NaPoWriMo Day 27 – Prompt for April 27, 2015

April 26, 2015

Welcome to Day 27  of NaPoWriMo.   And then there were 4. . .   One of the most vitally important things a writer (part-time, full-time, published or not) absolutely must be doing is reading.  In fact, I believe if you are writing regularly and often feeling you are overflowing with ideas and inspiration you are likely reading a variety of things that are feeding your muse well.  And it goes to reason if you are having trouble finding things to write about, if you experience that mysterious malady called writer’s block it may be due to the fact you are not reading enough and certainly not diversifying what you are reading enough.   I should probably provide a link at this point to some poetry that is worth reading.  Although most of the Ten Poems Everyone Needs To Read are pretty obvious and are likely very familiar to you . . .most of these are indeed must reads.  So enjoy for them again for the thousandth time or for the first.   (And yes, for the record I certainly strongly considered not choosing to link to this particular because of how annoying their hyped up title is).

DAY 27  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 27, 2015 

Create a color-full poem.  One that uses a myriad of colors with a touch perhaps of something unexpected.


Prompt 25 suggested writing a poem using several Acronyms. . .


By Christopher J. Jarmick

The WASPS , JAPS and HUD renters march together against

the frackers shouting  NIMBY  NIMBY

Oklahoma shakes. (BOBs have nothing to do with this.)

Get data from EOS, ESPRI, NASA geeks.

You say FISHDO,  BOHICA, it’s just another SNAFU?  Go FO!

We say NIMBY, hell no!

Before our world is FUBAR!


Definitions: (12 Acronyms- 52 Words!)

WASP -White Anglo Saxon Protestant

JAP Jewish American Princesses

HUD- US Department of Housing and Urban Development

NIMBY- Not in My Back Yard

ESPRI -Earth Surface Processes Research Institute

EOS-      Earth Observing System

BOB-  Battery Operated Boyfriend

FISHDO – F* *k It, Shit Happens, Drive On

BOHICA – Bend Over Here It Comes Again (US Military Slang)

SNAFU – Situation Normal: All F* *cked Up

FO – Foxtrot Oscar (i.e. F**k Off) (US/UK Forces)

FUBAR – F* *cked Up Beyond All Recognition

Teresa’s Prompt 25 Poem

Language Love

By Teresa Jarmick

UNESCO, ANSI waiting outside MOMA couldn’t

Help but see the HEPA, NATO, HIPAA threesome

Linked by arms, laughing.  Obviously a LASER JAMA of

a day for them and he was ANSI, jealous, WISHA he was

mid the two FIFA ladies, ASORN he was

without AAMI.  Head hung low, NSAID, it was a QAPI

start to a DEVL day.

Writers Digest Poem a Day Prompt 25 poem

Write an across the sea perhaps travel poem.

Accinents  (tried to combine Accents and Accidents)

By  Christopher J. Jarmick

Hands across the water

You’re feet don’t get wet.

No one likes water in their ear.

Take a plane, but chew gum

or your ears might pop and

nobody likes that either.

Well, there’s probably some

masochist or perv that likes it

but I shouldn’t judge folks whose

oddball quirks aren’t hurting anyone.

I sound just like any other rude,

American tourist In France or Italy.

The ones who talk slow and loud

because that somehow helps people who

don’t speak English understand what they are saying.

Could have something to do with why

you think French Waiters are rude.

Nobody likes being yelled at or treated like their idiots.

I miss hearing accents.

Use to hear them a lot when I was younger

and living on the East Coast.

Regional accents,

foreign accents,

they make you listen a little closer

appreciate how the habits of the tongue

influence tone, volume, accent

even the meter of sentences spoken.

When I hear a thick accent

I sometimes think about poetry,

think about what a poem might sound like

recited with an accent like the one I’m hearing

or if there’s a way to capture on the page

the nuance of accents.

Some voices were made to read poetry.

You’re not from around here…

And I’m glad to hear it.

Makes things a little more interesting

makes me pay a little closer attention.

Might even learn something.


Keep Writing

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