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BookTree 609 Market St. Kirkland WA 98033 September Events!

September 3, 2018

Several Events are happening at BookTree in Kirkland Wa. This month.

BookTree on Facebook here!

Thanks for helping me get the word out about them!

September 8th is a celebration of the Raven Chronicles  Last Call  Anthology ; short stories and poems will be shared staring at 6PM   Facebook Event Page Here! 

Coming soon  September 15th 3rd Saturday Free Workshop and PoetryIsEverything Reading and open mic (with special guest Risa Denenberg!).  More here.

September 16th   Author Garth Stein at BookTree at 4 PM   RSVP a must!  Facebook Event Page Here.

September 25th  Reading Circle Book Club will discuss our book of the month which is Spare Parts.  The book is part of the Kirkland Reads program.   More info on the Facebook Event Page here!

But wait there’s more. . .



NaPoWriMo Writing Prompt for April 15, 2017

April 14, 2017

DAY 15  – NaPoWriMo Prompt for  Saturday, April 15, 2017


“Whereas story is processed in the mind in a straightforward manner, poetry bypasses rational thought and goes straight to the limbic system and lights it up like a brushfire. It’s the crack cocaine of the literary world.”

Jasper Fforde


We are at the halfway point!   How are you doing?  Able to write a poem every day or every other day?   If you are just joining the NaPoWriMo – welcome.


Find about more  About NaPoWriMo here

Reminders-    Helping me again this year with prompts is Brendan McBreen  a member of the Striped Water Poets group in Auburn Washington  I am quite overwhelmed with the work of running a brand new independent new and gently used bookstore in Kirkland, Washington (609 Market St.) called BookTree.   So, thankfully Brendan sent over lots of suggestions.    Brendan’s website is here.


BookTree on Facebook   (Please LIKE and Follow the page).

If you are in the Kirkland/Seattle/Western Washington area, there are several events of interest occurring at the bookstore. On April 15th, Robert Lashley will be leading a free workshop and later in the evening reading some poems from his newest collection Up South.  We’ll also have an open mic.  Third Saturday PoetryIsEverything at BookTree.  

Award-winning writer-poet-publisher Paul Hunter will be visiting BookTree with his brand new book on April 22nd!  Hunter Facebook Event Page


Day 15 NaPoWriMo Prompt


Erasure.   Take a magazine article, essay or text of more than 1500 words (yes you can use a few pages from a book) and eliminate words, leaving behind your poem.  You’ll want to transform the text into something completely different than what it is by doing this.    You can fudge just a little bit by adding a few modifiers and connecting words if absolutely needed (the, and) but keep the words in the order they would be in the article.  We aren’t rearranging the words, or borrowing words and phrases to reassemble into a (cut-out) poem (William Burroughs style)…we are creating an erasure poem.   Some always ask… is this really a thing?  A way people ‘write’ poetry?   It is indeed… and it does take patience, skill and some craft to do it very well.  You can create a meter or even rhyme if you want… though don’t be tempted to change word order around…. (if you need to change a tense…add an ‘ed’ or ‘s’…I think that’s okay… some don’t… so it’s up to you).   Have at it NaPoWriMo-ers…..


“To elevate the soul, poetry is necessary.”

Edgar Allan Poe


Brendan suggested using 6 names of fish in a political poem for Prompt 13.


I had less than 20 minutes to write something…  used 9 fish names.



By Christopher J. Jarmick


The entire school of marbled groupers *, protested

“The Callorhinchidae** have changed the rules.”

The Harelip sucker, Hatchetfish, and Humuhumunukunukuapua’a  shrugged.

“You forced the nuclear option.”

Senators  Gibberfish, Prickleback, and Bonytongue,

rushed out of the chamber vowing revenge shouting,

“Send in the clownfish!”


*The marbled grouper (Dermatolepis inermis) is a species of fish in the family Serranidae. Other common names include donkey fish, mutton hamlet, rockhind, and sicklefish grouper.

