NaPoWriMo Day 8 – Prompt for April 8, 2015

April 7, 2015

Welcome to Day 8 of NaPoWriMo.  We’re one week in and the sprinters are dropping out and slowing down as we pace ourselves for WEEK 2 of NaPoWrimo.   What’s the Wednesday challenge?

(Note: I posted the latest Northwest Poetry Update earlier today. )


DAY 8  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 8 2015 


Let’s write a poem using Feminine Rhyme or double rhyme (sometimes also triple rhyme).  Most often poems use masculine rhyme (cat, bat, rat . . .)  Feminine Rhyme uses double or triple rhymes with the stress on the second to last rhyme.  Examples: meeting, greeting, motion, ocean, exciting, inviting.  You can use any rhyme scheme you’d like AA, ABA, ABAB  etc.    Choose your own theme or subject.




The prompt was river names. . .

Mean Creeks of New York

By Christopher J. Jarmick


Alplaus  to Wynants Kill

the creeks and rivers of New York State.

Arthur, Basher, Batten, Beaver, and Bozen Kill

are not your Basic Creek(s),

or Neversink River(s).

And don’t Bash Bish or Sucker Brook me, you

Little Wappinger  Cattaraugus Chautauqua Snake Creek Geek

or I’ll Brandy Brook, you through the Crooked Creek

of Bowery Pond and Fishkill, Catskill, Moses Kill, Sparkkill, Stony Kill, Saw Kill

Otter, Platte, Muddy, East, West  Fresh Whortlekill you

and leave your carcass at

Bronx Kill even if I wind up in Sing Sing Brook.

I don’t give a Snook, Kaaterskill, Kill Van Kull, Lansing , Kline ,

Burnt Ship Creek, or Quackenkill about it either –-

no Sawyer, Shawangunk, Peekskill way.

Blame the Dutch, not Vito the Kinderhook from Little Italy

for all these Mean Creeks of New York.

They ain’t homicide sites, you Muscoot, Tonawanda, Waccabuc

Kille is the dutch word for a waterway.

Stick that in your Wallomsac, La Chute, Shekomeko!


(None of 50 actual River and Creek names of New York State were harmed in this poem.)


WD Poem a Day Prompt 6

Write a things are-not-as-they-appear poem



By Christopher J. Jarmick


Can’t win if you don’t play,

Not that one. . .

guess again.

Oh you were so close.. .

Watch close this time,

have to pay attention

to everything all the time

and not be distracted

by any sleight of hand.

Note the longer pauses,

the fewer questions,

the lack of eye contact.

Three card Monty my heart.

Shouldn’t be so easy

to lose.


Teresa’s Prompt 5 poem –

 Write an Acrostic Poem with a religious or spiritual theme


A to Z

By Teresa Jarmick


Abraham walked with me to Sunday School

Because my dad wasn’t there to help me

Cross the street, look twice, wait for

Drivers to pass by the big

Eyed girl looking into

Furnas County like it held The

Great City.

Harlan County held Grandma’s house

In hold your breath time

Just three of us, Grandma, mom



Making popcorn, watching tv black and white

Not color.

Open doors screening bugs

Passing night breezes

Quiet time with Nancy Drew


Stitched pillowcase, now I lay me down to sleep

Taught me to pray

Under train rumble lullaby

Victim of comfort

Wishing dad would send










Keep Writing!

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