NaPoWriMo prompt for April 8, 2017

April 7, 2017

DAY 8  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  Saturday April 8, 2017


“Resist much, obey little.”

Walt Whitman


It’s been a whole week!   Did you write a poem every day this past week?    If you are just starting now – welcome.   Do the best you can and try to develop a daily habit of creative writing.  I hope the prompts are fun, inspiring and challenging.   It should help you write something you would never have written otherwise.  This doesn’t mean what you write is particularly good, it means you are getting out of your own head a little bit and expanding.

Such exercises improve your writing overall.    Really!


Today’s prompt was suggested by Brendan McBreen

Write a bad poem, no pressure, let yourself go and write the worst poem you can.

(Do not make this a really short poem because in a few days we’ll be doing something else with what you write!)


I suppose I should double-dog -dare those in the Western Washington Area to read the terrible poem you create at the open mic that will be part of the 3rd Saturday PoetryIsEverything reading at BookTree (609 Market Street, Kirkland, Wa 98033) next Saturday, April 15th.  It’s Free!


We will be sharing baaad poetry during part of our reading.  It will begin with renowned poet Robert Lashley leading a free workshop from 4:30 to 6 p.m.   Then Robert will be part of an informal Q and A and read some poems from his latest collection  Up South (just available from Small Doggies Press).  This will be followed with a sharing of Baaad poetry – the worst poems ever written by famous poets, celebrities and those that want to read their own baad poems too.  It is a fun and educational way to celebrate National Poetry Month  (you can learn a lot from the opposite of good).  3rd Saturday Workshop & Reading at BookTree Event Page


Reminder:  I (Chris Jarmick) have 2 readings today.  At 4 p..m.  I will be reading with David Horowitz at the Greenlake Library in Seattle.


At 7p.m.  I’ll be reading with Rayn Roberts in Bothel  at the Tsuga Art Gallery.  There will be a special Art opening party before the reading celebrating ‘Resistance Art’  and some of the poetry I’ll be reading will reflect resistance, activism and politics.   An Event Page for the reading 


Both readings are free and include an open mic!


“I am awaiting

perpetually and forever

a renaissance of wonder”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Day 6 Prompt Poem  Brendan suggested:  Find a piece of music without words, listen to it and write a poem as the words or simply inspired by the piece.    Here’s the poem (albeit a very quick one) I wrote.


Free Write to Martin Taylor’s Odd Couple

By Christoher J. Jarmick


It’s right here

All you need in this run of fing-

ers on the keyboard almost too fast

on a real

real keyboard of course and yes you can


can tell

and then the guitar,


plu . . .cked


dis . . .tinct


until a flourish of showin’ off to

make you smile, like gentle tickle




sin . . . gle

note    plucks

And the refrain returns


a slow tempo


Odd Couple Theme

Hey that’s the Odd Couple theme




Keep Writing!


Walt  Whitman walt whitman pd wiki


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