NaPoWriMo Day 31 – Prompt for April 31, 2015 aka May 1, 2015

April 30, 2015

Welcome to Day 31  of NaPoWriMo.  HEY….  WAIT A MINUTE!!!!  Tomorrow I’ll have wrap up with my Prompt 30 and 31 poem and post a catch-up, hopefully, of Teresa poems….maybe I’ll even plug my upcoming poetry collection Not Aloud due out this September from MoonPath Press. . . HEY!  Wait a minute….!!!

DAY 31  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  April 31, 2015 

Xtra….  Yep… an extra.  Write your extra poem.   Look at any of the 30 prompts I posted this year for NaPoWriMo and write another poem using that prompt or combine a couple of prompts to write your poem.   C’mon one more…


Creating a new word or two and make it the focus of your poem


By Christopher J. Jarmick

Poets in passionate vocabulation

flourishing vocabularments,

vocalaJuggling with feats of

vocabuleeze until readers are

in an oversatiated vocabuloric stupor

Declaring war on poetics.

No more….

Die.. die… die

We can’t process anything if your


put us into a brain dead vocabuloma


you insistent too hip, too smart, too profound

too depressed, too heartbroken for the room


Take a deep breath,

Give us a moment to catch up

with your empathyisms

If you insist on a three ring circus

create your show

one ring at a time,

and give us copies of the program

so we can sort of keep up

with what’s going on.

Writers Digest Poem a Day Prompt 29

Write a what you don’t know poem

Church Key

By Christopher J. Jarmick

Is it subtle reference to Ovid

or obscure Greek poet,

I don’t know.

It may be the code of the poem

but it remains unbroken.

The patterns on the dishes

in the sink,

could mean many things,

the things we purposefully collect

even more.

Pieces of childhood we enjoy holding onto

I understand.

But the antique church key?

She gave it to me, saying

it meant her heart was in my hands.

“If you tire of me return it.”

She said her grandmother gave it to her

just before she died.

Months after she left me,

I realized I still had the key.

I don’t know why I’ve kept it.

Perhaps you think the answer clear;

she stole something precious from me,

leaving like she did,

so I kept the key to her heart

so that she’ll never truly be able

to give her heart to anyone else

as long as I possess this key.

But I don’t believe in spells, or magic

or literal keys to anyone’s heart.

People might convince themselves

someone has them under a spell

or possesses them,

but it is not ever true.

And now that I write this,

I like the idea of putting the key

in a box of books or bag of clothes

that I’ll donate to Goodwill.

But I haven’t,

and won’t do it next time either.

I’ve kept it for years.

I don’t know why.


Keep Writing

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  1. No thanks! I’m all poemed out, and May 1 is a holiday…….

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