NaPoWriMo Day12 – Prompt for April 12, 2015

April 11, 2015

Welcome to Day 12 of NaPoWriMo.  The 12th is my Birthday!  But NaPoWriMo marches on….   If you’ve joined me years past you can guess that today’s prompt has something to do with my other obsession….and you would be right!!!

DAY 12  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 12 2015 

Of course it’s going to have a movie theme!   Let’s repurpose titles from Creature Feature/ Drive In  B- movies made between 1951 to 1964 and use three or more of them as part of your poem. The place is loaded with giant bugs, monsters and all sorts of aliens…..  Watch the skies!

Share it…  let me know where you post it… if you don’t paste it into the comments here.


Prompt 10 suggested using  Dead Metaphors

 The Metaphor Man

By Christopher J. Jarmick


Metaphor man’s painted arms rested

on the limbs of the chair, at the foot of the bed

as he eyed the shoulder of the road, out the window,

waiting for the hands of the clock to both reach 12.


His friends would tell you

he had the heart of a lion,

his wife; a heart of stone,

but he was heartbroken;

his marriage was on the rocks.


A flood of stormy thoughts

in a sea of dark sadness,

swept over him as he remembered

the woman who was once

the apple of his eye and set his heart on fire.

They were once THE perfect match.


But he took too much for granted,

and the once bright light of his life

slowly dimmed, the voice he once considered

music to his ears was just a nag.


Now this once strong as an ox, man

was a lame duck.

The ball was in his court.

It was time to take the bull by the horn,

step up to the plate, swing for the fences,

wipe the slate clean and

take his eye- of-the-needle snowball-in-hell last call chance

to turn his life around.


Writers Digest Poem-A-Day Prompt 10

Prompt:  How . .. is the first three letters of the title of your poem….


By Christopher J. Jarmick





Heard in countless Westerns

at the movies and on TV

as a universal neutral Indian/Native American greeting.


Turns out, not complete bullshit.

Several plains tribes did greet each with words

that sort of, kind of, sounded like “HOW”.


Get the wrong waiter in a Paris restaurant

and sort of, kind of, pronounce a French word correctly

and see what happens…


Anyhow, some variant of HOW was perhaps used

by at most 5 percent of tribes, while others used

words that didn’t sound anything

like HOW.


Consider it a representation of early

American style diplomacy.


By the way, ‘Bon Jour’, ‘Arrivederci’, ‘Hola’, ‘Aloha’,

‘Buonasera’,‘How’s it hanging’  and ‘Ugh’.

were NOT among other

Native American greetings,


(Note: Kemosabe… made famous by Tonto of Lone Ranger fame vaguely resembles the Spanish

‘quien no sabe’, “he who doesn’t understand” but is a made up word.  Tonto in Spanish means stupid or crazy which may be why in Spanish dubbed versions of Lone Ranger, he is called Toro (bull) instead.


Teresa Prompt 9

Threnody (Memorial Poem)


By Teresa Jarmick


Silent hilltop, dry grass separated by granite

Evenly spaced plots, some full, some waiting.

I can see my childhood from here.

The channeled irrigation canal, tilled field bare

Next to dry manmade lake bed.

I could hear the coyotes from the house just like I could see the sun rise.

Now I watch the sun set, your stones singing me

To sleep.


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