NaPoWriMo Day11 – Prompt for April 11, 2015

April 10, 2015

Welcome to Day 11 of NaPoWriMo.  It’s  Saturday’s prompt so you might have a little extra time today.  If you don’t need to catch up, do some extra reading today… from a book or anthology of poetry.   I find an hour or so of reading always inspires a few lines worth writing down.   You could always spend an hour or so reading poetry and essays about poetry at The Academy of American Poetry aka poets.org  (not to be confused with poetry.org).

or Rattle  or  The Poetry Foundation  ,

And while your exposing yourself to poetry… perhaps you’ll stumble upon a few very familiar poems that might be fun to parody.

DAY 11  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 11 2015 


Parody.  Find a well-known poem and copy it’s meter and rhyme (or if it doesn’t rhyme it’s meter, and style).  Let us know what poem it is… in case it’s not one that is overly familiar.  It’s tricky to do it well enough that the results don’t fall flat, so after you think its done, set it aside for an hour or two and then look at it again and perhaps make a few changes.  Yes you can be creative in your choice of Parody material.


Share it…  let me know where you post it… if you don’t paste it into the comments here.



The prompt suggested you write a Threnody (memorial poem).


Threnody for Stan

By Christopher J. Jarmick


The poem you are about to read is true. . .

only the rhymes have been left out to protect the clichés.

This is a NaPoWrimo Prompt Poem.

My name is Chris Jarmick

I’m a writer.

Tuesday April 7th, 3 P.M.

I was working on my blog

when an email appeared

from the New York Times

Stan Freeberg, age 88

just died in Santa Monica

My job:

Remember him.

Where should I begin?

His job doing cartoon voices at Warner Brothers?

His 1951 novelty record, John and Marsha?


Dragnet parodies!

Like St. George and the Dragonnet

And Little Blue Riding Hood

‘Only the color has been changed

to prevent an investigation”

Capitol Records Parking Lot Swap Meet

Circa 1975.

Dealers selling old records

and I discover a Stan Freberg 45 record

From the 1950s, a parody of Yellow Rose of Texas.

“Good stuff,” says a man next to me

He was surprised someone barely 17 knew Stan Freberg,

he figured I was probably a fan of his show,

but no…

I didn’t recognize him.

‘Barry,’ he said,  “I do the

Dr. Demento show, Sunday

Nights on KMET you see.”

‘Did you know he works on TV commercials?

Brought humor to advertising in the 1950s

with ads for Contadina, Chun King, Pitted Prunes

(‘Today the Pits. . . tomorrow the wrinkles.’).

won 21 Clio Awards, named the Grammy awards?.”

I said I had his United States of America record

and added, “ I Saw him on Dick Cavett a few years back.”


Jump ahead to 1987.

I was hoping to produce a short segment on Freberg

with Huel  Howser for the KCET PBS 7:30 program.

The idea was to begin the program

showing Freberg polishing his own star

on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and

Huell asking him if he had ever met Freberg.

Freberg would then say, “He’s still alive? 

I’d love to meet the great man!”

And then after covering his career,

Huell offers to introduce Freberg to

The star polisher, but Freberg the polisher

says, “I can’t, I’m supposed to meet some



I almost did a segment on Freberg

In 1990 for Hard Copy, but other stories

came first and it never happened.

His wit, bad puns, subversive sense of humor.

and the story of how he lost his radio show

in the 1950s because he didn’t want a Cigarette company

as a sponsor impressed.

Every Christmas I still need to hear

his Green Christmas recording.

Remember:  ‘Christmas has two s’s in it,

and they’re both dollar signs.’

Stan, the man, thanks for the laughs, inspiration

‘Mama mia that’s a some spicy meatball’,

mentioning global warming in that 1970s

encyclopedia ad,

the PBS Federal Budget Review Special

brought to you by a giant can of worms

and never explaining

just how they put those

eight great tomatoes

in one little bitty can.

Case Closed.


The Writers Digest Poem-A-Day Prompt 9  Poems

The prompt was to write a work poem.

I did these two:


Tough Questions


Christopher J. Jarmick


How will you


your muse?


You insist

this is not hobby,

not dangerously addictive obsession,

but avocation.



pays for your time?

Who turns you

from word player

to word worker?



Not a Poem About Work

or Take This Prompt and….

By Christopher J. Jarmick



I do not feel like

writing a poem about work.


I am not inspired to write

anything on the subject of work.


I lack any desire to motivate myself

to manufacture needed inspiration

to force myself to write about work.


I will not do it.

You can’t make me.

Hell you aren’t even

paying me!


If I did it anyway

it would still feel like actual work

and why would I force myself

to do something like that?







Keep Writing!




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