NaPoWriMo Day 26 – Prompt for April 26, 2015

April 25, 2015

Welcome to Day 26 of NaPoWriMo. And then there were 5! How about something random and unexpected for today’s prompt?

DAY 26 – NaPoWriMo Prompt for April 26, 2015
Go to this site right here. It will randomly generate a ‘first line’. Use it as the first line of your poem and create a poem at least 6 lines.  If you can’t get to the site for some reason… open a book to page 45, go to the third paragraph and use the first sentence as the first line of your poem.

Write an opposing view to the political poem you wrote for prompt 22.

Poets Shut Up
By Christopher J. Jarmick

stop reacting,
twitching, responding.
Few political poems
are well constructed,
fewer state views
that connect to anyone
but other deluded poets,
who aren’t really reading
poems anyway
because they are to busy
listening to themselves.

Poets who believe
their scribbles matter
are the same gullible fools
likely to believe realtors
when they say things like,
traffic isn’t that bad,
or downtown is just 10 minutes away.
They trust there’s some truth
In the sounds that escape from
the lower part of the front of the heads
of radio talk show hosts and lawyers

Maybe I shouldn’t discourage you, poet.
Your word-smithing keeps you occupied
and too busy to join together
and create a powerful lobby
that might petition lawmakers
to actually do anything
you might approve of.

Poets your fears are correct;
common sense, common courtesy,
rock-n-roll, love that lasts, honesty,
faith and poetry itself are all dead.
Deader than a rusty metaphor.
Most normal folks accepted this already
And are indeed def to your busted
Iambics and smelly feet.
All of it, water under the bridge.
If poetry mattered
there would be a fee charged
for obtaining a poetic license.
Respond, or don’t respond, just remember,
whatever happens in poetry,
stays in poetry.

Teresa’s Prompt 24 Poem

Honk Honk Honk
By Teresa Jarmick

Can you believe that?
Put your phone DOWN!

Side to side, weave in
Out around
Whew, made the light
Safe from that lollygag
Accident waiting to happen.

Oh &^%&#(
Another one, ARGGGHH.

Writers Digest Poem a Day Prompt 24 Poem
The prompt suggested writing a ‘moment’ poem.

That Moment
By Christopher J. Jarmick

. . . yesterday
that built to a crescendo
blissful feeling

35 minutes before
In the coffee shop

the young woman with
the lost look in her eye

for two seconds and
I could feel her mood

nothing flirtatious here
but I knew something in my

calmed her
helped in some way

I felt good about that
sat with my coffee and

at a table for almost
thirty minutes

almost at the door
I paused to get a hand

small bag and coffee cup in one
slipped cellphone in pocket

someone gracefully slip
past me, open the door

held the door for me
smiled, so I said:

“Thank you.”
She said: ‘ No,
Thank YOU.’

minutes later I was driving
by the lake, windows down

72 degree weather
clear Northwest blue sky

played a song I had not
heard in a long

and for no reason
I was smiling

thoughts evaporated
natural high enveloped me

cool clean air deep into
my lungs, I felt

for a moment, again.
In fact so

I didn’t tailgate the driver
insisting on going less than

in a 35 mile per hour zone
I felt too good to complain.

Teresa’s Prompt 22 Poem
Write a political poem

Gesticular Politicals
By Teresa Jarmick

You see them in cars
Moving lips and hands
Directing symphonies
Of missed notes.

Teresa’s Prompt 23 Poem
Write an intersection poem

By Teresa Jarmick

I crossed the street from mommy to mom once in a while.
It felt like they were the pedestrians
Or passengers in speeding cars making quick getaways
With me standing still stuck inside
But the data was inaccurate, we were all moving.


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