**  Callorhinchidae, a family of marine fish also known as elephant sharks or plough-nose chimaeras


Keep Writing!

booktree talia sketch


March P.I.E. Update

March 10, 2017

To be consumed by all things books is a burden to manage,

but a blessing to experience.


And so it goes.   Co-owning BookTree in Kirkland has monopolized my time the last several months and made even more demands than I imagined.

I have begun the Third Saturday Poetry is Everything workshop and poetry reading however.   We have quite the line-up scheduled in the coming months.

Please check out the BookTree website which has an event calendar  (authors, special events, poetry nights etc.)  BookTree Website

BookTree also has a BookTree Facebook Page.  It would be great if you could like/share and follow the page and help get the word out, that there is an independent new and used general bookstore in Kirkland (one of the few remaining on the eastside by the way).

I do have a couple of readings coming up  (April and beyond),  I am going to finish editing BANG! and it will be in print (and as an e-book) in September or October.

Soon it will be April and NapoWriMo time!


NorthWest Poetry Update- December 2017

December 15, 2016

Painting is silent poetry,

and poetry is painting that speaks.


Many of you know that I am now the co-owner/ manager of a new independent new and used bookstore, BookTree located at 609 Market Street in Kirkland, Wa 98033.

We had our Grand Opening on November 5th. It has been an overwhelming,                             and rewarding journey creating a new bookstore for Kirkland. A few Sunday’s ago the Seattle Times featured our store! We’ve had several author events, a holiday party and the beginning of our brand new workshop/reading/open mic series.

BookTree on Facebook here.

BookTree Website here

Seattle Times Feature on BookTree


Michael Dylan Welch -Third Saturday Workshop and PoetryIsEverything Reading/Open Mic

  • Saturday, December 17, 2016
  • 4:30pm  to 8:00pm
  • FREE

Former Redmond Poet Laureate  Michael Dylan Welch will lead a free workshop “Haiku Can Help: Focusing Your Prose and Poetry.”  from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. and be the featured poet for our Third Saturday PoetryIsEverything Reading and open mic. 6:15 to 8:00 p.m. FREE

The co-feature is  Michael Schein!  (he has plans to re-locate in the near future so it may be a while before you get a chance to see and hear him).

Michael Dylan Welch has had his haiku performed for the Empress of Japan and at the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 2012, one of his translations from the Japanese appeared on the back of 150,000,000 U.S. postage stamps. He was keynote speaker for the 2013 Haiku International Association convention in Tokyo, and has published his haiku, tanka, longer poetry, essays, and reviews in hundreds of journals in twenty languages, including RattleKyoto JournalRaven ChroniclesStringTownBacopaThe Writer’s ChronicleWriter’s DigestClover, and many others, the latter of which just nominated him for a Pushcart Prize. He cofounded the Haiku North America conference in 1991 and the American Haiku Archives in 1996, and founded the Tanka Society of America in 2000 and National Haiku Writing Month in 2010. He served two terms as Redmond’s poet laureate, and in 2010 was selected for the Jack Straw Writers program. His most recent books are Seven Suns / Seven Moons (with Tanya McDonald; NeoPoiesis Press), Off the Beaten Track: A Year in Haiku (Boatwhistle Books), Fire in the Treetops: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of Haiku North America, and Becoming a Haiku Poet (both Press Here).

Co-Feature Poet – Michael Schein is the author of the nonfiction history, John Surratt: the Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away (September 1, 2015), as well as two acclaimed historical novels, Bones Beneath Our Feet (2011) and Just Deceits (2008). Mr. Schein taught American Legal History at Seattle University Law School from 1988-2003, served on the speakers’ bureau of Humanities Washington, and is Director of LiTFUSE Poets’ Workshop. His poetry is supported by a grant from King County 4Culture, and has been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize.

