NaPoWriMo Day 30 – Prompt for April 30, 2015

April 29, 2015

Welcome to Day 30  of NaPoWriMo.  And here we are with the prompt for the last day of the month.  Did you challenge yourself to write every day? Did you challenge yourself to get outside of the box and write something completely different than what you normally write? Did you exercise your muse and take on some prompts?  Did you sometimes say to yourself. . . I DO NOT LIKE THAT PROMPT….I won’t do that prompt, not in a house, not with a mouse. . . . and did you discover that taking on the challenge you wrote something that either turned out better than you expected or opened up something that will lead to something even better in the near future?  I sincerely wish you have that sort of experience.  Continue to write every day, create your own prompts, take on prompts already posted you haven’t tried before, find sites LIKE THIS ONE that post weekly posts.

Tomorrow, I’ll have another post.. so stay tuned.

DAY 30  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 30, 2015 

This is the End, sang Jim Morrison.  Write an end poem.   It can be an end of the month poem, a last poem for your next collection of poetry, an end of a era, relationship, or world poem.  The last four words of the poem should be:  this is the end.


Prompt 28 suggested you read an excerpt from How To Read a Poem and then write you poem.

Becoming the Poem

By Christopher J. Jarmick

Thank you for the precious moments you spend

with these words.

I imagine them not simply gravel, or twigs

you travel upon

but unique birdsongs, and even loud noises

that stop you in your tracks

rudely interrupt your own thoughts and

swarm around you like thousands of gnats

that you must swat away.

It is the something you take notice of

because it is out of place

perhaps it is of such breathtaking beauty

or such incredible coincidence

that you feel that sensation of new love.

It fills your eyes, it captures your breath,

it softly touches your skin and purrs in your ear

which in the next moment

scares you with its nearly instant naked intimacy.

Your guard goes up, tense and defensive

But then,


you realize there is no danger,

you are safer in this place

than anywhere else you could be.

No one will harm you here

You can open your mind and have thoughts

that no one will judge or criticize.

They will be completely understood

by a stranger you will never meet.

And you know this, absolutely.

You can reach out and find exactly the sort

of touch you need in this moment,

and if you’d like

you can even close your eyes

drift into the deep and restful slumber

that will recharge your soul

for the rest of your journey ahead.

Writers Digest Poem a Day Prompt 28

Two for Tuesday prompt write a matter or anti-matter poem

Whatsa’ Matter You – An E = mc2 Poem.

By Christopher J. Jarmick

If for every particle of matter

there is an anti-matter particle

but gravity affects both equally

and their meeting in mass

created the Big Bang that begat

our Universe, then why is

the Universe made up of matter particles.

How did one particle matter more than another

and survive annihilation?

And what of discovered particles that may

contain both matter and anti-matter

that aren’t affected by gravity or

magnetic fields?

Concentrations of energy

created by matter and anti-matter

make cosmic rays

which one of Buck Rogers

of was it Flash Gordon’s nemesis

threatened to destroy earth with

and in a 50s creature feature or two

created giant insects.

Rays (cosmic, gamma) also made a super-hero or two,

and become a doomsday machine

in a lousy Dan Brown novel.

It’s hard to make anti-matter

since it vanishes when it touches anything.

All of this is for scientists only perhaps

but in a poets’ perspective. . .

I think we’ve all had a few relationships

where after touching someone, they seem to vanish.

Never call, don’t answer their phone… aren’t

ever seen or heard from again.

Doesn’t usually happen instantaneously, I realize,

but the delayed reaction might open up a

whole new field of study.

No matter?

Isn’t matter as much an illusion as

truth in advertising, you say?

That’s quantum physics

worthy perhaps of another poem,

–when I have the energy.


By Christopher J. Jarmick


I know the earth is not flat,

the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth

and poetry is not dead.


Contrary to popular belief,

poetry isn’t anti-prose that vanishes

when it touches anything other

than another poet.


Mathematics and Science

are bedfellows

as are Poetry and Mathematics.

(Need I explain iambic pentameter?)

Politicians have long feared both

science and poetry.

Both have survived.


There is hope for poetry’s future.

Carl Sagan became famous in the 1970s

and recently so has Neil deGrasse Tyson.

There is hope for poetry’s future.

If every 40 years (or so) an Astro-physicist

can become a media darling,

there is hope for poetry’s future.


Keep Writing


  1. […] DAY 30  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 30, 2015     This is the End, sang Jim Morrison.  Write an end poem.   It can be an end of the month poem, a last poem for your next collection of poetry, an end of an era, relationship, or world poem.  The last four words of the poem should be:  this is the end. […]

  2. Terminal Poetry

    Napowrimo ends today
    Thank God for that, I hear you say.
    Now we can let go of all that stress –
    write poetry that flows
    or none at all, as heaven knows
    good poetry is not mechanical.
    This daily regime tyrannical
    is detrimental
    to poetic contemplation.
    A poem a day for a month
    leads to verbal constipation.
    So until October, this is the end.

  3. Well done!

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