NaPoWriMo Day 29 – Prompt for April 29, 2015

April 28, 2015

Welcome to Day 29  of NaPoWriMo.  And then there were TWO… can you believe IT!?!

I forgot all about the million line poem project that Tupelo Press began until yesterday when just for fun I submitted a couplet for it…. AND it was accepted.  What fun!   A few months ago I submitted a poem called Hummingbird I wrote (and almost completely forgot about) for consideration to a new anthology called Poeming Pigeons.  Yep.. it got accepted and that book is about to come out.  They’re kicking off an event in Portland, Oregon for the book (I can’t make it… but if you’re nearby consider going).  They will doing another anthology soon and are about to open submissions for it.  Click on the links to read more about either or both.

The folks in Auburn, Washington are ending Poetry Month with a (wi-CKED) bang at the Auburn Theatre April 30th and a reading that features past Auburn Poet Laureate Dick Brugger, present Auburn Poet Laureate Marjorie Rommel and Washington State Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen. 7 pm (doors open at 6) Thursday, April 30th in the Auburn Avenue Theater, 10 Auburn Ave, Auburn, WA 98002.  It’s FREE and there’ll be light refreshments too!!!

DAY 29  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 29, 2015 

Make up a word.  Make up a couple of words if you want.   Create a poem about and using this new word or couple of words.


Suggested writing a ‘color-full’ poem.

Love Colored

By Christopher J. Jarmick

As the sun set outside

the periwinkle sky was streaked

with mauve and mazarine

from a saffron and magenta horizon

and inside the Red Lights Casino Castaneous Lounge,

polka-dotted notions filled the blues singers

previously nigrine thoughts with rose-colored hope.

Her filemot outlook metamorphosing

into a fluorescent hyacinthine

bursting into bright ponceau.

She was in love.

Her monochrome life

with its sepia tinged memories

now pavonated with puniceous

porphyrous, vitellary.

Her blues now azure

with notes of nacarat and meline.


azure     light or sky blue

castaneous         chestnut-coloured

filemot               dead-leaf colour; dull brown

hyacinthine        of a blue or purple colour

magenta              reddish purple

mauve                light bluish purple

mazarine             rich blue or reddish-blue colour

meline                canary-yellow

nacarat               bright orange-red

nigrine                black

pavonated          peacock-blu

periwinkle           a bluish or azure colour

ponceau              poppy red

porphyrous        purple

puniceous           bright or purplish red

saffron                orange-yellow

sepia                    fine brown

vitellary                bright yellow

Teresa’s Prompt 27 poem

Color Me

By  Teresa Jarmick

Salmon meringue consistently

Not white.

Freckled red oak

Gravel halo.



Slightly Sunburned in Sequim

By Christopher J. Jarmick

Not satisfied with getting slightly sunburned

in Sequim, by sitting outside too long.

My wife ,has picked her super-hero name:

Pink Flippers.

Perhaps a member of the Fantastic Five Footwear team:

Puma, Air, Dunks, The Clog, and P.F.

whose secret lair

is underneath Nike Town.

Writers Digest  Prompt 27 Poem

the prompt was to write a  ‘looking back’ poem.

When NOT to look back

By  Christopher J. Jarmick

If you are running away

through the woods

or in Venice


Look back

Look at where you are going

focus on moving fast

and not falling down.

If you are running away

from betrayal, violence


Look back

You won’t see what’s left

of your heart

beating on the ground.

If you are running away

from a misunderstanding,

age or out of boredom

Stop.  Sit down.

You need a plan, a purpose

or you’ll run right into regret

which will absorb into your skin

and take its slow sadistic revenge.


Keep Writing

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