NorthWest Poetry Read-A-Thon

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You’re Invited!
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* UPDATE*   Three books were added to the list!  (September/October 2015)
Let’s read some recently published poetry books.  I’ve listed 27 books that have been recently published by NorthWest poets.  Many of these books will sell less than 500 copies but deserve to be better known.
Consider giving one or more of the listed books as gifts.  Go see the author at a local reading or contact the author and ask for a signed copy of his or her book!
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Discover a new poet, read a poet you’ve heard at a reading but have never seen on the page, support poets and small press poetry publishing!
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Pick 6 books from this list.  Read them in the next three months and post short or longer reviews about the books you read on  AMAZON, and on GoodReads (join if you need to), and on your blog (if you got one)  (Of course review books in longer forms with online or print literary magazines too!)  (Below are links to groups/discussions you might join on this topic).
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Joseph Green – What Water Does at a Time Like This – 2015
Cindy Hutchings – Tree Talk – 2015
Ronda Broatch – Lake of Fallen Constellations – 2015
Christopher J.  Jarmick – Not Aloud – 2015
David D. Horowitz – Cathedral and Highrise – 2015
Jeanine Hall Gailey – The Robot Scientist’s Daughter – 2015
Mathew Brouwer’s – Stories We Must Tell – 2015
Jenifer Brown Lawrence – Grayling – 2015  ***NEW***
Priscilla Long – Crossing Over – 2015   ***New***
John Burgess – by land – 2015  ***NEW***
2014 BOOKS
– – –
Michael Spence’s – Bus Driver’s Threnody – 2014
Jim Bertolino – Ravenous Bliss – 2014
Carole Levin – Confident Music Would Fly Us to Paradise – 2014
Don Kentop’s – Frozen by Fire – 2014
Jed Myers – Watching the Perseids – 2014
Larry Crist – Undertow Overtures – 2014
Robert Lashley – The Homeboy Sings – 2014
– – –
2013 Books
– – –
Jack McCarthy – Drunks and Other Poems of Recovery – 2013
Kathleen Flenniken – Plume –  2013
 John Sibley Williams – Controlled Hallucinations – 2013
Jill McCabe Johnson – Diary of the One Swelling Sea – 2013
Impossible Lessons – Jenifer Bullis – 2013
– – –
2012 BOOKS
– – –
Peter Ludwin – Rumors of Fallible Gods – 2012
Raul Sanchez – All Our Brown-Skinned Angels – 2012 
Dennis Caswell – Phlogiston – 2012
 Richard Wakefield – A Vertical Mile – 2012
Leonard Orr -Timing is Everything – 2012
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Share this idea, encourage others to join us in our reading.  Update your participation and what your are reading on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and other social media.
Facebook NorthWest Read-A-Thon Here.
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Reading period  approximately September 1st to February 1, 2016.  Write and post updates and comments and mini-reviews as you read books and poems.
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Feel free to discuss individual poems that particularly impress you.  Some of us enjoy reading perspectives on specific poems. 
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UPDATE-  I have created a READ-A-THON discussion sub-group at GoodReads.    You will find this thread in the large POETRY discussion group that is already established, in one of the folders marked Recommended Books and with its own topic heading   NorthWest Poetry Book Read-A-Thon  Discussion.    Join GoodReads,  join the POETRY discussion group.
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Feel free to post in the thread here :   I have suggested some of the authors / poets of the books on the list of 24 will possibly drop by to participate in this thread.  Consider doing so authors.
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There is also my NORTHWEST POETRY BOOK READ-A-THON bookshelf.  Several of the 27 books were added to the GoodRead’s book database so that all books appear there.  Some do not have cover images however.  A few of the books I did mini-reviews on.  I will do a few more for the books I have read so far.  Please add some reviews to these books as YOU read them.
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People should be reading more poetry and you can help by being a great example.  If you have already purchased/read some of the books… WONDERFUL!!!   Read at least 4 more books from the list than you have already…  If that means you wind up reading 10 or 12 or more books… excellent…  If you have good things to say about the books and poets… put some comments on Amazon, Goodreads, blogs and elsewhere. You are supporting the poets, the small presses that publish them and encouraging additional book sales, book borrowing and poetry reading.  And if you have mixed comments or negative comments… post those too if you’d like.  Poetry books do not sell like hot dogs on the 4th of July, so help spread the word about these poetry books.
– – – 
It would be best if you can buy some books from the authors/poets directly, or from independent bookstores, small presses or lastly, Amazon (most Authors will make little or nothing from Amazon sales… but first and foremost most authors want more people to read their work).
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Many of these books might also be available from the Library.  If they are not… many libraries might order a couple of copies if you request the book (additional info on the book including ISBN number is often required to do this. . . but it will help get the book into the library). You’ll help the authors and presses by requesting the books from the library (even if you buy some, or own some already).
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I don’t want to discourage you from reading any poetry, but keeping the list fairly compact concentrates attention on 27 authors and their books.  Certainly read, comment and review other books too… but choose 6 or more books from this list… at least 4 you haven’t read before and read on.
– – –
I hope enough participants will be interested to do something similar to this again…. So as 2016 approaches… we can see if there’s interest in choosing another set of books and doing it again.
 – – –
I hope we get 24 or more people willing to read some poetry books.    Start reading/re-reading anytime… but concentrate on making sure you cover 6 books… and procure/read 4 books you’ve not read before that appear on this list.  Post your progress on reading the books on Facebook and Goodreads.
– – –
Perhaps readers will converse with each other and the poet/authors during this ‘experiment’. Perhaps such interaction will inspire new poems.  Maybe we’ll have a special reading with many of these authors reading poems from their books.   


  1. I wrote a comment but I don’t find it now (though it says I posted)- I am suggesting a “Northwest Slackers’ Read-a-Thon” subgroup that would commit to reading 1 book and reflecting on it, writing a review and then reading a 2nd. I am inundated with poetry-related activities and work this month and next. Cheers and congratulations for a good idea.

    • That’s a perfectly okay way to do it. You’re comment on Facebook is on the side of the page….by the way. Thanks.

  2. Chris, what a splendid way to spread the word about these recent books! Many thanks for including mine, and I’m eager to read yours. (More soon about my plans to participate in the Read-a-thon!)

    • Thanks Jennifer. A lot of chapbooks and books are sold to fellow poets at readings and elsewhere. We support each other in that way and that’s a good thing of course and needed. We can also help each other to promote and market…as this idea demonstrates. It’s a positive and optimistic thing to do….


  4. […] also started the NorthWest Poetry Book Read-A-Thon .   Click on that link for my blog post which tells you all about the challenge to read at least 6 […]

  5. Joseph Green’s WHAT WATER DOES AT A TIME LIKE THIS got a really nice review by Barbara Lloyd McMichael in today’s Bellingham Herald: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/entertainment/article36885585.html . Really good to see! (I posted this news to the page you set up on Goodreads, too.)

  6. Hello poets and poetry readers and Chris. A note on reviewing. When I review a book I put the same review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, LibraryThing (which librarians read), Goodreads, the independent huge bookstore Powells in Portland (which has a comment feature on books), and I request the local library to buy it if they haven’t already. It’s simple because I am not making up a new review but merely copying the first one and why the hell not? Yr devoted poet and reader of poetry Priscilla Long

    • Thanks Priscilla. I often do something similar. I write a longer review…. and then post various edited and shorter versions of it all over the place.

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