Born and raised in Vermont, Mr. Schein attended Reed College in Portland, University of Oregon Law School in Eugene, and now lives near Seattle.He is a former professor of American Legal History.

Open Mic

Bring a Poem or very very short piece of prose if you would like and sign up on our list to read for between 3 and 4 minutes.


more readings- here



Here   The Poetry Department.


As I have time I will update this blog with other readings and events of interest!





GOOD OLD DAYS of August — Readings, Poetry and More

August 7, 2013

Summer is here!
The August Poetry Post Card Project and the 3:15 A.M. Between
Sleeps Poetry Challenge are underway.

The Auburn Good Old Days
Poetry Day Festival this Sunday
August 11th;

The Upcoming very unique Suitcases Project at
Snoqualmie Depot on Sunday August 24th & 25th
and much, much more.

Questions? Additions? Email me
You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of
— Mark Twain

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.
— Anais Nin

From Duvall Poetry Group

Wednesday August 7th 7 p.m. Duvall

Roy R Seitz features August 7th, 7 PM, AT

Duvall Visitor Center

15619 Main Street NE •
Duvall, WA 98019 •

Doors open at 6:30; open mic starts at 7. Featured reader at 7:30.
Duvall Visitor Center is an all-ages venue. Bring your poetry, prose or
even song, along with a friend to hear you at the mic!

ROY R SEITZ is a poet with no initials behind his name.
Catches reads now and then. Has been known to drive
the meek insane and the humble to to do whatever the
humble do when driven insane.

Hearing his work is mandatory in his mind.

August’s Emcee: Michael Schein

From Michael Dylan Welch:
Thursday, August 8th 7 p.m. -Redmond

Note- One Week Earlier than norm.

Thursday, August 8, 2013, 7:00 p.m.

Featuring Elizabeth Myhr and Christopher J. Jarmick
plus Open Mic

SoulFood Books,
15748 Redmond Way,
Redmond, Washington

Elizabeth Myhr, a founding member of Calypso Editions (, is a poet, editor, and publisher. Calypso is a collective, virtual press with a global perspective whose mission is to bring poetry into translation for the American creative bloodstream. Myhr based Calypso on excellence in book design, translations, and emerging authors for English audiences. Calypso has published poetry and short fiction in English, Russian, Polish, and Romanian, including works by Tolstoy and Anna Swir. Books& Culture listed Myhr’s first book, the vanishings (Calypso), as one of its three top poetry books of 2011. Myhr lives in Seattle with her family.


Christopher J. Jarmick has been organizing readings throughout the Puget Sound for more than twelve years. His latest book of poetry is Ignition: Poem Starters, Septolets, Statements and Double Dog Dares (2010) He also recorded the spoken-word CD Radio Pictures: Aural Anxieties (2009) with Michael C. Ford. His poems, articles, interviews, and book reviews have appeared in Many Trails to the Summit (Rose Alley Press), Rattle, Ravens Chronicles, and online. A former Los Angeles television producer with credits that include award-winning PBS documentaries and segments for Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, and other programs, Chris moved to Seattle in 1994, and now lives in Kenmore, Washington.

From Connie Walle
Friday August 9 7 p.m. — Tacoma

The City of Tacoma
Puget Sound Poetry Connection


Aug 9th, Kings Bookstore,
218 St. Helens, Tacoma

For further information webpage:

From Jerry Libstaff
Saturday Aug 10 7p.m. Key Peninsula

Michael Silver and Watermark Writers
invite you to a very special event
in Vaughn, Washington,

Saturday, August 10 at 7:00 PM
when we present Classical Pianist,
Robert Silverman.
Join us for an unprecedented evening of music on the waterfront.

