NaPoWriMo Day15 – Prompt for April 15, 2015

April 14, 2015

Welcome to Day 15 of NaPoWriMo.  Tax day comes to mind of course….a sort of deadline day of reckoning. And we’re half-way done with NaPoWriMo. How are you doing?

I’ll remind you of the website that has consistently supported the NaPoWriMo challenge.  Margaret Thorson (A Washington D.C. based writer/poet) first participated in NaPoWriMo in 2003… a few years later she created a NaPoWriMo website.  In addition to daily prompts from many sources, the site has links to other blogs and to sites that participate in NaPoWriMo. I make worthwhile discoveries every year because of Margaret’s blog. (Thank you, Margaret).   I’m sure you’ll discover or re-discover worthwhile things too.   The NaPoWriMo . net site is here.  

If you want another way to participate,  consider the Poetic Asides Blog by Robert Lee Brewer on the Writer’s Digest site which is having a daily PAD (Poem-A-Day)challenge.  You can write a poem based on the posted prompt, share the poem in the comments and it might be picked by a daily judge to be part of the new anthology of poems Poem Your Heart Out Volume 2.  The Brewer Blog is here.  

DAY 15  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 15, 2015

Pay your taxes prompt!   It works like this…Choose two to three poems you’ve written in the last 15 to 30 days.  Use three to five word phrases from these poems to create a brand new poem at least 8 lines in length.  If you really need to add some new words to make it work better, feel free to do so.. but limit your new words to less than 10 percent of the word count for your new poem.


 Prompt 13  suggested you create an erasure poem


By  Christopher J. Jarmick


Nothing to

elephant maintenance.

Remarkably efficient

complex monitoring systems are demanded.

Scattered cells organized into central

nervous system in independent evolutions

allow animals to forage, hunt, seek mates.

They are perfectly well.


He speaks of consciousness as an

intrusive unpleasant quality,

unwell without actual illness.

I came to New York trying to understand an

indefinable but undeniable  general feeling of disorder.

Every three to four weeks, a slight pain increased

to a degree of violent, gastric disorder

reduced to lying in a leaden haze feeling half-dead with scintillating

zigzag patterns of beauty and original mathematical thinking.

State of indecision the essence of the unsettled state stimulated

by the unexpected killing of rats in the basement.

They would have to be removed.

This immense task of garbage disposal undertaken

by tiny spiders, billions in number.


Excruciating delirium seizes me mid

sentence, hiccup produces explosive orgasm

of pain despite massive infusion of narcotics.

My feet so swollen they became unrecognizable,

thick edema around my trunk.


Full of euphoria

exuberant thoughts rush through my mind.

Reestablishment of the

sheer joy of writing,

faith in tomorrow, and

anticipation of impending adventures.


Erasure Source: A General Feeling of Disorder by Oliver Sacks

in New York Review of Books April 23, 2015


Writer’s Digest Poem-a-Day PROMPT 13 

Write a confession poem


By Christopher J. Jarmick


to find peace

and be well,

all you


Secrets are hell

so confess!



By Christopher J. Jarmick


The poetic confessions unleashed

like an early spring storm

dark clouds, thunder, lightning,

trees exploding in splinters,

golf-ball sized hail stones

smashing delicate early flowering plants,

cracking windshields.

Run for cover!

Too much truth!

Pray it will end quickly

and glorious sunshine,


will soon return.




Keep Writing


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