BANG! – Submission Details


‘BANG!’ Is the new E-book anthology from World Enough Writers to be published in the near future; print edition to be determined..(TBD).   We received submissions from nearly 400 people.  The editing process has begun.

The E-book (and later print edition) anthology of poems is about school shootings, public shootings, guns, gun control, media coverage of tragic shootings, the NRA and the second amendment.

We particularly encouraged submissions from students, younger writers (and artists) and teachers since they experience the very real threat of increasing school attacks on a daily basis.  The E-book and print edition will be published by World Enough Writers (the anthology division of Concrete Wolf).  The project editor is Christopher J. Jarmick. (Managing Editor: Lana Hechtman Ayers)  BANG- submission details on world enough writers.

Submissions are CLOSED.


No gun violence symbol

No gun violence symbol



POEMS – Submit up to 4 poems with maximum total word count of 1,200.

We prefer poems that have not been previously published (but may make an exception or two).  Previously published poems are defined as poems that have appeared in journals, newspapers, chapbooks, magazines and as part of internet journals, publicly accessed websites and blogs.  We will consider work that has appeared on personal blogs but has been revised/re-written provided we are informed of the poems history.  Tell us if your poem appears anywhere in any form and we will decide if it is acceptable.  If you don’t tell us and we discover the poem in any form, it will be rejected.  We would prefer not to consider simultaneous submissions but if it can’t be avoided and you let us know, give it a try.

Most poem styles will be considered including free verse, metrical, rhyming and form.  Poems can be passionate, satirical, humorous, profound, experimental etc., but should avoid being merely editorial essays. We welcome anything that works as a poem. .  Poems that require special formatting, fonts etc will NOT be considered.

You may include the poems in the body of the email but also include and attach the poems as a document that can be opened with MS Word.  In the subject heading of your email include your writer name and POEM.

ART WORK – Artists and Cartoonists are invited to submit two black and white photos, drawings, or cartoons. Send low resolution (25 to 750 kb files). We will require higher resolution files if accepted for publication. But do NOT send work that exceeds 1mb in size for any reason. It will not be opened or considered during the submission period. Artwork should be submitted in JPG format. In the subject heading of your email include your Artist name and ART.


“Authors and artists must possess publication rights to all poems/art-work submitted.”

Subject heading of email should include your Author name and either POEM or ART.  (Submit Poems and Art in separate emails if you want to submit both).

Email submission to  bangsubmit@gmail.com

No fee to submit.

Submissions are open NOW until March 31, 2016.

In the body of the email include your legal name, (and author name if different), your age*,  full contact information including mailing address, email address and phone number and the names of your poems.

(*if you are under 16 years of age, please include name, address phone number of parent or legal guardian).

Please include a short bio (under 50 words).  We don’t care if you have ever been published before, but do want to know something about you and we want to read/see your work.

Cover letter optional.  

Please keep in mind that submitting to BANG implies an interest in the anthology and anyone submitting will be added to a mailing list to receive updates on the anthology.  We will never buy, sell, trade, or share you information with anyone.



Contributors will receive PDF of the entire collection and a discount on print version (when available).

Rights & Rules


All rights revert to the authors/artists upon publication of the print edition of the anthology.  If a print edition of the anthology is not produced by May of 2017; print rights fully revert to the authors.  Though authors do retain all rights to their work, you are giving us Non-Exclusive Electronic Permissions for the E-Book and the right to use your poem for promotional purposes and as an excerpt on BANG and MoonPath Press related websites.

Response Time


If your poem/art is accepted you will hear from us on or before April 30, 2016.   If you have not heard from us you may query by email after May 16, 2016.  We will do our best to let you know as soon as possible if your poems are NOT being considered so that you can submit them elsewhere.



It is not possible to revise a poem while it is being considered. Submit once and be patient.  If you need to withdraw your poem, send an email with your name, ‘Meryl Streep’ and ‘withdraw submission’ in the subject line and then in the body of the email re-send us your information (name address etc) and the name of your poem(s) or artwork that is to be withdrawn.

You will have an opportunity to revise and correct your work prior to publication if it has been accepted. Please proof-read your work carefully before you submit— be aware however that your work will be considered even if it is not perfect and has a few typos.   Be professional but don’t worry if you later discover a few typos.  No one is perfect.

– – – –

Thank you for considering sharing your work with us.


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