NaPoWriMo Day18 – Prompt for April 18, 2015

April 17, 2015

Welcome to Day 18  of NaPoWriMo. Our third NaPoWriMo weekend is upon us.

Feel free to jump into the challenge, catch-up and immerse yourself fully with poetry.  You can even download (in PDF) this months issue of Poetry Magazine here. Even some free audio and video poetry to experience.  

DAY 18  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 18, 2015 

Write a persona poem.  Take on a different voice, tone, personality, and perspective and write a poem.

Perhaps also write the sort of poem you never write (like a rhyming poem, or a prose poem).


Prompt 16  suggested you write a Rondel (form) poem.

Political Unrest  (A Rondel)

By Christopher J. Jarmick

Today I think of Brian an old friend

filled to the brim with political mistrust

Wrote, and talked of power mad lust

Lying congressmen we need to suspend

–  –

Criminals, cheats we should apprehend

Their cliques of influence we must bust

Today I think of Brian an old friend

filled to the brim with political mistrust

–  –

So much time, many editorials penned

His research, conclusions thoroughly discussed

but divisive; turned former friends, colleagues, away in disgust

he mellowed some, though still wonders; will this corruption never end?

Today, I think of Brian an old true friend.

Writer’s Digest Poem a Day Prompt 16

Was to write a poem about Science. So I did a Rondel about science. . .

Not a Poem About Science (A Rondel)

By Christopher J. Jarmick

Today we’ll write about science.

Remember President Reagan’s budget cut

ending school programs on this subject? What!?!

True, though there was major defiance

– –

Education itself is in natural compliance

with theory and study, its how we discover, but

you should remember Reagan’s budget cut

that ended how schools could teach science?

–   –

Thankfully it’s made a comeback, somewhat.

Though ask a climate change denier nut

and some will say it is bad, it is smut

we should stop our unholy reliance

and never teach or write about science.

Teresa’s prompt 15 poem

Use phrases/words from previous poems

Day of Reckoning

By Teresa Jarmick

Her coffee space defiled by White Republican sunbathing topless

Action required, cross the street, look twice, the commute

Was short.

Victim of comfort, she could hear the coyotes and

Feel the goatee and eggs cracking shells like water and it’s rigorous

Adherence lullaby victims.

Caped, moody and dangerous she chased him, feet brushing


–   –


Keep Writing


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