NaPoWriMo Day 32 – NaPoWriMo Wrap-up May 2, 2015

May 1, 2015

Welcome to the Wrap-up of NaPoWriMo  2015 Whew… that was intense and invigorating.  I hope you pushed yourself a bit this year and wrote some interesting things that you wouldn’t have attempted otherwise.  Perhaps with a little re-writing, revising and editing some of your NaPoWriMo writes will blossom into poems worth keeping, sharing and even publishing!    A few poems that are in my new poetry collection, Not Aloud (MoonPath Press) available in September of 2015, began as NaPoWrimo writes.  A couple of others have been published in print journals or anthologies.

To be honest, sometimes the prompt writes surprise me.  I approach NaPoWriMo prompts seriously, but I also look at prompt writing as writing exercises akin to a runner stretching and warming up before a race.  It is for me like an improvisation exercise.   I expect from my efforts there will be some good phrases, and groundwork that will lead me to writing a poem worth keeping, but when something better than that happens, I’m am appreciative and genuinely surprised.   When it happens a few times during the month, I chalk it up to being in good writing shape.  I write something nearly every day (not always poetry).  Some days I write thousands of words, others a few hundred.   So my challenge during NaPoWriMo is to… 1) come up with interesting and challenging prompt posts (that aren’t IMPOSSIBLE for newer writers and poets to take on) for each day of NaPoWriMo and to participate in someone else’s NaPoWriMo related prompt challenge. This year I also wrote a poem every day for the Writers Digest Poem a Day challenge.  I wrote a few extras no one saw (which are pretty terrible) and a few decent poems outside of the prompts that may wind up being ‘keepers’.

Thanks for checking in from time to time or every day.  I hope NaPoWriMo tuned up your writing habit and you had fun being creative along the way.  And if it drove you a bit nuts… well that’s good too . . . particularly if you pushed through it and reached a new goal for yourself.

A few times per month on this blog, I post the NorthWest Poetry Update which compiles mostly free poetry readings and open mics that are happening in the Western Washington State Area (mostly).  You might also notice there’s a POETRY DAY OF THE WEEK page on this blog (telling you about many regularly scheduled poetry readings in Western Washington and a couple in the Portland OR area.

Sometimes I create other blog posts and my intention is to do a few more of those during the next few months.   Feel free to FOLLOW the blog and you’ll get an email when I post something.


Write an end Poem that ends with the words THIS IS THE END

This is a door

By Christopher J. Jarmick

This not the beginning

It has been here.

It was here previously.

It could have been here in another form

under a different guise or perhaps invisible.

Perspective tells us

we should not assume we know anything.

We are unreliable witnesses to everything.

We don’t know anything for certain.

Not even this.

So what is the point?

Is the point mere experience?

Or perhaps it is the sharing of the experience.

An experience as we decide to define it.

This is whatever I decide it is.


Marilyn Monroe’s picture

is above the eggs benedict

on the theme diner menu

waiting for Mark Doty to notice

and for his comment to be part

of the Poets and Writer article

I read a couple of days ago.

It needs to be part of a poem

even if I don’t understand why.

Did the people who drew things

on cave walls in the dark

believe doing so

freed them?

It is everything you need to know.

It is absolutely nothing.

It is only one part of a bigger story.

It is the door closing behind you.

You are not here. It is the end.

Teresa’s Prompt 30 poem


By Teresa Jarmick

Five or six, peeking through screen

Just high enough to see smell and talk

To the bedded person that loved me.

First row bleachers, back in kindergarten

I had something to share with the class.

Teacher redirected me.

Time repeats silent story

Soundless interstate travel

This is the end.

Writers Digest Poem-a-Day Prompt 30

Suggests writing a poem that includes the phrase  ‘bury the …..  (you complete it).

Parasite or Not a Poem About My Muse.

By Christopher J. Jarmick

It should be clear by now

I intend to grab hold

arouse your interest

scream, yell, shout,

scratch, kick, bite

even expose myself

it that’s what it takes.

If you are like me

you’ll resist it

refuse to be taken in

and on principle

not continue to encourage

such blatant attention-seeking

desperation by a hack

poseur or worse a trickster.

There is all around us

uncensored streams

of over the top

exaggerated sensory overloads

employed to market and sell

products, proposals and ideas.

You know there is no place for it

In the realms of respectable,

proper literature

and never in your

most sacrosanct of work;


Bury the beast

Bury temptation

Bury the madness

But we both know

quest of knowledge and

curiousity compels

you to bear witness.

You’ll comfort yourself

that it was inevitable

and the slight betrayal

of your principals

can remain a kept secret

a comfortable shame.

But like the deadliest

of parasites, now that I am in

I will grow inside of you,

feast myself first on


work myself up to

occasional nibbles in

places that will produce

nearly imperceptible discomfort

and just as you realize

you can not keep the secret inside

any longer, perhaps when you

begin to reveal your shame,

that is when I will strike at

your most vital of organs

and bring you to your knees.

Your appetite for the unsavory

will be impossible to conceal

and everything that you feared

will curse your daily existence

and the more you protest

the more you blame

the more you try to conceal

the louder will you

scream, yell, shout.

