NaPoWriMo Day 24 – Prompt for April 24, 2015

April 23, 2015

Welcome to Day 24  of NaPoWriMo.  One week, 7 more to go!   Jump in and join us for the last week if you haven’t been participating thus far.  Brendan, who has posted some wonderful stuff on his elsewhere in the rain blog  anticipated today’s prompt a couple days ago.  (and for the record, I was already planning to do this one).  Check out Brendan’s blog when you have a few minutes.  Worth your time.

DAY 24  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 24, 2015 

Write an opposite poem.  Specifically take your political poem from Day 22 and re-write it from a completely different and opposing viewpoint.  If you didn’t write a political poem for Day 22, then write a poem that suddenly turns in the opposite direction.  In other words it seems to be about one thing, but suddenly is about something else completely.   Have fun!!!


Suggested writing a political poem, perhaps a reaction or response to a current event.

My write came out slightly different than you (or I) might have expected.

We Respond

By Christopher J. Jarmick

Oh we respond,

we poets,

yes, we respond.

We truly do.

We do.

And we’ll keep stoking

the flames till they burn

through our egos and

narcissistic mask-poising

and light up all the places,

shameful behaviors

and secrets try to hide.

Oh we respond,

we poets,

playing with truths

held self evident,

hoping to split the injustices

of the world like a single bolt of lightening

splinters a thousand year old redwood tree;

like the cruel twist of fate or


that ruptured our sometimes

naïve, unguarded, artistic hearts

giving us excuse to mistrust

the power of love,

the innocence of a child,

and fuel our obsession

that words written,

and spoken

must have the purity

of focused selfless intention

to part the brutal, raging waters

even when suppressed, censored

kept beneath the surface

by the temporarily powerful

who fear raw truths so much

they spin, cover up,

distract, confuse

making noise

so too few, hear too little

without the filters of

prejudice, suspicion and doubt.

Yet, we continue.

We poets

we keep on responding,

even if in our words

we also expose

our fragile, unprotected selves

to the ridicule and dismissive labeling

of our peers,

even if our words

are mis-understood

called blasphemous

obscene, crude,

leftist, religious


Even if our words

aren’t the right,

shape or form to be embraced

by academic snobs.

Even if our words bring

too few, too little changes

too late.

Even if our words are

completely ignored.

We poets

keep on responding

often for all the wrong reasons,

that still carry the seeds of the right reasons,

because we don’t know

any other way – – .

We respond

because we have to.

We are poets,

we respond.

The Writers Digest Poem a Day Prompt Poem 22

Suggested writing a nature poem (about nature or the nature of things).

Still land

By Christopher J. Jarmick

Time can wear down

the jagged edges

until smooth

but only if you stand

in the same place

day after day,

week after weak

Year after year

And barely move.

It’s good to have roots,

not be a rolling stone.

It’s good to stand still

to listen, to observe,

to breathe deeply…

Spring has painted its

dazzling greens

and birdsong fills the air,

the sun warms

the breeze cools.

It’s good to stand still.

But I’m no tree!

And I’m always going to

have places that will never be


And whether we get better

with time and practice

or more careful

and are able to forget,

perhaps even forgive

. . .quietly.

Whether we ever really learn

to hear other voices

or adapt ours a little better

to what we think others

are ready to hear

and whether you stay near,

or not,

when I slow down

I sometimes pray you’ll take my hand,

but I won’t ever stop.

It’s good to stand still.

Still stand.

Teresa’s prompt 21 Poem

Write a life/learning poem.


By Teresa Jarmick








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