NaPoWriMo Day10 – Prompt for April 10, 2015

April 9, 2015

Welcome to Day 10 of NaPoWriMo.  TGIF.  So how are you doing?  Need to catch up?  Need to re-commit yourself and be more consistent for the next 10 days?  Do you feel rewards in the doing?  Are you motivated enough to take up the challenge each and every day?   Perhaps every other day is your goal. Perhaps you have just decided to take up the challenge.  This is a challenge to yourself…not a competition with others.  It is either important to you to make the effort, set and stick to your goals or it isn’t.  NaPoWriMo can be like giving yourself a gift of accomplishment.  Take it seriously and you’ll create a worthwhile discipline, a writing habit.  You’ll do what you need to do if it’s something you decide is important and worthwhile.   You may even write some excellent poems.  Speaking of diving in…

Today’s Prompt.

DAY 10  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 10 2015


Dead Metaphors.   We take many metaphors for granted.  They have become such common cliché parts of our speech they have lost their impact to the point that a once memorable metaphor has become an interesting as a modifier like the word ‘the’ .   Shall we ‘get to the heart of the matter’ then?   Examine and re-purpose metaphors that have grown stale or are rarely used and bring attention to ones that are too common in a new way.   Do you stop and think about…  the ‘mouth of a river’, ‘veins of minerals’ in the ‘bowels of the earth’?  What about ‘weeping willows’,  or ‘crack of dawn’?   Can you bring new life and purpose to at least 3 ‘Dead as a doornail’ or very common metaphors in your new poem today?    Let’s ‘dive in” and see what we come up with shall we?


The prompt was to Create a poem using Feminine Rhyme


Her burden

By Christopher J. Jarmick


She is waiting

for balance and fairness.

She is waiting

for him to be less careless.


She is facing

bitter truths and loneliness.

She is blaming

lack of faith and holiness.


She is hoping

to forget her sorrow.

She is coping

at least ‘til tomorrow.


She is not saying


She is not saying



Teresa’s Prompt 8 Poem


By Teresa Jarmick


Tried to silence me

Twenty to two and forty

Saved by the king

Now safe and sound from Shorty!


WD  Poem a Day Prompt 8

Write a dare poem


The Dare

By Christopher J. Jarmick


It is not easy to write

for yourself,

strip it naked

of things that

you imagine others

might enjoy,


be amused

or moved by.


It is not always easy

to get the attention

you want

or to be liked,

but you can still

keep secrets

wear masks,

put up facades

in such pursuits.


When you fail to

win approval with compromise

it isn’t easy,

but you know

the cuts and bruises

are only skin deep.


I am almost there

but. . . .


Teresa’s Prompt 7 Poem

Find words in book. . .


Words from The Name of the Wind

(women, charging, fullness, sorry, taking, name)

By Teresa Jarmick


Male innkeeper does not hire women.

Charging hooved waiter would overserve

Lines pressing charm to fullness

Smiling quick hands love “Sorry Darling”

Taking his time drinking in adoration

Leaving fake name licking lips.






Keep Writing!

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