Lock yourself in a room

scratch, kick, bite

the only cure for this

is to expose yourself,

embrace and own your greatest fears

Suffer both ridicule

and puerile curses

along with

undeserved praise

in plain view

and realize

your ravenous appetite

insures you will do it  all again


Teresa’s Prompt 29 Poem

Make up a word and use it in a poem


By Teresa Jarmick

Complicated tubes connecting

Engines powered by whispered

Sly tongues alternating

Misery, comfort, misery

Engaging names dropped

Butter on breadless crumbs.

Don’t trust her, the evagrou.


Combine two previous prompts to write your poem.  I combined at least three: the Septolet, political and make up your own word prompt to come up with.

Wires from Baltimore

By  Christopher J. Jarmick



did the

FOX folks say?

Baltimore is

our third world




25 year old Freddie Gray

from the birthplace of Thurgood Marshall

and Cab Calloway

was told to stop by the cops,

but tried to run away.

“Apprehended without incident’

on April twelve, they say.

then Freddie had a ‘massive spinal injury’

on his ride to the station, anyway.

He complained he was in pain

and definitely not okay

but didn’t see the docs

until much later that day.

Something wrong happened here

you can logically say

and it should be made crystal clear

April 19th ,is the day

they said;

Freddie’s dead.


Last Saturday,

The  Baltimoristan police chief

called peaceful protests

a ‘lynch mob,’

Doesn’t take a poet or editor

to spot the bad word choice here.


Last Saturday and Sunday

on Facebook

a few dozen high school kids

posted they should meet at

the mall after school on Monday

and have a ‘purge night’ of

reckless looting—like ‘in those

recent movies.’

So public transportation

was restricted meaning

hundred of teenagers

would be stranded at the mall.

But not to worry,

dozens of cops in riot gear

were on the scene demonstrating

just what a police state looks like.

‘Life isn’t at all like ‘The Purge’, kids,

it’s more like ‘Hunger Games’.’


When the police told the media

gang members made threats

about killing some officers,

The Nation of Islam

invited rival gang members

to a church where they

held hands and pledged

to help stop any violent protests.

Imagine Fox correspondents trying to

explain that an organization called Islam

Is NOT a terrorist group.

Don’t worry.  Didn’t happen.

Cable news folks were too busy covering

each other having fun

at a fancy news correspondent dinner

with politicians, 40 miles away.

Who says there’s no such thing as a

free lunch?


When the riots began

CNN and FOX news anchors

proclaimed they had not seen

such mayhem in decades

as if they weren’t around

a few news cycles ago

in Ferguson.


“Doesn’t look like any America

I know,” said one well dressed

middle-aged white news anchor.

I wish I could be so myopic

I don’t see neighborhoods in cities like Detroit

and Baltimore where tens of thousands

live below the poverty line in places

where rat infested abandoned buildings

are turned into shooting galleries for

heroin addicts?

Maybe you believe that was all made up

to publicize HBO’s The Wire ?

Maybe the Baltimore you know is the

Inner Harbor of million dollar condos and luxury tourist

hotels and not the neighborhoods east and west

where you’ll find the highest concentration of AIDS

cases anywhere in the U.S.

AIDS?  Is that still a thing?


Thugs thugs thugs

tHugs thugs thugs

thUgs  thugs thugs

thuGs thugs thugs

thugS thugs thugs

“They aren’t protestors – they are thugs.”

orange is the new black  and

The T word is the new N word.

No wait, thug is okay, President Obama

called the looters in Baltimore, thugs.

Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman

and Baltimore looters

are thugs

from gangs like the

Black Guerillas.

I heard it on the news today

. . . oh boy…


As the riots turned to looting, and violence,

windows were smashed, cars and buildings

lit on fire.

We saw footage from a helicopter

of angry protestors throwing rocks

at police in riot gear.

“The thugs are throwing boulders at the police. . .”

said the reporter.

“There are gangs involved in this. . .” said another.

Crips, Blood and BGF to name the names… only

Fox folks delighted in making sure they said

‘Black Guerillas,’ which sounds just like ‘Black Gorillas’

rather then saying BGF or the more generic


“Gangs like the Black Guerillas,” they said.

some of these thugs are Black Guerillas…” they said.

Over and over again, Black Guerillas this and Black Guerillas that

and they weren’t reciting an anaphoric poem

but suddenly had regressed into 11 year-olds

on a playground daring each other to say, “Pussy”.

Only worse. . . Black Guerillas. . .


And oh how they carried on. . .

even laughing and joking at the footage

of the black mother slapping and punching what we

presume is her son.

“if there were more folks like her

there wouldn’t be any riots in Baltimore…”

Problem solved.

Thanks FOX.

I should have had more faith

that you would figure this out for us

while giving us thrilling visuals

and your usual brand of entertaining

R. C. commentary

(Racist Colored commentary).


There is a silver lining on

these clouds of Gray.

The Fox lead in should be:

Donald Trump publicly admits Obama

is a great president.

Can’t make this up.

Trumps Tweet:

Our great African American President

hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs

who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore!”

Now join hands with me and sing:

‘We shall comb over.’


The not completely unexpected Baltimore riots have given us a barrage of irresponsible reporting from the usual sources.  This sequence begins with a syllable Septolet (a lesser known French poetry form).

Sources and references include the following:








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  1. This is the beginning.
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