An Evening with Robert Silverman

Recognized as one of Canada’s premiere pianists, Robert Silverman has reached a level of musical and technical authority rarely accomplished. He has performed in concert halls throughout North America, Europe, the Far East and Australia and has appeared with orchestras on three continents, including the Chicago Symphony, the Sydney Symphony, the BBC (London) Symphony and the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Saturday, August 10, 7:00 PM
Call 253-778-6559 for reservations and directions
A donation of $15 to $20 per seat is requested
Watermark Writers is a 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation

From Brendan McBreen

Sunday August 11th — Auburn, WA.
You are Invited!
to the Auburn Days Festival is THIS Weekend!
don’t forget
Sunday August 11th is Poetry Day
in the air-conditioned Auburn Avenue Theater!

its all

in the lobby:
Book Fair Small Press Fair local publishers and authors!
Free Book Swap table!
take a book trade a book!

on stage:
9 – 12: Free Poetry Workshop: Ready Set Submit!
submission strategies and writing exercises: Laura LeHew
12 – 12:30: Lunch Break
12:30 – 1: Panel Discussion: On The Changing Publishing Industry with Debra Di Blasi and Laura LeHew

Featured Poets:
1 – 1:10: Benediction Poem by Auburn Poet Laureate “Wicked” Dick Brugger & tribute to the late Brian Love an Auburn Iconoclast
1:10 – 1:25: Jennifer Bullis – Impossible Lessons
1:25 – 1:40: Marci Ameluxen – Lean House
1:40 – 1:55: Jill McCabe Johnson – Diary of the One Swelling Sea
2:00 – 2:15: Elizabeth J. Colen – Waiting Up for the End of the World
2:15 – 2:30: Laura LeHew – Willingly Would I Burn
2:30 – 2:45: Malorie Spreen – The Underneath and In Between
2:50 – 3:20: Jack McCarthy Memorial Readings
*3:30 – 5: Open Mic Poetry Contest! (six prizes awarded)
*4:15 – 5: NON-contest open mic *(time listed is approximate) held while the contest judges deliberate
Collection of Reflections authors are invited to read in either open mic and be recognized prior to the Non-contest open mic
Afterward: join us at the Station Bistro for dinner and conversation

Host/Emcee: Christopher J. Jarmick – Ignition: Poem Starters, Septolets, Statements & Double Dog Dares

Contest Judges: Laura LeHew, Elizabeth J. Colen, Malorie Spreen
Book & Small Press Fair participants:

David Ash: Basho Press

Lana Ayers: MoonPath Press, Concrete Wolf Press, World Enough Writers

Peggy Barnett: Photographer & Poet – On Your Left

Robert Blevins: Adventure Books
Phoebe Bosche: Raven Chronicles
Gerry Bradley: KLAY 1180 AM Radio Personality – Chit-Chat Cafe: Yarns from the Heart & Birds from the Thicket
Mary Eliza Crane: What I Can Hold In My Hands & At First Light
Debra Di Blasi: Jaded Ibis Productions

David Horowitz: Rose Alley Press

Erik Korhel: Piecemeal Publishing

Laura LeHew: Uttered Chaos Publications

Carol McCarthy: Books by Poet & Performer Jack McCarthy

Amber Nelson: Alice Blue Review & Publishing
Special Thanks to:

Connie Walle and Puget Sound Poetry Connection:
The Station Bistro:
Phoebe Bosche and Raven Chronicles:
Open Books: A Poem Emporium:
NorthWest Renaissance:
Plateau Area Writers Association:
Jim & Ruth Fletcher
Ann MacKenzie

Ready, Set, Submit— a poetry submission workshop with Laura LeHew
Want to kick your submissions up a notch? Not sure how to track and record the details? Want to know more about electronic journals, online submissions and ways to look like a pro? This workshop is for those unfamiliar with electronic submissions & tracking, as well as those who have some knowledge but want to know more. This workshop provides writing exercises and information on submission tracking, writing resources and hints on how to avoid mistakes that publishers hate.

Here are some directions to Auburn
(use Yahoo or Google Maps too).

