NaPoWriMo Day 20 – Prompt for April 20, 2015

April 19, 2015

Welcome to Day 20  of NaPoWriMo.  Our third Monday of NaPoWriMo also puts us at the 2/3 mark.

So have your creative juices lit some poetic fires?  I hope you’ve fuel enough to keep it burning.

DAY 20  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 20, 2015 

Overheard conversation.   In your poem today include at least part of a conversation you recently overheard.  Your poem should be at least 6 lines in length… Be as creative with the idea as you’d like.


Prompt 18  suggested writing a persona poem. . .

Too Late

By Christopher J. Jarmick




When you don’t listen

Look through

ignore me,

I am disrespected

And must make sure

I am not as invisible,

as I feel.

I light a fire

I stomp

I shoot a gun

I drive too fast

I blow you up

Make your head explode

in slow motion

like a scanner.

I enjoy the idea you don’t

know what that means

and would be surprised

if you had any time at all

any clue to how far I would

really go.

I feel bad

I over-reacted

You didn’t deserve it

I realize this,

but it was your own damn fault.

It didn’t have to be like this.

I can hear your ghost telling me

to take responsibility for what I have done,

how I’m no victim

how I need help

how inappropriate my action was.

But your voice is a fading echo.

I forget you

become someone else

Disappear again

Live a different better life

When you knock on my door

Invade my dreams

I laugh

And spit in your eye.

Too late.

Too late.

Good thing for you

My vengeful day dreams

only flash for a moment

then disappear.

That’s what the odd smile means

in case you were wondering.

The violent, sadistic images

too  easy, too cliché

lack artistic integrity.

Instead I become the disclaimer

on a medical ad.  Warn you of

side-effects in such small print

or such rapid-fire speech

it blurs, becomes a joke.


Good way to deal with


Good way to deny.

Quietly I seal another entrance,

reinforce the wall.

I’m sorry?

Too late!


Too late!

Alternative View

By Teresa Jarmick

Indoctrinate the muddy water, stir in dogma,

A pinch of painted lip blah blah blah and

Voila’ the Thinking Tank pops out

Experts collecting speaking fees.  Oh no no no

Not signed checks, direct deposits –

Straight from silk purse to island paradise

Transferred sans the burden of buying a cup

Of coffee and tipping the waitress.

Napkin?  Wipe yourself.

Writers Digest PAD Prompt 18

Use only two vowels in a poem (y’s okay)


By Christophxr J. JXrmick

Color my world with indigo tints,

fill it with birdsong trills.

Ironic insight slips into my mind

whilst crying

slicing onions.

I know this slightly wrong think

will not birth ill wind plight

Blood moon tonight

will fix this thing right.

Teresa’s Prompt 16 Poem

Write a Rondel

He Pushed Her (Rondel)

By Teresa Jarmick

He pushed her, small of the back, grinned like it was fun

Just in case someone was looking but she knew

To be afraid of when he blew

His impatient top and let fly blows that stun.

Once, only once, she told him they were done

Followed her as out the door as she flew

Pushed her, small of the back, grinned like it was fun

Just in case someone was looking but she knew

She couldn’t kill him, they didn’t own a gun,

Long before she had a clue

They took vows to always be true

She dreamed he would stray and run.

He pushed her, small of the back, grinned like it was fun.


Keep Writing


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