attention

when I return to my senses.






Keep Writing!

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