Auburn Days directions and parking

The Auburn Avenue Theater is located at: 10 Auburn Ave. Auburn, WA 98002, the Auburn Transit Center is at: 110 2nd St SW, Auburn, WA 98001, the same as the Station Bistro.

For parking, the Auburn Station (Auburn Transit Center) has a small parking garage. Across the street from the Station Bistro is a gravel lot that should be available too.
Across the street from the Auburn Avenue Theater is a Key Bank, we usually use their parking lot for loading and unloading. We do not have permission to park there, however it will be Sunday and they will be closed and we have used that lot in the past without any problems. The back driveway on 1st street NE will be open.

Getting to Auburn:

I-5 From the North (Seattle & north):
Take I-5 South, take exit 142A, heading East on Hwy 18.
Continue downhill and take the Auburn/Enumclaw exit,
turn right at the light (this will put you on Auburn Way N.),
follow Auburn Way N. and you will see festival signs!

(NOTE EASTSIDERS (Bellevue, Kirkland, Bothell, Woodinville etc) 405 South TO I-5 South is best route)

HWY 167 From the North:

I-5 From the South (Tacoma & south):
Take I-5 North, take exit number 142, heading East on Hwy 18!

Take HWY 167 heading South, take the 15th Street Exit, at stop light, turn left onto 15th Street; continue until Auburn Way N., turn Right onto Auburn Way N. and follow this road until you see festival signs!

HWY 167 From the South:

Take HWY 167 heading North, take the 15th Street Exit, at stop light, turn right onto 15th Street; continue until Auburn Way N., turn Right onto Auburn Way N. and follow this road until you see festival signs!
August 24th & 25th SnoQualmie
At the RR Depot

The Suitcases Project
10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Movement, Music, Skits,
Poetry and more
Something different for you
to experience!

Orphan Train
Hobo Poets
Chapel Car

Buy a Penny Rag!
Listen to an inspiring sermon!
See the Hobo Poets!
Meet the Orphans!

Sheri Brown, Camille Hildebrandt
Christopher J. Jarmick, Joan Laage
Lin Luca, Kaoru Okumura,
David Thornbrugh & Helen Thorsen
with music and soundscapes by
utsusemi (Dmitry Artamonov &
David Noble)

A 4 Culture 2013 Site(s) Specific Project
Directed by Joan Laage

Friday August 23 Redmond

RASP Anthology 2013 Reading and Party — Friday, August 23, 2013

NOTE: Moved forward a week to avoid Labor Day holiday

Wow! RASP’s 2013 Anthology of Poetry will be published and available. To celebrate, we’re having a special reading — anthology contributors sharing their words and work. We’ll also have the open mic, so plan ahead. And we’ll have a potluck party with all the trimmings, so bring your favorite snack, cake, cookies, what-nots. Join us as RASP enjoys this landmark in our long history of activism in Redmond.

August’s emcee: Michael Dylan Welch

At the Old Redmond Schoolhouse
Community Center (ORSCC) at
16600 NE 80th Street,
Redmond, WA 98052b

Look for us upstairs in Room 206!

RASP events and readings are held upstairs in Room 206. There is an elevator near the checkin desk in the mail lobby. On the second floor, turn East (right from the elevator, left from the stairs) through two sets of doors and veer right to the first room on the right.

From Michael Schein, LiTFUSE Director:

LiTFUSE Poets’ Workshop, Sept 27-29, Tieton, featuring Dorianne Laux, Jennifer Sweeney, Christopher Howell, Lauren Zuniga, Andre Feriante & MORE. Only $160 till 8.16, then just $170 – including the Saturday Poets’ Banquet!

Announcing SEVEN LiTFUSE scholarships: 4 for younger poets (under 35) & 3 for poets in need. Apply to michael [at] litfuse [dot] us, stating your age (if applicable), your need (if applicable), why LiTFUSE will make a difference to you, and please send up to 3 pages of poetry.

* * *
Michael Schein

“Friends tell friends about LiTFUSE!”